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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • dwooddwood Posts: 3
    Accord is no match to Maxima. Not sure about the hybrid Accord. However, even though the hybrid maybe more responsive (big IF), I still vote for the OLD MAXIMA, not the ugly NEW Maxima. Accord looks too bland like a regular vanilla.

    I have to disagree with you on that one. At 6'2", I fill out all corners of the interior of each car, front or back. The Honda has more room in the rear when I sit behind my front seat setting. My head touches the head liner in the Nissan, but not the Honda. I have more knee room in the Honda. I have more room up front in the Honda.

    The Maxima has a larger trunk, but it is irregular and is not flat with a smaller opening. The Honda's trunk is slightly smaller, but has a larger opening and is flat.

    I have a 1995 Maxima and I fit better in that one than all the newer models...go figure.

    The Honda is rated and is almost always tested using regular gas, but will get ten plus horsepower and torque when premium is used.

    Personally, I think the Accord is basically a set of 215/55 17 series tires and a tank of premium gas away from the Maxima...and many other so-called proformance cars oriented cars.

    Sometimes, you have to look at what a car actually is and not what they marketed it as.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    dwood, I have never heard of the Accord getting 10 more horsepower when premium fuel is used, are you sure of this? The Max will actually see more power when premium is used (or rather, it will see less power when regular is used) but that is simply because when regular is used the timing is adjusted to reduce the chance of pinging. If an engine is not designed to use premium (like the Accord) then putting premium in will not get you more horsepower. You can use regular in the Max without any problems.

    Also, I've been in many Accords and the Max has as much if not more leg room than the Accord (the numbers say about 1" more total). For anyone over 6' tall the extra leg room in the front of the Max is very noticeable. In the Accord I have to put the seat right back to be comfortable while in the Max I still have some room to spare (albeit not much). Overall though, the space inside these two cars is very close.
  • I have been looking for a new car and doing all kinds of research. In the past week I finally got around to putting my butt in the seat and test driving several cars. I drove the Accord EX V6 first. Not overly exciting, but smooth and consistent. About what I have come to expect from Honda, since I currently own a '97 Accord LX and a 2002 CRV. Next, I drove the '05 Maxima. Certainly a more entertaining drive. I have to say it is a phenomenal engine. One of the best I have encountered. That being said, I wish I could put the Nissan V6 into the body of the Accord. Nothing else about the Maxima impressed me. It was a harsher ride, which I guess some people might prefer because it is "sportier". When I really stomped on the gas, the front end got all squirrelly and didn't feel very tight. The interior was very cheap feeling. And the Max required a lot of expensive options to be comparable in features with the Accord. I know the Nissan people will say that the Maxima is actually a larger car and the Accord should more be compared to the Altima. Frankly, there isn't that much difference in the size. The Maxima did have a little more interior room, but not much. I was pricing an Accord EX V6 with Navi, and was quoted $25,900. Pricing a Maxima SE on Edmunds, I had to add one big package and several individual items (like Navi) to get a comparable feature set. With all the options added on, the Maxima was probably $4-5000 more than the comparable Accord. Pricing the Altima with similar stuff oddly ended up being more expensive than the Maxima, because the only way to get Navi on the Altima is to add a $5500 package. Go figure.

    Bottom line, with the exception of the engine, I think the Accord is the better car. The fit and finish of it is far beyond the Maxima. I would love to go for the HAH, but can't justify the extra money. Incidentally, I also test drove an Infiniti G35 and the Acura TSX and TL. The G35 cleaned up all the handling problems and fit and finish problems of the Maxima, but the driver's seat was too small for me. The TSX was nice, but the 4 cyl. was a bit underpowered compared to the Accord's V6. I really loved the TL. I would probably buy that over the Accord in a second if I was in a position to drop that much on a car right now. It was one of the sweetest cars I have ever driven.
  • The new Nissans just don't match the ambience, design and quality feel that the Accord EX V-6 and TXS have interior wise. The TL interior shames 40-50K cars, it's so darn nice and upscale especially with the alumi. trim package and black leather sport package. I've seen many cars in all price points, the new Accord has one of the best interiors in the class, everything just feels so buttoned down and tight.
  • I currently own an '05 Honda Accord Exl (4cyl) and I have to say it's definately the nicest car I've ever owned. I absolutely love the new interior in the Accords, kudos to Honda for going the extra mile with the new interiors. I have the leather package and you would swear your sitting in a very expensive luxury car. That being said, the Maxima is definately a drivers car and the engine is phenomenal. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Maxima or a Nissan for that matter. Both great cars in their own way and kudos to both companies for designing such great cars.
  • whampa65, I've never heard it put better!


