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Suzuki Forenza Troubles



  • i own a 2006 forenza and it has been in the shop 4 times in the last month for no start problem. Finally tech at suzuki dealership told me they are guessing at fixing the problem cause dawoo/suzuki/gm and a falling out and daewoo wont give the computer codes to fix the problem so suzuki is just keeps program new codes hoping to finally get the right one. tech said its like they are throwing dice on chances. GREAT...... :lemon:
  • OK..I just bought (yes, already bought it) a 2006 Forenza. 56k mileage, paid $5800. Seemed like a good deal, but I'm reading about some problems on this site now.

    Had some trouble starting it that normal for this car?
    Reviews that I've read have been that it's a good deal for the money...and you get what you pay for. I'm hoping that I didn't buy a lemon!
  • I recently had the same problem and it was diagnosed as being an oxygen system problem
  • I have a 06 forenza and i recently took it in to be serviced because the engine light was on. I was told that i had coolant leaking and needed an oxygen sensor . repairs totaling 1200 dollars. I took the car home with intension on gettig it fixed in one week i didnt drive the car for three days and when i went to start the car and the motor locked up. i believe this was a defect because i was told this happened because the car overheated. Any way suzuki would not up hold there warranty because i did not get it serviced.Car has 70,000mi does anyone have any similar problems
  • When I start my forenza in the morning the car just sounds funny....the best way I can describe it as it sounds like one of the cars from the cartoon "The Jetsons"...does anyone else have this issue? It does it no matter what the temp is and after about 10 or 15 minutes it goes away...HELP?!?!?!?
  • jwidejwide Posts: 1
    :cry: I purchased an 08 Forenza on 9/5/08. When I got it it had 1285 miles on it...It is still considered new because it was used as a dealer car only. I was the first owner. So yesterday my car started jerking into gear (automatic transmission) about a mile away from home. By the time I pulled in the driveway the car would only roll. The dealership picked it up and brought me a rental. MY TRANSMISSION WENT OUT ON THE CAR! :mad: To top that all off, I am leaving for a business trip 400 miles away and the rental starts acting up check engine light, tire pressure light. I am in my second rental now...anyone else had this problem with the transmission and do you know if putting a new transmission in depreciates the car even more? :lemon:
  • I just got done checking over my g/f's 06 forenza after she complained that the engine would rev up before taking off at a stop. Still relatively new at 2 years old i thought this was very odd. I checked the transmission for a dip stick so i could check the level and to my amazement no dip stick. Also could not find anywhere to add fluid. Now i did all this at night with just a flash light so i'm not claiming that i didnt miss something but i did take a good look. When i looked around i noticed a lot of dampness around the bottom of the radiator. I then noticed that the ( or what i'm guessing to be is the transmission cooler) was leaking heavily at the in and out lines. Now i havent worked on cars in years but i do work for cummins engine company and i have to remove coolers from time to time and the set up of this cooler and the lines seem very cheap to me. your problem seems very simalar where it probably drained the trans fluid out and then had no lubrication but you would think that you would have noticed drivability problems first ( i.e. vehicle slipping in and out of gear) but i think its very stupid on suzuki's part to not have a dip stick on the trans...... i guess this is how they keep work comming back.
  • I purchased a 2004 Forenza for my daughter back in February. Thank God there have been no major problems. However, last week my daughter was complaining that her headlights were not working. During the day, the DRLS would come on as normal, but at night, the headlights did not come on. I did some searching and found that Suzuki had a recall for the headlights for the 2004 and 2005 model year. Apparently some soldered connection was faulty. I called American Suzuki over the weekend and left my information with them. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, how was it corrected? Thanks for the help.
  • I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza POS. I had problems starting my car when I first got it, now I have to pay close to 300.00 dollars to fix a censor that controls my gear shifting. It's not covered under my warrenty, and now I am paying just as much to fix my car as I do for my monthly car payment. :cry: Now I understand that cars need maintanance. My problems with this car is it's like a go cart on bigger wheels. It's only 2 years old, and already having problems. OH and not to mention, it always sounds like it needs an oil change. And I haven't missed an oil change yet. They recalled a part in the headlights, the seatbelts, and the door handles already. Can they just go ahead and recall the whole car, so I can get a more reliable one. The last thing that I need is to be transporting my children somewhere and the engine and transmission to fall out the bottom of the car. :sick: But if you look at all of the reviews...It looks GREAT!!! ;)
  • hi, my name is andres im from bogota, colombia, i`ve a chevrolet optra or suzuki forenza its the same thing i`ve and a question bout my car in the last days, i dont why i saw one light on the board is the check light, but this is normal in my car after clan the engine but i just going to do it a scan for solution this problem, but yesterday i did the scan and today when i turn on my car the light turn on too, somebody have the same problem, if yes can u yelp me please thks
  • jeng2jeng2 Posts: 2
    Hi! I have an '06 Forenza that I have just recently been having problems with. My first was the check engine light - Took it to Suzuki dealer and it ended up being a "Gas Cap" issue. Meaning the gasket around the gas cap wasn't "Sealing" properly. They fixed it. Yeah!

