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Chevrolet Malibu Climate Control/AC Issues



  • I also had 2 Malibu cars, 1998 and 2001. Both my vehicles had the same A/C problem, with that module button switching from the a/c position to off. Here is what I have found about it. The module can be replaced, but it is likely to only be dirty and needs only to be cleaned, (much like cleaning a smoke detector). Go to the link below and there are instructions on how to do the necessary cleaning. Good Luck, it works.

    This works perfectly well... 2004 Malibu, 1 hour, pry tools to remove the front bezel, 2 torqs screws, and the climate control unit pops out. Took it inside, tore it down to the control board, Went over all the contacts with a pencil eraser, then washed it all down with Electrical contact cleaner. I took the 2 dials apart, cleaned all contacts, and replace the grease.

    My GF was going to have the dealer do it for $150 in parts + Labor.
  • Did you ever get the AC straightened out? I am experiencing the same problems as madog0324
  • maddog0324maddog0324 Posts: 54
    I cleaned the contacts for the temperature rotary switch and put a little more bend on the two contact arms. I haven't had the intermittent a/c compressor since. I am still having the THEFT SYSTEM issues.
  • mmgiannmmgiann Posts: 1
    My A/C stoped working along with the engine temp. gauge. The next time I started my car - it worked. Now 2-3 weeks later it has completely stopped working - it just blows hot (outside temp) air. Computer issue? thermostate? Looking to see if we can fix this instead of $$$$ at the dealer. Thank you!
  • The A/C compressor & both cooling fans quit working today. R-134 charge is good. Temp guage works. The car almost overheated in rush hour traffic. It cooled down once traffic started moving. All fuses and relays check out good. The a/c light on the HVAC control lights up, but the compressor does not engage. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • mheat91mheat91 Posts: 1
    HELP..... So my wife's 2002 Malibu LS has been having similar problems with the AC as well. For awhile now the car has been blowing nothing but hot air. I turn the AC on in car, rather it be on the re-circulate or just regular it still blows hot air. But, the heater works just fine. The A/C compressor is running so I know its not that, so I decided to change the AC compressor relay.. still blows hot air. Car has Freon in it as well (been awhile since it was changed out) but I would still think some cold would come threw the vents, but nope..all hot air. Please help with any suggestions or ideas.
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