    To me, the Accord V6 appeals to the brain, the intellect, the sense of appreciation for good engineering with everything in the right place and that rock solid feel. The Maxima appeals more to the heart and the soul, and the adolescent need for a go-fast car on 18's with futuristic lines and a strong, legendary engine. Both cars maintain an air of quality not seen in the American cars at this price point.


    Pick your poison and be happy!
  • mramosmramos Posts: 1
    Technically speaking, the '04 accord V6 will be outperformed by the '04 maxima V6 for the reason that the maxima is being matched to a luxury car which is suppose to be more powerful than an average sedan. I'm talking about the acura TL. It's without a doubt that Nissan will do its best to outperform a luxury car like this. However, it's impressive to see that a regular family sedan like the '04 honda accord V6 can come close or equalize a '04 maxima in terms of power, design and comfort. The accord, in other words, possesses a tremendous quality designed to be better than it can be. I have a '04 accord and after I bought it, I asked myself if I made a mistake of buying it instead of the maxima. But, after 10 months with it and reading all the reviews, especially the one from Car and Driver, I realized I made the right decision.
  • 0131401314 Posts: 1
    Hello I'm a new member & I'm looking @ a '03 Maxima GLE. If anyone has any insight on any problems, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • ebenrickebenrick Posts: 2
    Nissans, as a whole, are very "Good Looking" cars, trucks, etc etc etc.

    However, the reason I reply is to ask a couple of simple question.

    If you like your dealer and your Salesman at the Honda Store, why would you venture out and by a different automobile from anywhere else?

    If he/she treated you like a King or a Queen has he/she not earned your loyalty?
  • y2zay2za Posts: 7
    No, why not? -it is simply a business transaction - not a friendship, not a partnership, - just simply business.

    I have owned a 2001 Accord 4 cylinder (mine), 2002 CRV (wife), 2002 Maxima (mine) 2004 Civic (mine) and now have traded in the civic for a 2005 SE Maxima.
    Before getting rid of the civic - yes, i looked at the 2005 Accord EX V6 - the lease payments were pretty much equal to the maxima.
    For me - the maxima was a better fit. Remember, i have owned an accord and maxima before this purchase. Yes, the interior design/function is better in the accord. BUT - i happen to like the unique look to the maxima, so for me the exterior design and the fact that there are not so many of them around was more important that the better interior design/feel or whatever you want to call it of the accord.
    I happen to really like the sky view, i happen to like the look of "4" exhaust vents, i happen to really like having 18 inch wheels, i happen to like the drive of the SE over the drive of the accord, i happen to like the low growl of the engine especially when flooring it. So for this guy - it was a personal choice - no regrets here. Especially when i pull up next to the 10th accord i have seen on the road that day - way too bland and way too many of them.

    My 2002 was great! Despite having the same engine, there seems to be less torque steer in the 2005 (of which i think is a highly overated problem), the 2005 seems to have more power throughout any range of speed. I do prefer the interior layout in the 2002 though. I kept it for 20000 miles and never hand any problems.
  • strykerstryker Posts: 1
    who ever is comparing the accord to the maxima for sure dont know about cars.

    Hello Accord vs Maxima noooo way jose not even in the same class .

    The TL is a superior car in every way compare to the Maxima duh

    nissan, honda and toyota make the best cars and believe me i know what i am talking about. i have had all three and i also had a american car and trust me, any choice u make it will be better than any of this over rated american cars.

    btw everyoneeeee who has sit inside a honda a nissan knows the honda has more room. that is just a fact. speed power and all that etc.... are not facts because alot has to do with the driver and the personal opinion everyone has diff taste.
  • Hello Everyone!!

    I am new to the forum...and let me first say what a great and informative forum it is!!

    I am getting ready to purchase a used max in the spring....Happy to announce I'm finally upgrading from my old reliable Kcar.... let me just say after test driving a 2000 seemed like a veritable ROCKET SHIP compared to my K!!

    So I'm wondering how much better the newer max with the bigger engine is??? (I haven't driven one)The 2002 with the 3.5 I read has a larger turning circle and a stiffer ride than the max's before it?) The VQ 3.0 version is supposedly bullet proof. Will the VQ 3.5 be bullet proof as well?? I will have this next car for a while so I want to be sure I make the right decision. Is it worth the extra few thousand $$ for the newer max??
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731

    The difference in horsepower is 33 between the two engine (222 hp vs 255 hp for the 2002). Nissan is relying on this 3.5 to power the vast majority of its cars and trucks.

    Nissan 350Z
    Altima 3.5

    Infiniti M35, G35 coupe and sedan

    From what I have read (and I subscribe to Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and the like) they have not mentioned problems with engine reliability. No one area sticks out in my memory as being a problem (except interior quality, which won't change really). I drive a car with 166 hp, and coming from 130 hp, it feels MUCH faster, so I would imagine the 222 hp should be plenty ample for you. But, it comes down to which you personally prefer. You won't feel much of a difference around town, but when flooring it at 75mph, you might be able to tell between the two.

