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  • Hey Laserblue : You said that " I had my go " what went on it ? After 2.5 years finally my key got stuck in the ignition switch . Very simple replair . It took 2 hours and NO Charge ! They were very understanding with my frustrastions because it happened when I was on my service call , I repair computers . I quickly went to the dearlership " Paul Conte " in Freeport NY and they took care of it pronto . As always I was happy . My little blue HHR 2.4 has an after market Power Module and also a cold air induction system in it and it gives me the trill of a small v6 . So far that is the only problem besides the Heater FAN Motor that was ever replaced. Gas mileage has not been compromised . Stll get about 23 mpg city and about 33.5 hwy on a good day . God Bless !
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Great to hear that everything was resolve so seamlessly for you, deltak! Many more happy miles with your HHR!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Something similar happen to me with my dealer.
    Didn't wait for a survey, as soon as I got home, I called G.M. directly and they called the dealer immedietly to discuss my disappointment towards the technicians and the repair shop manager...the dealer called me right back and the wind had suddenly changed it's direction. He was so polite, he apologized to me and from then on every time I go at the dealer they almost roll me the red carpet and treat my like a "king" and call me "MR." and things like; "Can we do anything else for you" or "Was everything at your satisfaction Sir"?
    Don't be them your teeths. :)
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