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New HHR Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    One thing that is pretty well known is to make sure all the fuses are in tight as they have been known to even come from the factory loose. Also on the new HHR's they moved the window switches back up to the door like in most cars. I always remember that I'm driving a retro car of a old Suburban and like most old cars there are things you have to get used to. Like those old cars didn't have power windows at all and the front windshield makes it hard to see the stoplights for taller drivers but one of those prizm things they sell works very well for that problem. Also taking off the lock knobs and cutting the steel knob down and replacing the lock buttons with aftermarket that when the doors are locked they sit almost flush depending on how much you trim off and makes it a lot better with the window down and your elbow hanging out in the summer.
  • sdasda Posts: 308
    edited March 2010
    Just bought 08 2LT 17500 miles, Mystique Blue, all options except cross ties, but has roof rails. Pleasantly surprised by overall balance of ride, handling, comfort, room, etc. Learned throttle response a bit lazy, but if you don't mind pushing the pedal it will move out quite well. Getting 26.5-28 mpg regularly and have put 1700 miles on it, 19200. Purchased 2/18--one month ago today. My 8 year old daughter loves it. The color especially. My wife said our daughter was talking to a friend how cool the car is and that it is the one with the 'plus' sign on the front.
  • riley34riley34 Posts: 12
    Traded in our 06 Buick Rendezvous for an 09 HHR 2LT. The Buick for its size was good on gas (20-22 mpg), roomy, quiet and smooth on the highway but very under powered and needed "Z" rated tires to improve handling. Between the spiffs on my GM Card and the deluge of GM rebate offers we decided to trade it in a year earlier than planned. Very surprised and pleased with the deal we got. The HHR just hit 10K miles. It has about 50/50 highway and local mileage. We get 29-32 mpg on the highway and 24-26 mpg around town with regular. It drives great on the highway, is very quiet and handles well even in a cross wind (the Buick did not). Our only disappointment is Flex Fuel mpg, it runs good but the 16 mpg around town, 20% less price and unavailability makes it hard to use.
    Used my friends Rogue for a week.....why do people throw away their money on this junk when the HHR is avaliable.
  • carol54carol54 Posts: 4
    I just bought a used HHR1 from my dealer. It had been used as a rental last year.
    I got it for around $10,000. That was with another new extended warranty on it.I have had it about 2 1/2 months now and have had no problems at all (yet).
    It is very roomy and comfortable and everything works great on it. We are very happy with ours.
  • jimmygedjimmyged Posts: 8
    Am I doing something wrong? This is the 3rd time I needed to jump start this vehicle. It only has 3500 miles on it and is still very much so under warranty. This past Friday I got out of work and it would not start, I jumped it in the parking lot and drove it about 35 to 40 minutes home "all highway miles". Saturday night my wife and I are leaving the Jimmy Buffet concert and we are sitting there listening to a rapid clicking starter sound! I call onstar for assistance and about an hour and a half later the wrecker shows up and puts the booster pack on the battery and she fires right up! Am I leaving something on that shouldn`t be on? Is that onstar capability draining the battery down? I know the battery looks very undersized to begin with, but is anyone else having this problem? I question the recharging system, but am thinking that something is draining the system down. For one thing does the interior lights stay on when the tailgate is open all the time? I notice that they are on a timer when you shut the doors they stay on for a little while. Can I shut this feature off so when the door gets shut they go out right away? Can I make it so the lights stay off when the tail gate is open? Does the radio display have anything to do with it? It was staying lit. Why doesn`t this vehicle have a fail safe system to save the battery supply?
  • sdasda Posts: 308
    Take it to the dealer. They need to do an electrical check. It is probably simple like a bad ground or faulty battery. Early on I had catastrophic battery failure on my previous car . Battery replaced, and no problems after.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Yep! Probably a faulty ground somewhere.
    Go to the dealer and they will check it and fix it for sure. You can't go like this and it's on full warranty.
    Got mine on the 6 th of May 2010. It's a 2010 2 LT and I love it very much. At 300 miles they had to change my stick shift assembly because it got stucked in park. Bummer!
    Now it looks like everything is going great.
    Good luck with your problem. G.M will surely find the cause and repair it.
  • I have a 2006 HHR. Last week, I could not get my car key out of the ignition. Because i was leaving the next morning for a business trip my great mechanic showed me how to remove the key by using the button inside to release the key, as a temporary fix until i return home from my business trip. Now yesterday, i have no left rear directional nor any brake lights.

    Is this normal ? :sick: Unfortunately i am only going to be in my hometown for (6 hours - overnight) short period of time before i leave for a road trip in which i will be driving, and can not get a rental in time for my trip.

    I know my mechanic stated that the "shifter" has to be replaced.

