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Performance Upgrades: Are They Worth It?



  • The xB makes 5 more HP on premium. The 2005 was rated at 108 hp on premium, and the 2006 was rated at 103 hp on regular. The difference is due to the knock sensor retarding the ignition at high load on regular gas.
    This is not true, the engine is the same but the 2006 specifications follow the SAE testing procedure where the prior model years did not.
    Yes, soon after that Aug. 10 post I asked Scion Customer Experience and received these answers by email:
    Response (Vernon) 09/01/2006 03:04 PM
    We appreciate your inquiry. The difference in the xB's horsepower rating from 2005 to 2006 is reflective of revised testing standards for horsepower set forth by the SAE. The engine design, engineering, and fuel used remains unchanged. The difference is due to the fact that previous testing for horsepower from engines did not include the parasitic drag associated with the operation of a power steering pump. The SAE revised their testing standards to test with a power steering pump operating with the engine.
    Response (Vernon) 09/06/2006 04:09 PM
    … The vehicle is engineered and tested using 87 octane fuel. We recommend that fuel for optimum performance, reliability, and fuel economy on the vehicle. The vehicle does make the same power at maximum throttle position on 87 octane as it would on higher octane fuel.
  • There could be a few cars on the road that can advance the timing and get more power from premium fuel but I would say these are the exception rather than the rule.
    There are quite a few vehicles designed with advance curves that make more power on premium fuel and not all of them are "performance cars". One of them is the Toyota Tacoma V6. From the 2006 Tacoma Owners Manual where 2TR-FE is the 2.7L I-4 and 1GR-FE is the 4.0L V-6:

    2TR- FE engine - Select Octane Rating 87 or higher.
    1GR- FE engine - Select Octane Rating 87 or higher. For improved vehicle performance, use premium unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating of 91 or higher.
  • I recently purchased a 2009 XB and wanted the TRD rear anti-sway bar.Suddenly the option was taken off the list when I went to order it. I have heard, but not confirmed, there are/were problems with the hardware that holds the bar in place. Since I still want a rear bar, have you heard anything about this as I can still purchase the bar at a number of other places?

    Regars and thanks,
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