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Hyundi Azera Reviews



  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    "Notice the key word, 'cheap'."

    What's your point, dborth? Mid-20s for a full-size, fully loaded car with 263 horsepower certainly is cheap nowadays. If you're insinuating that the car is poorly built or dubiously reliable, independent reviews and reliability surveys don't support you.
  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    "What's your point"

    The "point" is perception. I am sure all of us driving Azera's enjoy the bang for buck value as opposed to cheap intro. luxury.

    The association of cheap & Hyundai is the stigma in the minds of many US auto buyers and reviewers to this day.
  • I actually understand this. In Korea, the word Cheap and (place any american made car here) go together. Next to any American vehicle in Korea My Azera is far superior in Koreans eyes. It is also that way in Australia and just about any other country that doesn't have a U or an S in it. The Azera, and Genesis, are fantastic cars, better than any American engineering in my book.
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