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Honda Civic 2007



  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    Of the last 5 times, 3 were over 300 miles:

    354 miles/12.33g
    346/10.7 (this was mostly highway but at 70-75mph)
  • Hello,

    I bought a 2007 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Auto Trans) about a month back. I have noticed that while taking a turn, if I put on the turn indicator (left OR right) and then steer the wheel in the direction where I will be turning, I hear a 'click' coming from the area of the steering wheel.

    I did some playing around with the steering wheel tilt and telescopic capabilities and still get the clicks. However, when I do NOT give a turn indicator, I do NOT get a click.

    I also noticed that whenever I hear the click, AFTER the turn is complete, the steering wheel turns OFF the signal indicator. If I do NOT hear the click, my turn isnt curved enough for the steering wheel to turn the indicator off.

    This tells me that the click is a mechanism instead of a bug. I never noticed this before but I have not been paying much attention before.

    Is this something to be concerned about? Have you (other users) also heard a similar click?

    I appreciate your reading this and apologize for the long post, punctuated with some capitalization (only added for emphasis).

  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    There is probably not a single make or model of automobile that was manufactured in the last half-century that doesn't "click" the way you have described. This is a self-cancelling feature that returns the lever to the neutral (no signal) position as the steering wheel approaches the straight-ahead position after a turn has been made. This prevents your lights from continuing to blink (and annoy other drivers) long after you have completed your turn and may have forgotten to turn off your signal.

    It is absolutely normal.
  • Hey Blane,
    I have the same problem as kasturiranganr in my civic. I am almost certain that the clicking noise is not supposed to be there. The indicator sound that we hear when we put on the turn indicator is an electronic sound but apart from that I hear a mechanical clicking from the steering wheel area when I am making the turn. I get the feeling that its due to something getting worn out in the turn indicator mechanism but I am not really sure.
  • Hi, I have a 2005 civic and I too had a feeling that I was getting very low gas averages on my car. So, I decided to put in Premium gas and record the number of miles. 3 full tanks gave me the following miles:
    1st fill: 392miles : 11.25gallons (mostly highway)
    2nd fill: 425miles: 11.95gallons (all highway)
    3rd fill: 375miles: 11.5gallons (highway + local)
    I have gone back to regular gas now. Going by my little experiment, I believe the fuel you put in your car does make a difference. I stick to specific gas stations for refilling my car because cheap gas "MAY NOT" be the best gas.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I stick to specific gas stations for refilling my car because cheap gas "MAY NOT" be the best gas.

    True, but there is a significant body of evidence that indicates that premium fuel will cause a measurable drop in fuel economy when burned in the R18 engine of the 8th generation Honda Civic DX, LX, and EX.

    Best Regards,
  • Hey Shipo,
    What year does the 8th generation of civic refer to? Does premium fuel harm the engine in any way other than giving lower fuel economy in these cars?
    By my previous comment I was thinking impurities in the gas could be responsible for lower fuel economy in the car.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Eighth generation Civics are the 2006 and later models.

    As for what premium fuel will do to the engine, the jury is still out on this particular design, however, as a general rule, extra deposits will occur from consistent usage of fuel that is higher than the recommended AKI rating for any given engine.

    Regarding fuel impurities, I'm not sure what you're getting at here.

    Best Regards,
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    to back up shipo, my (admittedly limited) understanding is that the primary difference between regular and premium fuels is only the level of octane in it. Think of it as having two barrels of regular fuel, then adding an octane booster to the one you're gonna call premium. No difference in processing and levels of impurities. It's just that higher-compression engines require a higher octane in the fuel.

    for my take, i do recognize that there are (sometimes) some notable differences between certain brands of fuel. Such as how each company mixes their fuels, incl. detergents and other addatives they might use. I've found and use a certain local station that consistently has lower (-ish) prices, but also has a reputation for a better fuel mix, which I have also seen in my car's performance.

    For your comparison, I have an '07 Si, and driving around normally (about 60/40 hwy/city), I get between 31-32 mpg pretty consistently. On solid highway drives, I'm up to about 35, and strictly city (or more "spirited" driving than normal) I get about 29. I've got ~7800 miles (over ~6 months), and have tracked my mileage pretty carefully over that time period.
  • My owners maual was stolen out of my car and of course now is wheni need it for simple things. How do I change the alram activation so that the horn doesn't beep when i set it.. i think i can make it so that just the lights flash
  • dromandroman Posts: 18
    Pretty simple. Just hit the remote lock button one time and the lights will flash (visual confirmation) letting you know that it is locked. If you hit it a second time (within a few seconds) it will give you the audible (horn) confirmation. You can also hit the power lock button when exiting the vehicle and the alarm will set automatically ( you will not get lights or horn). This is also the case if you use the key in the door to lock the vehicle. Make sense?
  • ejainejain Posts: 2
    The fuel gauge in my 2007 Civic always stays on 100% for much longer than expected after filling up the tank. Does anyone have any insight into how the fuel level is measured? Is the scale non-linear, or is it simple clipped at the ends (or both)? How many gallons are above the full mark, and how many below the empty mark (assuming the car is on a level surface)?
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    almost all gas tanks are very non-linear at the min and max, the geometries of the tank cause that. It is very common for fuel in the neck to cause the gage to indicate full for quite some time.

    On my 07 I estimate that I have a couple of gallons when the low indicator light appears, altho it might give you a most exact answer in the owners' manual.

    The easiest way to determine a more exact number would be to note how many 'bars' are left on the gage before you refill, and corelate this to the # of gallons it then takes to fill it. Over time you'll have a good idea of what each bar on the gage truly indicates.
  • I have a manual trans and the car chugs and stalls when idling. It gets bad when the cars fan kicks in otherwise it is fine. :mad:
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