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  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    maybe I'm using the wrong one as I'm getting 99mpg :P :shades:
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    How do you change the DIC MPG info from average to instantaneous? I can reset it, and its somewhat instantaneous for awhile, as it builds a new average.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    just keep pushing the button and it is one of the many readouts availible. I wish they would add a couple more. My Caddy also has mph and gal. of gas used.
  • lynnann50lynnann50 Posts: 6
    well...I am just using the info I get from punching the "info" button. I actually did not know there were two mpg readings...but I think it's the one that says "avg" after or before it...not sure if I saw a "instantaneous" one. :confuse:

    There's so much I need to read when I stood at the pump trying to find the button on the floor to open the gas cover...and some guy walked over and pushed on the cover and it opened...duh...I also had to spin around the the other side when I first pulled in...cause the gas panel is on the passenger side! :blush:

    I'm still trying to figure out the wipers and it's supposed to rain today...this is so much fun!!!!!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Avg is the average mpg reading and I'm not sure at this moment if the other says anything or not but while driving down the road coast the car and switch between them and the one that heads toward 99 is the instantanious one. Then step on the gas and watch is drop toward about 2 or 3.
    Wipers are easy. Right stalk on steering wheel controls them. Button on end is wash/wipe. First notch up is delayed in which you turn the end of the stalk a notch at a time to make the delay either longer or shorter and then the stalk up to the 2nd position which is continuous slow and all the way up to fast continuous. Rear wiper is down by the window switches and push to right for slow delay and full left to faster delay and push the middle for wash/wipe/off.
  • Just bought a 2008 HHR LT1 about a month ago... silver w/ chrome package and automatic. I traded in a 2002 F-250 truck because of the fuel mileage and the price of gas! I've always owned trucks so this was a huge adjustment for me! The HHR has always fascinated me and I finally made the decision to get one and get rid of the gas guzzler. I drive about 80% highway every day and I'm getting about 27 mpg with the 2.2 engine. This car is awesome! I love everything about it!!! One thing I really like about GM is all the cool things that come standard that you have to pay extra for on other brands or you can't get at all! I looked at Ford's economy cars and nothing thrilled me. I'm not into Japanese cars and nothing else had the room and fuel mileage of the HHR. For me it was a no-brainer! I'm getting awesome fuel mileage and I can still haul stuff when I want to! :) I also get tons of compliments on this car everywhere I go.
  • lynnann50lynnann50 Posts: 6
    boy o' boy...after 2 weeks with my (silverstone w/ chrome package..and did I mention sony erickson sound system?) HHR, I call it Silver after the Lone Ranger's horse...I'm with you on the Love this Car!

    I also have only Pickups over the last 30 years...other than my Saturn LW wagon...This is the first non pickup. I measured the back area with the seats down and it's a tad larger than my Colorado bed and covered to boot! I have a garden hauling space is essential.... And unlike the Saturn wagon which drives ME...The HHR is a dream to responsive and an incredible turning radius.

    Thanks for all the support here...lynnann
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You've got to mean you've got deeper haul space than a short bed Colorado, right? I mean the Colorado HAS to be wider? If not, let me know, once considered a Colorado!
  • lynnann50lynnann50 Posts: 6
    mmmmm....actually between the wheel wells of the CO truck...there was about as much space as the HHR...I haul flats of flowers in the spring...and the double decker storage in the HHR will provide more space for flats...but thanks for asking...
  • Bought my 2009 HHR in Sept. and am loving it. First blast of winter showed here in southern Ont. Canada, so just trying to get used to the new feel. After driving a Sunfire this is quite the change, hoping I won't need winter tires, anyone had any probs with that?
    Also been scouring the net for accessories, like chrome door handles and mirrors, don't feel like paying the dealer prices, anyone know of any reliable sources?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739 Great forum and some great venders too.
  • Thanks will check it out ASAP! :shades:
    Did I mention that at 42, I think I am the youngest HHR driver from reading the forums, don't care love it! :blush:
  • afs9afs9 Posts: 5
    and almost 14K, still LOVE my Black 07 2LT, chrome package. :shades:
    custom painted pinstripes, grill & beauty bar bowties-pink
    sway bar
    CGS intake
    lower billet grille
    tinted front windows (dealer mod)
    stainless steel tail light rings
    stubby antenna
    Nu-skool Chevrolet scripts

    Only problem: replacing sunroof (under warranty)
    I LOVE this car and still smile every time I see it.
    check out for some great folks and info!
  • Im 42 and the hubby is 47 and we both LOVE our HHR. We just bought it used,2007, Lt with the 2.4l engine. After driving a Buick"luxary" car it was an adjustment but he loves it even more than I do!
    Dont feel alone, us "midlifers" are in this with ya! :shades:
  • Are you running it with high octane/ no ethanol gas? We had that problem,but not as severe, because we did not read the manual or have the dealership tell us that we have to put in high octane.
    I just thought yeah yeah they all say use the higher quality gas, but in the HHR 2.4 they mean it. The gas mileage in ours( a used 2007 auto.) went from an average of around 18 city to an average of 22-25city
    The way you drive this car really IS important. I have a heavy foot that has alot of bad driver habits. My husband can drive this car and"make" it do as much as 27-30 CITY.He gets a real kick out of "beating" the mileage average. I can not tell you how to duplicate it! But I can tell you that by playing with the way you drive it while keeping an eye on your mpg reading ,you can improve it yourself. :) really. try it.
  • afs9afs9 Posts: 5
    I rarely use high octane in my 2.4 (depends on cost usually). I find what matters more, other than driving habits, is the quality of the gas I use. No bargain gas, only Costco here in SoCal. However, I do admit it 'feels' different when I use the higher octane!

  • I love Chevys. I never had a bad one. I still own my first chevy (1966 Chevelle) that I bought in 1973 while in high school.

    I was looking at a new 2009 HHR that was discounted at local Chevy dealership. The price looked good and as long as it had A/C and a radio I would buy it. I bought the car sight unseen as they had to pick up my base HHR at another dealership in the next state. I also wanted the 5-speed to keep the price down and for a little fun driving. Well I picked up the car two days later and I was blown away at the list of options on this "base" (turned out to be a LS) car.

    What a value this car is and 155 horse power out of a 4 cylinder. I have the car 7 weeks and its great. I'm an old car guy (I also have a 1965 vette for over 20 years) and I love the look of this HHR. My only recomendation would be the availability of a 6-speed stick instead of the 5-speed.

  • I bought it in April, and fell in love with. It is a great little car for money, I'm getting good fuel mileage (29-32 hwy. 22-23 city 27 combined). It is quiet, very comfortable leather seats, solid, and a lot of fun to drive. I could not be happier with it! :)
  • Pardon my ignorance, I'm having the same exact problem. The thing is I just had my windshield replaced and I'm still having the same problem. Would the "cowl seal" you mentioned have been included a typical cracked windshield replacement?
  • I just recently traded in my gas guzzler 2000 S10 4X4 for a 2007 HHR with 63K miles on it. So far I love it. I am getting 28-30 MPG some city mostly 55MPH country roads. My only complaint is the flickering back lights on the climate controls and the flood lamp LED that keeps flickering at night. I know it is one of the connectors down by the fuse panel in the front of the passenger side. I'll find it when it warms up more.
    And yeah, what ever idiot put the window switches where they are. But it does well in the snow. Want to add the fog lamps to it, will have to see if the dealer will cut me a deal on reprogramming the BCM for them. Every thing is there but the switch and the lamps them selves. Will see If I can pick some up at a junk yard.

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