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New HHR Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes, Toyota is going through some problems right now with their rush to be # 1 in sales. When you manufacture at such a high pace quality control is inevitably not going to be as good. With most auto companies catching up with Toyota is technology in the last few years, I see them pretty much peaking in sales about where they are right now. Their numbers will probably decline as people realize the false perceptions and that they are now just another company and that cars are pretty competitive brand for brand nowadays.
  • Sunburst Orange II, loaded with bright chrome package, roof rails and cross ties, running boards, grey interior. Also has the 2.4 170 HP engine, 4 sp automatic. Left a Toyota Avalon for this, so the ride and drive experience is different.

    I ordered it from GM thru Power Chev here is Phoenix valley and had a good experience. I ordered the interior as Ebony but got the Grey; no good answer why, but I like it anyway.

    The ride is good and the power is good enough. I like the color and the cargo capability with the Panel configuration - I get lots of looks and questions. With all the fancy amenities and color it's bound to be the only around here for a while. Once I got used to the HUGE blindspot drivnind and parking is fun.

    Would love this as the SS, but didn't want to wait.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sounds like a real nice ride. That is weird with the different color interior but I too like both interior colors. If you have ever had a van or even a pick-up then blind spots are pretty common.
  • I purchased my 2008 HHR on November 30th. I am a 38 yr old guitar player and cary tons of gear from rehearsals to shows etc and I have to say...I LOVE THIS CAR! Not only does it hold all of my gear and still leave room for passengers, I get great gas mileage and to top it off, it looks cool too. I didn't get it chromed out or anything, its a standard model with auto tranny but MAN I do dig this car.

    The ONLY drawback I have is that I am 6' 3" and the ceiling slopes down a little low for me to see stoplights if I am first in line at the intersection...also because of the same issue, the rearview mirror blocks a portion of the windshield but in the month I have had it I have learned to cope fast. :)
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    One thing you can try on the rear view mirror is to push the whole thing (pivot at glass) up toward the ceiling and then adjust the glass(pivot at mirror) so you can see out the rear.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    For the traffic lights, this may be helpfule if your interested:


    I don't have rear seat passengers, sp the first thing I did was remove the rear headrests to help with rearview.
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    We had to move that button up into the darken portion of windsheild,'cause that
    arm raise and mirror tilt still failed to get the mirror out of a sight line...but all this
    did happen in a car. The relocation wasn't "a walk in the park" but love the results.
    Happy Motoring
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    Just purchased a 2008 HHR in January, and so far we love it. Yes, I agree with some of the reviews with the windshield being a little small, and it has been some getting used to... but over all, we like the car so far. My 2 kids have plenty of space with their car seats, and my husband and I have plenty of room in the front captains chairs. Im a little surprised at the lack of storage in front... no where to put CD's, no console. The one in the dash is okay for eye glasses, and small things, but Im used to a car where I can store more items. We've also experienced something weird this week... our little LED light in the ceiling has gone out, and no longer illuminates. Ive called the dealer, and they cant find any link to a fuse specifically for that light. So now we have to go in and figure this thing out. We cant see a thing in the dark! Has anyone else experienced this? All in all, I love my new ride... it fits my personality and I like the back seat height for my kids too... dont have to bend over to put my 2 yr old in his car seat. Im very pleased so far.
  • amyf2amyf2 Posts: 9
    we've noticed similar issues, and we've just bought our HHR 1LT in January 08. I get maybe 26, not even 27 mpg, and the sticker said 30. So... what we're planning is to increase our tire pressure to what it says on the tire (my husband hasnt checked yet, but he says the pressure is lower than he likes). We got the Nitrogen thing for the tires, has anyone else done that? Im wondering if the Nitrogen needs to be lower than air.... anyway, tire pressure affects fuel economy too.

    and we use synthetic oil in my Dodge Stratus and his Chevy Silverado, and a K & N air filter in both. As soon as my HHR needs its first oil change, we're putting in the synthetic oil and the K & N air filter. I hope to see an improvement then. I drive a 2 lane highway to work at a max 65 mph, so I dont get on the interstate hardly at all, so my high speed driving is limited... I should be getting better gas mileage. We'll see.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    we've just bought our HHR 1LT in January 08

    Give it time to break in. You need at least 3000 miles to get the mileage up. Takes some driving.

    Nitrogen thing for the tires

    Nitrogen is a rip off unless you are racing at Nascar.

    what we're planning is to increase our tire pressure to what it says on the tire

    Set it for what the vehicle wants. Should be on the door end? If you increase it higher ride will get rougher.

