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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • I really love the CVT, which IMHO is the "pefect match" for this engine.

    Keep in mind that the VQ engine revs lower in producing peak HP and torque most other engines in this class, which works extremely well with the CVT. In thinking about it, if this makes sense, I think that the VQ engine was in a sense "waiting" for development of a good CVT that works well in high performance applications. In the combination of VQ engine and current Maxima CVT, this gives a very smooth but very powerful feel, with excellent responsiveness/feedback throughout. This is because, with this engine, only a small increase in revs gives a proportionately greater increase in torque/hp, versus other engines that need to rev higher to get a real power response --which is tailor made for CVT.

    It does not "drone" (as some have feared) but growls, in a very refined sort of way, but again, the feeling is also one of a lot of responsiveness, which makes you very connected to the driving.

    I also think that the CVT produces less power train loss versus "conventinoal automatics" I haven't seen anything in numbers, but I would bet (based on feel) that the CVT places nearer a standard than conventional auto in power train loss. This means that more of the engine power actually gets to the wheels, and you lose much less at the "shift points" of a conventional auto. This not only affects raw power, but handling in my opinion, as you really "feel" the true changes in power in a more linear way, and can drive the car with more predictability in curvy/speed changing (and what would be gear changing situations in a conventional auto).

    I would describe the overall feel is very responsive, smooth and powerful. This is a great car for long trips, especially where there is less than perfect enforcement.

    My personal view is that paper/stats tell you only so much. Ultimately, you have to drive it. This is where I got "sold" on the car (very quickly) after having driven a number of competitors first. All the good Japanese cars cover the basics very well (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and their respective "upmarket" brands). After that, my view would be to narrow the field on paper, then drive those, and buy the one that puts a smile on your face.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Do you feel a HP rating. I saw that the HP number are down 10. I don't even know if it was because of SAE.

    -Cj :confuse:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    HP rating DID in fact drop by 10 to 255 hp, because of SAE, I believe I read.
  • dwinkdwink Posts: 14
    How does the Navi system on the maxima compare with that of the Accord?
  • im looking forward of getting a car. its either nissan maxima (05) vs honda accord v6 (04) or Mazda 6 v6 (06).

    i want a reliable car which would feel sporty, im only 19 but im 6'3". i test drove accord and maxima so far, but i like nissan more. accord is kind of boring but i heard its more reliable than maxima. mazdas look nice but small space in the back and ford engine which is a big turn off for me. could someone help me with this please?
  • The Maxima is every bit as reliable as the Honda, has more front leg room (which could be important for you) and is available with a greater variety of features/options. In the end, go with what appeals to you most.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The Maxima is every bit as reliable as the Honda

    Based on what?
  • Nissans tends to have more issues as they age. I owned both Accords and Maximas, The Accords are more reliable 4 or 6 cyl. Also 03 - 07 V6 Accords will also get better mpg than 04 - 08 Maximas. Also, until Nissan retouched the Maxima in 07, the Accord's interior looks better. 07 - 08 Maxima's interior is much improved compared to 04 - 06 Maximas. The 04 - 06 Maximas interiors were cheap when considering how much Nissan charge for these cars.
    The good news is Nissan have extend the Warranty coverage on the CVT tranny on the 07 - 08 Maxima to 120K miles. I received this letter from Nissan about 3 months ago for my 07 Maxima.
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