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Infiniti M35/M45 Tires



  • slyfox16slyfox16 Posts: 37
    I had the dealer put Michelin Pilot Sport AS Plus 245/45 on a 2010 M35ix. They put 38psi in the tires, while Michelin recommends 33 for both front and back. If I take out the extra pressure, will that set off the automatic pressure sensor?
  • I have an '07 M35. Bought it with 26k miles on it 14 months ago. Had bad tramlining initially with OEM Goodyears, so replaced them with Michelin MX4 Primacy and couldn't be happier. Quieter, no tramlining, now 44k miles and still look brand new. Look good, drive good, good in rain...made all the difference in the world. Bought them at Austin Infiniti, they matched Discount Tire's price and gave me a free 4-wheel alignment, plus 2 yr road hazard warranty. All good!
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    As I previously posted, not long after taking delivery of my new 2010 M35X, I was so unhappy with the tremlining from the OEM Goodyear tires, the dealership replaced them with new Michelin MX4 Primacy. The difference was absolutely profound and I have enjoyed every mile driving my M35. I wasn't surprised to learn that Infiniti changed their tires to Michelin MX4 Primacy for their 2011 models.
  • nolicnolic Posts: 11
    That's a great price, which dealership was that?
  • valzovalzo Posts: 1
    where was the dealership? gotta get new tires for the 06 M
  • leon_0905leon_0905 Posts: 17
    I'm leasing 2008 M35 with 22K currently. My lease ends in 4 months and my OEM tires have less than 5%. The lease agreement states that tires must have at least 1/8 tread left.
    I hate the thought to replace tires when I only need 4 more months.
    So here are the questions/options:

    1. Buy used tires (may be $40-$50/per tire)
    2. Leave as is: what Infinity usually charges at the end of the lease when tires have to be replaced?
    3. Buy new tires (trade-in value is higher than my residual value, I might purchase the car and trade it in). How having new tires affects the trade-in value?

    What do you, guys, think the best option is in this case?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Are your tires a safety concern? Auto forums often have high end used tires for sale. Maybe you can extend the lease for a year. They may give you a good deal. I had a 2006 M35X that was solid at 45,000 miles. The gas mileage was poor though. That may depress the used value and help you get a good deal.
  • leon_0905leon_0905 Posts: 17
    I think they are a safety concern or will be very shortly, especially in wet weather. So as much as I don't want to spend money on tires, I'll have to buy either new or used ones. I can extend lease by no more than 3 months (called IFS to confirm), so I'm looking at 7 months at most.
    I don't want to keep the car, the gas mileage is indeed very poor, considering I do mostly city driving as oppose to highway driving.
    I haven't seen any ads on auto forums for tires, can you please point me to it?
  • piperscotpiperscot Posts: 1
    I have had a set of Conti DWS on my 06 for 3+ years. Great tires, getting ready to put a new set on. Discount Tire has best prices so far, $184 each out the door.
  • broogeebroogee Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 and I just replaced the set of Kumho Ecsta tires. I found a crazy deal $126.99 a tire. The tire is called Radar Verenti R6 - 100W BW - All Season Tire. The tire traction grade is AA, Treadwear Grade of 500, and more. The ride is quiet and smoove. So far I notice an improvement in gas mileage. When I compared to the Michelin Primacy the load index was 96 1565 lbs. when compared to 96 1565 lbs. When I compared the price, features, performance, and value it was a no brainer.
  • ok broogee that sounds like a good deal, how about more details your state and city? can I order on line? whats the name of the store?
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