    Next problem: Steering wheel light with Exclaimation point! (left side of dash). This light repeatedly comes on - mostly in cold weather I am seeing (I live in MN). Took it to the dealer TWICE. First time, they couldn't find the problem - said it was "Low Steering Wheel fluid". They topped it off. Next day, Lights on again - drive car back (46 miles) and they find out it's a wire that is sorta loose and needed to be pushed back in ....$100 later and I'm on my way - - next day - YEP, light on again. Is anyone having this issue?? What is the problem?

    Last B$*%H...The tires! I just bought new ALL WEATHER tires with 70K warranty Oct/07. After leaving the dealer, they said my tires are in terrible condition and that I desperately need NEW ONES! I took it back to GoodYear and they said that it is a CAR issue the way the car drives low to the ground, the "toe" and the make of this type of car - - that tires just don't last long. I put less than 18K on these tires over a year and 1/2 and I need NEW ones already! Is anyone else having this problem and if so, can you recommend a GREAT tire. This is ridiculous! :confuse: :cry:
  • I do have problems with the last 2 issues you are talking about. The first time my light with the exclamation point came on was because my tire was going flat so I had that fixed. now it comes on sometimes in cold weather but it is due to the part that I may have a bad bearing, so I am taking it to Firestone and having my front end inspected (Suzuki dealer can't seem to figure out the issue DUH how stupid can a dealership be?). That light by the way, is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System so get your tire pressure checked.
    So due to the fact that we have the crappy tires issue, is probably why the light keeps coming on. I did just buy new tires (all four) from Firestone but have not had the bearing checked yet, so I will update you when I find out. Should be next week when I get my tax return. I bought the car in February 2007.
    To be honest it was my first Suzuki ever, and I am used to Chevrolets. I had, however, had my truck repossessed and am now stuck with this crappy, foreign car! I cannot wait until I pay it off I am turning it in and getting another Chevy. As long as GM is still around!
    By the way, did you take your car to the dealer when you saw these problems? Take it somewhere else and get a second opinion. If you like Firestone, you can get better tires there and $22 is all it costs for them to check your front end out.
  • jeng2jeng2 Posts: 2
    That makes perfect sense that since my tires are going down the tube again, that the light would come on. Thanks I will mention that to the GoodYear guy when I bring the car in next week as well. Yes, I've taken it to the Suzuki dealership I bought it from 3x now and they still didn't fix the problem. They know I'm coming back soon though and if this continues to happen

    Honestly, I am just starting to have issues with this car and have been very pleased with it up until now. Would figure it's 3 years old right - - isn't that when the problems start to appear? I bought it brand new and it was a "will do for now" car when I got it as I HAD to dump my CRAPPY Jeep Grand Cherokee (please save yourself $ and NEVER EVER buy a Jeep! They are HORRIBLE trucks).

    Regardless, I've always had Hondas and loved them. Very reliable and resale is great! This car is intended to be the kids first car, so I'm not worried about resale, but I am VERY concerned with the fact that dealerships can't figure out the issues of the cars THEY make/sell. What the H#@@ us that about! :confuse:

    Good Year is honoring the 70K warranty but I have to pay the difference on what I've driven on teh tires (18K miles vs. 70K warranty) which means they are giving me $60/tire. I have to pay the $40 additional for a BETTER tire that may or may not last more than 20K miles. :mad:

    Please let me know what Firestone says about your car. And I'll do the same. :)
  • my husband and i went to test drive a 2004 suzuki forenza, and as we were pulling in to buy the just died. the motor shut down and all the lights on the dash came on. my husband turned the key off and then restarted it, it came on no problem, but we couldn't figure out what the problem was. has anyone else had this kind of problem. we're just glad it happened BEFORE we bought it. it would have be horrible to buy it and then break down on the way home! :surprise:
  • This seems to be a common problem with everybody who owns a Forenza.
    I was stupid enough to believe that is Suzuki made a good motorcycle then their car would be good also. NO WAY, NO DEAL, NO HOW, HOW STUPID!
    I have found the Range Selector Switch is bad. There is no way to buy the part over the counter and the warranty is 36K for this part.
    Combined with the "road noise" and the other recalls I'm trading this POS as soon as I can............
    I hope those who are searching for a Suzuki purchase find this info before they buy.
    Suzuki does not have a "complaint" page anywhere and the dealers only want to charge you for what should be a "warranty" item.


