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Suzuki Forenza Troubles



  • I have about 43k on it and absoloutely no problems whatsoever. I drive it real hard, usually between 80 and 90 mph everywhere I go. I bought a budget car and I got what I expected.

    I will agree that the TIRES SUCK.. I actually bought a second set of the stock tires last year, not realizing the tires sucked (I thought I sucked at driving) but yeah in the rain they bite, don't last long either.

    But seriously, my car has been trouble free, real nice and pleasant to drive.

    And to whoever said buy Toyota... um... *laughs at them* .. it's been proven Toyota skews results of reliability, gas mileage and horsepower of it's vehicles for years. Since it's upped it's production level it's been plagued with problems.. for at least 5 years now.. they either keep negative press as quiet as possible.. or hide it... or simply lie. Buy into the hype.. your new toyota isn't any better than a Suzuki, friend.
  • tharrtharr Posts: 1
    We have an '05 Suzuki Forenza with 35K miles. 4 months ago the battery completely drained while we were away from home for awhile. There was no evidence of lights left on or any other power drain. The battery charged back up and everything was fine until yesterday when it happened again.

    Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • Same problem on our '05 Forenza. Dealer said the connector on the wire going into the seat came loose. Fixed it & no problems at all since then.
  • bikeman3bikeman3 Posts: 85
    Please really consider whether this car is worth it, cost of ownership is very high, bad tires very few dealers, large depreciation see intellichoice..
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    like the plague...

    My wife is looking for a decent little car. The problem here is she test drove a Forenza and loved it. I'm trying to get her into a one or two year old Malibu or Stratus/Sebring. Even a Cobalt or Focus has to be better. I'm not sure what Forenzas are selling for new, but apparently they are selling like hotcakes to the special finance customers. We have poor credit but I would think a used $10K car would be better than even a new Forenza for the same price.
  • bikeman3bikeman3 Posts: 85
    Had a malibu it was reliable, brakes were just ok. Focus is much more reliable fun to drive, had to replace brakes @ 22k they are expensive and leave lots of dust. never get a stratus very bad, try to find used toyota or honda and check maintenance logs, in the long run they will cost less.
    Try to get credit approved before buying. Good Luck :)
  • I bought this car new off the lot with 15 miles on it 10/29/2006. After 300 miles, the air bag indicator on the passenger side stopped working. Got it fixed but now at 18,000 miles indicator light back on. This car will not start when temp is below 20 degrees. However, when 20-25 it stalls out no matter where you are. This car has been towed 4 times and in the shop 6 times between December and April. Each time I am told it is fixed but it has never been fixed. Manufacturer rep is totally useless. Now, I am going to see an attorney. This is a killer car!
  • I live in NC and I have the same problem. When the temp is below 20 it will not start, 20-25, it stalls out even in traffic which is really nasty during Charlotte rush hour. This car has been towed 4 times and in the shop 6 times, all for the same problem. I would suggest filing a case with Better Business Bureau or calling one of the Action Alerts TV programs. My car has 18000 on it.
  • Mine nearly drives itself; however, the steering wheel does make noises like the fluid is low but it is not.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Avoid at all cost the Cobalt and Stratus/Sebring. Malibu or Focus are ok. Consider too, much more reliable models like a Mitsubishi Lancer, Mazda 3 or Hyundai Elantra. From Suzuki only Aerio, Sx4 because they are real Suzuki products. Sadly Forenza/Reno/Verona are plagued with problems, pity because they look soo nice and low price is tempting. But hey spend 3 thousand more and go for a Lancer.
  • cmontcmont Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 forenza, with 21 miles on it in February 2007, thought we were ok until we hit 2500 miles. CEL on for an oxygen sensor, 4 days after getting the car back, CEL on again, this time the alternator was replaced. 2 weeks later CEL again, that was the catalytic converter failed and had to be replaced. Now another two weeks later the car starts when it wants to, and when it starts it idles high, and then quickly drops to the point where it almost stalls, dealer is telling me a software update was just released and should take care of the problem. sounds like BS! the car now has 4400 miles on it.

    know a good lemon law attorney????
  • My teenage daughter bought a 2006 Forenza in Sept 06, since than has put over 15k miles on it with out a single problem. Her biggest problem was listening to others [non-permissible content removed] about their cars. Shortly after she bought it she went to work at a Toyota/Suzuki dealership where nearly all Suzuki owners complained that the cars were all POS's. This may be the case for many of the cars, but as for the SUV's I know that this is incorrect. In any case she recently traded hers for a Hyundai Tiburon. Took a loss financially on the deal but emotionally it was a big step up. Lesson learned.
  • resale value dropped 9,000 only offered 8,000 dollars on trade in with 750 miles on car. I to have the cold start idling problem, my transmission seems to shutter at times. All the kids at the child care center ask whats wrong when starting the car up. The American Suzuki Corp is useless and have hung up on me when the problem isn't in their best interest. This car is a joint effort between GM and Daewoo. Daewoo went out of business leaving customers with no way to service thgeir vehicles. They have appeared under the name of Suzuki and customers should be warned of this! The American Suzuki Corporation and Chacon Suzuki are dishonorable and untrustworthy.
  • My 2005 wagon has really been a pretty good car. I average 30 mpg and repairs have been minimal. There are two minor nagging issues that I have yet to resolve. Browsing this board, I see others have also experienced this.
    1-The airbag light (in the gage cluster)stays on in the dash. The first few times the dealer/I unplugged then re-plugged the connector under the passenger seat and the light went out for 6 months then 4 months then 2, now we the light will briefly go out, but come right back on.
    2- the steering wheel emits a soft squeal when turning after the car warms up. Not like the old American cars deep in the engine compartment but more like right in the steering column. It's sort of a rubbing squeal like a dry wiper blade.

    Any info or fixes on these two items would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I've been experiencing a performance condition in my 2005 Forenza that I have not in other vehicles I have owned. It was very noticeable to my wife when she borrowed it last week. When mildly accelerating uphill you get the sensation of a tire out of balance. (tires are fine) It must be generated by the engine-drivetrain but it doesn't feel like misfiring. I've heard of compensating balance shafts in 4 cylinder engines, Could the engine be temporarily out of balance? There sure feels like a "lobe" in the power delivery under these slow acceleration conditions.
  • my '06 sedan idles high after cold start, too.
    it has 37k and has developed a loud tap and the front end drowns bad.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    My Leganza used to do something similar.I found out it was just the covering around the steering wheel rubbing against the steering wheel when I turned.I just pulled it back a little.
  • My car rattles as well and has lost power and I have only had my wagon for a year but shortly after having it we started to notice those things. and i feel im stuck with it til i can trade up somewhere else.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    The most common problems associated with the Holden 4 cyl engine are -oil in the sparkplug wells caused by a leaking valve cover gasket($20 on ebay),bad coil pack($50 on ebay) and clogged egr valve(remedied by cleaning carbon off valve)15 mins and sum carb cleaner.
    A set of plugs and new wires may also help.The engine is pretty reliable other then these minor problems.
  • I have a 2005 wagon and I have the same problems! My airbag light will come off and on at will and my car has a horrible squeal when you turn the steering wheel. I took it to my dealer and he said that there is a little rubber thing that is on the steering column. He said that there was actually two of these rubber stoppers. The squealing is because one of these stoppers have come loose and is now rubbing on somthing when you turn the wheel. The only problem is it could cost anywhere between 1 and 4 thousand to fix becuase of where the stoppers are positioned. I said I was going to live with the squeak. I just think it will effect my trade in value.
    Hope that helps a little!
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