    Good luck with your purchase, sir!

  • suydamsuydam Posts: 883
    I have a 2001 GLE. I have always found it to have plenty of power. It gets pretty good gas mileage too. I wondered if gas mileage suffered somewhat in the years after 2002. Anyway, it would come down to your preference. For me the 2001 is terrific.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I don't have a 2001 Max, but do have a 97 and an 03. The mpg on the 97 is much better. The 03 is very thirsty due to its much bigger engine, :cry: but you know the hp is there if you need to pass cars on the highway. :P
  • I looked at a Altima SE-R with the 260 HP V6 3.5 liter engine. But the Nissan 3.5L is so so thirsty.

    I went with an Accord V6 6-speed and easily get 30-32 on the highway. No way you can actually get that mileage in a Maxima and the v6 Accord also has plenty of passing power.

    Double sixes,

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    I have a 02 Max SE 6 Speed with the 3.5 engine. It currently has provided me 84,000 trouble free miles. As to mileage, I average 25 to 26 MPG in mostly highway driving. Great car!
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    After I read most of the posts so far for several days, it might have been ok to compare the Maxima and the Accord before. After Nissan designed the new Maxima in 2004, as some assiduously pointed out it is like comparing oranges with apples. In a nutshell, the Maxima is NOT in the same league as the Accord. Two different classes.
    Actually, about a week and a half ago, I traded my 03 Accord EX V6 in for the 06 Maxima SL with Driver's Preferred Package. When I was in the market, I was comparing the Maxima SL with the Toyota Avalon Touring, the Acura TL and the Infiniti G35, which are in the same class. I ended up with the Maxima SL for several reasons but could have gone for either the G35 or the TL for just about the same price (before $1500 rebate for the Maxima). In my opinion, this forum is not even as meaningful as it used to be because the two cars are in two different class since 2004. I can definitely tell you the two cars are in completely different class as a previous Accord owner (I have driven the Accord for 3 years with 63000 miles by the way).
    To add to the infamous steer torque, I also think it is overstated as I did not feel it at all for the last 1000 miles. I never drove it hard anyway.
    I stayed away from the Avalon due to quite a few reported transmission problems which Toyota dealers claim are computer controlled and they cannot do much about it. I read about several close calls because of this transmission problem. Also, it costs much more than the Maxima SL with less features. Some options are listed as options but come as standard from factory to elevate price. I do not like their marketing strategy. It is like fooling customers with low base price but high selling price with standard options from factory which are not options any more.
    I agree that my 03 Accord EX V6 had better interior in overall quality and layout to my liking than in the Maxima SL. I do not understand why the Maxima SL (Sport Luxury ?) does not have the same kind of interior quality at least as the Murano. The Murano has much better interior in material quality and feel. Other than that, only other complaint which I learned to have is the wide turning radius. Then again, the Acura TL also has pretty close turing radius. So far so good. By the way, the Accord reliabilty is proven for 3 years while I was driving it with no single problem other than the factory recall regarding transmission issue, which I already forgot about. Let me see how reliable my new Maxima SL will be. I wonder if I want to buy an extended warranty for the sophisticated electronic controls.
  • "I don't understand why the Maxima SL..does not have the same kind of interior quality at least as the Murano..."

    Now it does, and competes very well with Honda, Toyota, etc. and is really more in Acura or Passat territory in terms of interior feel, especially in the SL version.

    The 06 version gives no sense of the new interior, which was changed very significantly in the 07 version. The 07 was, by most accounts, redesigned specifically to address the type of issue you raised (owners who loved the Maxima as drivetrain, but were disappointed by cheap interiors).

    The 07 is far from cheap looking, especially in the SL, which has a very impressive interior (especially in leather). In fact, you can see a lot of the "old school" Maxima types whining that the Max has now gone "too luxury."

    The seats are redesigned, as are all interior accents (e.g. real aluminum on guages, all metal door lock trims, higher grade plastics elsewhere).

    If I sound like I drank the Koolaid, I have, to a certain extent. I bought an 07 and have had nothing but great feelings from the car. My German car friends are also very impressed by the car in general, including the new interior, to the point where they comment that the Maxima has "gone German."

    Also, torque steer and turning radius issues are to my own estimation (and comments from most reviewers) substantially improved in the 07 iteration. And I do drive the car aggressively from time to time...
  • urbancar, I'd like to get your feedback on the
    new CVT tranny on the '07 Maxima. Tell us your
    thoughts and how you're liking it so far.
    Enjoy your new Max.!!!
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