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Honda Civic 2007

atlratlr Posts: 22
I am starting this thread as a bookmark for information about what refinements the 2007 sedan has when compared to the 2006 eighth-generation Civic.

Here are links to the refinements made in the succeeding model years of the seventh-generation Civic.


  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    Navi+Bluetooth option for UK Civic SE costs about USD$2,500 though. Way too expensive for me. I'd pay $250 for Bluetooth intergated with the audio system.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Too bad we not seeing the Type-R model in the US. We might see some bug/defect being fixed. The model molding be add-on. The wheel and the engine is the only major change in Civic Sedan 2007. That which they called the Si Sedan 2007. :P I'm looking foward for more accessories and parts in Honda Civic 2006+. :shades:
  • I own an 06 EX sedan. Looking at 06/07 EX coupe for 2nd car. Would like to see the following additions/changes to the 06 Civics:

    I would like to see interior color options instead of that being decided for me. ie, black coupe EX comes with ivory interior, Why not have the option of black or gray?

    Add a leather seat option.

    Possibly make all the colors of the sedan availible in the coupe.

    Bluetooth capabilty as Nissan and Toyota are already doing.

    I would like to see more accessory options, ie, Si wing for coupe. Si wing makes the coupe look a lot like a Lambourgini or something (if you get a chance, look at how cool an Si looks from any angle that the wing is at least partialy visible). The reason I don't want to be shifting gears and paying for premium gas (which the Si requires) but would love to have the look.

    Also add the premium 360 watt stereo w/sub in the EX sedan.

    An, an, hows bout a gun rack fer the back winder yall, so's we-uns can add that redneck touch an be duh envy uv the trailer park? Just kiddin!!! :shades:
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    I have LX auto. and wish the drive shaft was on the steering wheel instead of between the two seats. I sold my Chevy Lumina that had such an open floor space. I could hit cruise and stretch my legs on long trips. Right now, my gas foot rubs against the middle divider. Also, when I use cruise, I pull my leg up some and do hit against the brake. I guess I'll get used to it, it just seems a little claustrophobic.
  • craig14craig14 Posts: 8
    I'd like to see bluetooth (as it is offered on Civic competitors now) come with the navi option or a separate option, the 2006 bugs fixed, and please fix the polarized LED display, they are 90 degrees off.. I can hardly see the displays with my polarized sunglasses. I've heard they will discontinue the Royal Blue with tan interior... mistake! One more thing, the XM receiver should come included on the EX. Afterall Honda is a co-owner of XM.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Plainly put, the model they are selling in the U.K. is worlds better than the previous-generation garbage we get in the U.S.

    Give us that model.
    (note - this also happens with other cars - we got the Prius in the U.S. quite a few years after it was released in Japan)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    How so? Give us the details!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Coolest TV ad, ever, btw. - r-review/
    The best car review, ever. :) Love that show.

    Click on the window halfway down.

    Highlights include hidden rear door handles, magic seats, really REALLY neat bodywork, and a TDI that actually will pass emissions in the U.S. when the new fuel is available - while getting about 48mpg(US). It's so much better than the current Civic we get.
  • brodie2brodie2 Posts: 32
    Love to see a trunk release on the FOB - its not available in canada
  • thomas20thomas20 Posts: 2
    I don't get the joke? Gun Rack for a civic, great idea.

    (Upper Mississippi)
  • I bet them durn yankees readin' this forum got it. Just a little southern humor on the end, poking fun at redneck culture. (You know how the media portrays us from the south as ignorant, trashy, racist etc.). All the other stuff is legit and I believe would be enhancements to a great car.
  • UK hatch looks great but I wonder at what highway speed does it get 55 miles to the gallon??? That panoranic roof would make for a hot time in the southern US. Hope it wouldn"t shatter like is happening with the TCs!!! And the $$$ it would cost??? IF we had it here in the US you know diesel prices would be skyrocketing worse than they are already!!! :confuse: :sick:
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    That's 55MPG using imperial gallons, which are larger than U.S. ones. 47-48mpg highway would be the U.S. equivalent.

    Look... It's bigger, has more features, has a ton more power, has the same magic seats - and larger cargo area.

    Plus, it gets 10mpg better while doing it. What's not to like? When I saw this my enthusiasm for the Fit faded. I want THIS car instead.
  • The UK version is much more expensive than the American version according to the prices quoted in the video review. Still, I'd at least like the OPTION of buying such a nicely-equipped vehicle.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Also, it has a turbo-diesel as an option and a 6-speed manual that looks like it was lifted out of the S2000.

    I just don't get why. We buy more cars, spend more money on them, and are more car-crazy that anyplace else in the world and EVERYONE ELSE gets the new and cool versions.

    We get the sanitized, dumbed-down, "bubba" versions. It was insulting in 1986 and two decades later, they're still doing it. Honda, of course, is the worst in this way - almost biggotted towards the U.S. It shows in their automotive lines, but is shockingly apparent in their motorcycles.
    You can get that in Mexico. But not in the U.S. It's Honda's version of a Kawasaki Ninja 250.

    Yet we get nothing. I look at the U.K. Civic and wonder why we can't get it over here. It just makes no sense.
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    I admire the 5-door UK Civic too. Wow, the MSRP ranges from about USD$26000-30,000.
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    2007 Honda Model Change Summary (Partial) Rumors from Temple of VTEC

    No mention of any enhancements to the regular Civic sedan which is what I am wondering about. I am sitting on the fence about shopping for an 2006 sedan now or waiting until September or October for a 2007.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    (unfortunately you have to deal with their Java-laiden site to get to the build your car area)

    Base S model: £12930 - note, this includes tax.(On-the-road price)
    TDI Midrange SE model - £15895

    Step 1: UK VAT is 17.5% - subtract that.
    Step 2: Convert to USD. multiply by 1.85955 (From

    So Base S: 11000 * 1.85955 = $20,455

    A bit pricey, but not unreasonable.
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    I admire the 5-door UK Civic too.

    Thanks for the correction on UK to US price equivalents I didn't understand how VAT should be taken in to consideration or out of consideration.

    Now, I really, really would like to see the 5-door in the USA. I like the addition of VSA and magic seats.
  • Because it would essentially be an export, VAT shouldn't be charged. However, the 15 quid model they spoke of (not the base model since that was hardly the model driven) is still a few thousand more than the most expensive Civic in the US (non-hybrid, of course). If they did offer the car in the US, there's really no way to know how much the car would be marketed at.
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