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Suzuki Forenza Troubles

Has anyone had an issue with their Forenza idling at very high RPM after start up? I've got a Forenza Wagon with a 5-speed that occasionally will idle at 3100 rpm for 2 or three minutes or a mile or so after starting. The other morning, it was stuck at 3100 for 15 minutes and about 8 miles. Manual transmissions will be more evident since the high revs occur when the clutch is pushed in.


  • morganrenmorganren Posts: 5

    I bought a Forenza 1.5 month ago. From the beginning, it has a big allignment problem. I went back to the dealer for 5 plus times now. everytime, they told me they have fixed the problem. However, when I drive on highway, it only takes 3 -4 seconds before it pulls to the right. Does anyone else in here have this problem?

    I noticed that the car's steeling wheel tilt to the right (a little bit) if you let it go. so I have to pull the wheel all the time to force it goes straight.

    If they can't fix the problem, what should I do? thanks.
  • morganren

    If I were you I would call Suzuki and ask them what they would suggest you should do. You probably have their number in the Owners Manual. If not try

    Another possibility is to take your Forenza to another dealer and let them check it.

    Let us know if and how Suzuki takes care of this problem.
  • morganrenmorganren Posts: 5
    the local dealer called suzuki service and ask them how to fix the problem. they informed me that they are waiting for an answer.

    If the problem continue I will try to call the 1 -800 number and figure out by myself. by the way, the dealer told me that they have opened a case for me. I don't know what does that mean.

    Thanks silvernubira!
  • mducmduc Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 optra and I am having the same problems. The dealership has not been able to fix the problem. the have rotated the tires and changed them but still have the problem. Finally got tired of dealing with GM and am now trying to get rid of car through arbitration. This will be my last GM.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Since you have an Optra I am assuming you are in Canada. If you happen to be in the Toronto area take your car for a checkup at Daewoo dixie 401. They have over 6 years experience dealing with this model car which is really the Daewoo Nubira 3rd generation.
    The only thing that comes to my mind assuming the alignment is correct and there is no problem with the tires are the spring rates. The Optra is a rebadged Daewoo which is sold in many markets with different specifications. For example the original Nubira2 and the rebadged one (Optra in Canada and Lacetti in Europe) have different springs on the suspension. The Daewoo version and the Euro version have tighter springs for a more sporty ride. The North american versions have a softer mushier feel for a GM like ride. I suspect different spec springs were put on the front suspension. Because these cars are built in the same factory, parts could get mixed up.
  • mgreen1mgreen1 Posts: 2
    I too am having this same problem. Is your car a wagon? I have been to the dealer twice. They checked the alignment twice. I thought it might be the tires.
  • I have a 2004 Aveo with a similar problem. The engine sometime races on start up, taking a few minutes to settle down to its normal idle rpm of about 1,000.

    Sometimes the rpm stays high in between shifts (I have manual transmission).

    I brought it in for service twice on this problem. The first time a tune-up stopped it for about a week. The second visit had them replace a part I think they called the idle control valve or switch. That was about a month ago.

    It's now happening again, not so much at start-up, but during use, whether hot or cold. I'm bringing it in again early next week for service.
  • it is not a wagon. I have a Forenza S. I think the problem is due to the steeling system. I noticed that the steeling wheel doesn't face straight (there is an angle if you let it go).

    I have tried to ask the dealer to fix the problem for almost 4 months now. I contact the suzuki's customer service to try to get the representive. No response so far. I don't know what should I do. I think I should get rid of this crapy and hang on to Toyota or Honda.

  • I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza. The engine light is on and I've already opened and closed the gas cap. I have not put gas recently and only have a quarter tank left so could it still be the gas cap? Why would it take so long to light up? Also, we already replaced the gas cap July 2004 so could there still be a problem? :confuse: The manual says that if the engine light goes on to re-do the gas cap and in a few trips it will go off. What else makes the engine light go on? Is my car going to explode? :cry: Just kidding. Thanks for the help.
  • I too as said in previous post have the dreded check engine light comming on. After taking to dealer twice, with both times being told it was because of loose gas cap. I do not agree with the loose gas cap excuse. After the first trip to the dealer I made sure the cap was on tight. As for the light staying on after the cap is re-tightened, the mechanic at the dealership told me the check engine light may go out and may stay on, but in either case it will continue to light up untill the error code is re-set with a scan tool!
  • I had the same problem with my Chev Optra, (Canadian model), the dealer had to reprogram the throttle computer
  • zero8zero8 Posts: 1
    Had a 2004 Forenza and brought it into the dealership about 12 times for this issue. Finally Suzuki gave me some money and hooked me up with a dealer that would give me a high trade it on it, now I have a 2006 just as many problems. This problem will not go away, get out of that car as soon as you can.
  • flavifeflavife Posts: 20
    My 2005 Forenza wagon also gave me the check engine light code P0455 the other day. It was caused by a loose gas cap and the real problem is that the cap cannot be tightened properly because the retcheting tensioner in the gas cap has weakened and release too soon when trying to tighten the cap. It is necessary to push hard down on the cap as it is tightened. As soon as I get a chance I shall remove the cap and see what needs to be fixed to allow the cap to be tightened sufficiently.
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    Getting out is not an option since trade in value is 6000 -6500 with 25k miles (my loan balance is 8700) not bad considering this was a 12,500 car after discounts and rebates less than a year ago.
  • don't even think about buying this car, i speak from experience, my husband bought his 2006 forenza, in october, and since january we've been having problems with the car, 5 out of 7 days it does not want to star in the mornings and if you park it for a couple of hours it does the same thing. we've taken it to the dealer like 3 times for the same reason and they say that they are aware of this particular problem with the forenzas but they do not have a fix yet that this is happening all over the nation.
  • cher1983cher1983 Posts: 5
    I too have bought an 2006 Suzuki Forenza Wagon and 5 out of 7 days it wont start in the morning. I have taken to the shop 3 times. The first time they replaced the accelarator, the 2nd time they replaced the fule pump, and this time they are trying a re-learning program for the computer. I won't know anything until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Mean while, I'm left paying for a car that I'm not even using because out of the 4 months I've had it, it has been in the shop for 20 days, and I don't use my car everyday as it is anyway. I don't recomend this car, except so far the warrenty has been great... to date there has easily been $4000 worth of work done on my new car.

    Good luck to anyone who has bought one of these cars.
  • crying1crying1 Posts: 6
    it won't start 1/2 the time, 3 times in the shop.:( I had to get a lawyer, there is a class action lawsuit.
  • cher1983cher1983 Posts: 5
    I just got incontact with a lawyer over my trouble, but he hasn't said anything about a class action lawsuit against suzuki... when did you find this out? and who is your lawyer?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No lawyer's names, please...
  • nascar11nascar11 Posts: 2
    My car has been in shop 3 times already becuase of the air bag sensor light coming on, needing to go again as of today. Has any one had the problem and does anyone thing I should call a lawyer for lemon law. :mad:
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