    :mad: :sick: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • My tires wear pretty quick as well.... usually about every 25-30k I should need to get new ones unfortunately.... and because of the style (y'all know what i mean lol) i pretty much HAVE to get V-rated @ about 125 bucks per tire :-\ fun fun!

    But.... anyways about the power steering... my pwr steering light almost always comes on during the winter/ when its cold out. Number one, you almost have to let the car warm up for at least 10 minutes. Number two... if you ever hear a knock/clicking sound that sounds like it'd be bad oil... THINK AGAIN. At one point I heard continuous knocking/clicking that sounded like it was a cold engine but would continue even after the engine was plenty warm (say like going 80 down the highway for at least a half hour). Well... my power steering pump blew out shortly after (inside a month or so?). Ran me between 170-180 for most places to get a rebuilt pump however I get a discount at car quest which I got it for about 155. And you may as well switch out the Serpentine belt while you're in there.
  • Ok so... as i said in my last post my pwr steering pump blew out which was back in about mid january. I got that fixed middle of March. After about a week or so one night on the way home after i pulled in my driveway i sat there for a moment for whatever reason and felt the engine studder a little bit. Didn't think anything of it at the time just thought it was wierd. Well the next day I when i went to go to the grocery store before work I went to gas it and it hesitated BAD but then was ok for the next hour or so. I left for work, slowed down for a dog in the middle of the road and tried gassing it again. Same problem. Now it's gotten to the point where I have to start the thing up at every break (roughly 2 1/3-3 hours) just to keep it warm because if it sits too long in the cold(er) weather I have to pump the gas while trying to turn it over to get her started up. I thought (and the error code confirms it) that the car was misfiring, however I've no clue as to what the problem is.

    I've changed the spark plugs AGAIN because the day I blew my pump I changed them out and pulled out bosch splitfires (have any effect i don't know?) Changed out the spark plug cables, had a fuel line cleaner ran through it (otc stuff at walmart and the shop's own little thing where they run it through the whole system air filter switched and oil change for the hell of it. Nothing has worked so far. The only thing better is that and maybe its because of the warmer weather finally though, is the shop's fuel line/injector clean, but the car still has an extreme difficulty starting and I still have to time it right and pump the gas real quick for several seconds to get it completely turned over. Currently I'm getting either a pcm problem from a mech i know, possible bad coil pack from the dealership, or IDFK. I'm guessing at the pcm or a bad censor since it has trouble starting in cold weather.

    Any takers? I haven't seen anyone w/ this particular problem yet........

    btw.. DONT BUY SUZUKI. Every problem listed I've had thus far, headlights, Day lamps, tires, power steering, door handle lock on the driver side.... yeah. She ran BEAUTIFULLY until I hit 80k.

    Oh btw... as far as the tranny, i had to have it flushed apparently right after i first bought it (april of 05 at 12k). No probs but its always slipped gears around 30mph and 2k rpms.
  • From what I've heard it's been a real problem keeping the GM/Daewoo parts in stock, GM isn't supported its end of the bargain with supplying Suzuki with sufficient parts for these Daewoo vehicles. Fortunately Suzuki decided not to continue to allow GM to dump these Daewoo cars on the Suzuki lots and place Suzuki emblems on them. You might want to considering taking your Daewoo back to the Suzuki lot where you bought it, and getting an ACTUAL Suzuki made car instead of a Daewoo with a Suzuki emblem on it. Check out the Suzuki SX4 or SX4 Sport, I think you would be much happier with it and you would be getting a much better build quality and reliability than with you Daewoo (Suzuki Forenza/Chevy Corsa).
  • Many people are having problems such as the ones you mentioned with these Daewoo cars. They are usually fine until around 50k to 80k, and then the Daewoo design and build starts having one problem after another. Since GM made Suzuki sell these Daewoo rebadges, I would suggest you take the car back to your Suzuki dealer and just trade it in on an actual Suzuki made vehicle, not a Daewoo with a Suzuki emblem on it. I would recommend you try the Suzuki SX4 or SX4 Sport, as that car is an actual Suzuki, NOT a Daewoo! Now that Suzuki has purchased back its stock from GM, they no longer have to sell Daewoo's which was a bad deal in the first place. Sorry to hear you got stuck with a Daewoo, hope you get a chance to drive a real Suzuki, not a rebadge.
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