    So any and all help is appreciated...
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    It might not be of any help to your problem but let me tell you what happened to mine.
    I bought a brand new 2010 HHR LT2 and I had only 108 miles on it when they had to change the entire "stick shift assembly" because I couldn't get my HHR out of Park.
    I noticed that my key had a weird feeling when I pulled on it to take it out of the ignition (but it never got stuck).
    My mechanic told me about a switch behind the brake pedal that could be the problem with my "Stick shift" (I can't see the link between the two of them).
    My problem was my "Stick shift assembly" because I'm up to 1,200 miles now and everything works perfectly.
  • My wife bought the car with 3 (Three) miles on it. Third day of ownership driver side halfshaft had to be replaced because factory forgot to place the boot on the CV Joint. One month later, the hub bearing went out and was replaced. The next week, the front brakes and rotors were replaced due to SEVERE shuttering. Within the next month, another halfshaft was replaced, yes driver side, due to "manufacturer defect". Then brakes, steering stabilizer, ball joint and control arm on driver side were replaced and she had not had it 6 months yet! Now, the lights have shut off on there own, the car has lost power and even shut down, the temp gauge climbs to the top, the fuel gauge reads empty when full and half when empty! But, the most irritating issue now is the power steering (Electric, of course) shuts of after 15 seconds of running. This is not only an inconvenience, it's DANGEROUS! Why has G.M. not recalled or even issued an alert on this car? We are not the only ones with the problem and there are numerous Cobalts with same trouble as they share the same sub frame. HELP! :lemon:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Hello Crappyhhr2,
    I apologize that you have had concerns with your vehicle. Have you had the vehicle in to be diagnosed for the power steering and electrical issues? If so, what was the diagnosis? Thank you.
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • vcrdanvcrdan Posts: 6
    Hi ! My 2010 hhr 2 LT just had its 1 year birthday . I have had Nothing go wrong with my hhr within the last year . I have installed a cold air intake and a modified mass air flow sensor and Just came back from a trip to Pennsylvania about 300 miles both ways. I averaged on the highway 33.5 mpg and city 22 mpg. I was getting bad mileage about 19 / 25 when the car was brand new . Now it has 11,400 miles on it and after it hit 10,000 miles it just seemed to be different. It had more spunk and pulling power. I enjoy my Dark blue 2010 2 LT HHR. It drives smoothly and yet aggressively.
    It very roomy in the front and back and No squeaks or rattles. I did some add on and it looks awesome. Would not trade it in for the world. Why are they discontinuing a great roomy car that handles great ? If they would advertize it on TV or in the papers, Maybe sales would go up. Chevrolet is wrong on this point . Why kill a car when it serves a purpose ? If they want to get rid of a chevrolet , KILL the Impala . Dan the piano man
  • I'm impressed with your gas mileage. I going to check into the cold air intake and mass airflow sensor. Do these parts effect the warranty?

    I have a 2009 (bought new) that I'm using 85 Ethanol.

    I just bought a 2011 Malibu LT which is another great Chevy. I asked the salesman if the HHR is going away and he old me no.

    I think my HHR is a great car. No complaints. My only call out is the 5 speed manual in my HHR. They should have offered a 6-speed (both for the standard and automatic) like they do for the Cruze and Malibu. A definite miss.
  • The cold air intake by cgs and the modified air sensor does not void the warranty. Using E85 brought down my mpg to about 19 city and 23 on the highway. When the E85 ( 108 grade ) goes back down to 1.97 / gal I'll use it . It is now 3.19/gal which doesn't make it worth the price vs fuel drop. My hhr 2.4 auto has just past the 2 year mark and I have gotten on the highway 33.5 mpg hwy and 23 aroung town ( heavy stop and go ( lights ) ). I still love it and its riding smoother and the steering is great. I use as fuel 1 fill up with premium ( 93 ) Gulf and 1/2 tank with Mid grade ( 89 ) . I do also wish GM had made a six speed to fit in the body of the hhr/cobalt.
  • I have a 2010 2.4 LT automatic and my lights stay on and go off in about 30 seconds . I do have installed from gm a fail safe module that if you leave the radio on or if the cigarette lighter has a gps attache to it and is left on , the module cuts the power to the circuit to reduce a dead battery after 20 minutes. Try putting in a new battery.Maybe it was defective from the factory . It happens. The hhr also has a charging system to conform to how much power you are using vs the charging abilities of the alternator in the engine.
  • The switch behind the brake pedal triggers a switch by the shift mechanism to release it out of park on an automatic transmission.
  • sandyf2sandyf2 Posts: 1
    My son just (2 days ago) bought a used 2011 HHR with 30,000 miles on it and it is now at a dealership waiting to get the damages on fixing the ignition. Apparently this is a common problem never addressed by Chevy. The key cannot be removed from the ignition and the car cannot be turned off. The fix costs $500 to $600 at the dealer. They are well aware of the problem and no recall has been issued. I have found many posts about this. Are you aware of this?
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    My daughter had the same problem as your son does but with her Cobalt (apparently this car is similar to the HHR in many ways).
    The dealer said that no recalls have been issued and will never be one.
    The problem is caused by a heavy key chain hanging from the ignition putting a stress on the unit and eventually causing damage to it and I believe this because my daughter has a lot of "garbage" attached to her car's key chain.
  • vcrdanvcrdan Posts: 6
    There is a push button on the back of the steering colum that is suppose to release the key. I guess you can pull the battery cable off of the battery to kill the engine. I'm very lucky. I only had a noisy heater fan motor in all the 21,300 miles that I have on it. I also have done a lot of High Proformance upgrades on it . Including a jet power module attached to the computer. I must have the car that was built on a Wednesday . Good luck. :)
  • I had my go on my 2010 HHR after I purchased it this year (2012) and 6 months into driving. It wasnt until my son left a car door slightly open and my battery died that I found this problem. Finally got the car started (by the way if the battery is going to be in the back it would be helpful to have a keyhole for the trunk or you cant open the back door to get to the battery!!!!) Brought it to the dealership (another tip if your battery dies, be prepared for many of the units that control the electronics, such as, the transmission to not work properly for a half hour...every light you could think of came on my dash stating there was a problem!) Anyways, to get on with my story, I finally got the car to the dealership and they fixed it no problem, no charge stating their was indeed a recall!!!! So make sure you find out first before being charged!!! I reside in Rhode Island by the way.
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