    30 is the epa highway mileage. Is the 26 what you are getting total? Seems very good if it is for a brand new car so hopefully it will get better for you.
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    Have had an 07 HHR almost a year now. It has yet to go back to the dealer for anything but routine service. As far as mileage, I consistantly get 34 or 35 MPG highway, but then I do have the five speed, and I don't drive it hard. I average around 28 MPG city, but again I don't drive it hard. The visibility, or lack of it rear ward, does take some getting used to, but it certainly isn't that big a deal. We have two other cars, both larger, one a very large SUV, and the car of choice is almost always the HHR. We are contemplating a trip next month, will probably cover 3500 to 4000 miles and we have decided the HHR will do just fine for that. Has any one installed a GPS, in their's and if so, how and where did you mount it? Any idea's here are welcome, space is really limited for anything added on.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I was watching the news a few nights ago, and the report stated that police were advising people not to mount the GPS on the window with suction cups, even if you take the GPS unit down. Just seeing the marks the suction cups left was enough to get the thieve to break-in and check for it; as most people would probably leave it somewhere else in the car.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    My friends GPS that he gave to his son has adapters for both the windshield and the dashboard. I think the dashboard is velcro.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Agreed with 62Vette, you need to break the engine in more to increase the mileage. Everything is so tight right now. Running your tires at the max psi will increase mileage but your ride could be slightly bumpier. I'm not sure where you live but in most states the gas is changed at this time of year with the ethanol for the winter which will give lower mileage. Also the brand gas sometimes can effect mileage as well as cold weather and driving style.
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    I would, I think, prefer the dash mount, but on an HHR, where would that be without obstructing controls to something? Sitting on top of the dash, would be quite a visual obstruction, given the small windshield.
  • I think from what I read the issue concerning the rattling in the dash was solved. My wife has the '06 Spring Addition and it started rattling about 6 months after we got it. She said she didn't hear a thing and fought me over taking it in...the statement was "you always say there is something wrong with my car".. So we dropped it off at Gordon Chevrolet here in Jacksonville, Fl. on 2/13/08.. We get a call and the guy says, "we have to replace the steering column". It is a warranty issue so I am thrilled about that. The folks there are good to their customers from what I hear. As for the some of the other posts. I have the 2.4l engine and it gets 26mpg everytime.. Most of the driving is in town and the highway is truly 30mpg as long as you don't go over 70mph. I guess everyone by now has heard there is a recall due the HHR failing the side impact test. They said they will have to add a brace in the roof somewheres...? Overall we like the HHR but it could use about 30-50 more horses.. Did anyone see the 2008 Turbo Charged HHR at Daytona..?
  • I've had my 06 HHR in the shop twice in the last two weeks with the same problem. The first time I received a song and dance about how something was clogged with leaves. On the second visit they admitted there was a bulletin on the leaking problem with something on the frame of the vehicle not being sealed. Because I'm ashmatic they are replacing everything that got wet right down to the carpet. Three times in without it being fixed makes it a Lemon.
  • Yes, I've got the same leak and I don' t have a sun roof. There is a bulletin out about a seal problem with the body of the vehicle. I'd take it back to the dealer and have them pull up the bulletin.
  • Bought one new in 07. Have 2K miles on it. Always garaged when not being driven. The paint has almost a sandpapery feel to it in places. Two coats of Turtlewax Platinum did nothing to smooth it out. Also noticed that the plastic sheets on the leading edge of the rear fenders are almost perforated thru. Other than that, the only other "problem" was actually the way the steering wheel is made. There are two holes used to release the airbag. Mine looked like someone poked them in the housing with a screwdriver. Dealer replaced te wheel, and the new one looks almost the same. Yes, I did ask to see my old one.
    The first trip was taken at 100 miles, and gave us 34MPG on the 400 mile round trip. Not bad at all.
  • Ok, got mine back from the dealership after round two and the leak was found to be, "Water is entering the vehicle throught the HVAC Case. Removed the cowl panel to find that butyl patch was not sealing properly. The cabin filter and carpet both have mildew growth on them. Replaced the butyl patch, carpet and the cabin filter." So, if you're having the leaking problem and your dealer is having a hard time finding it, you might try looking at the above. I have to give my dealership props in that they gave me a rental car and when they returned my beloved HHR it was filled with gas, washed and there was new carpet in it. Also, if you have the leak make them look for mildew. That can be a major health risk. But I have to say that Nimnicht Chevrolet took very good care of me. Hopefully the leaking problem is finally solved. Also, I do not have a sun roof. :) ;) I still love my HHR. :shades:
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