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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • It's not offered here in the States. Just wondering.
  • He loved the power of the Nissan Maxima with 5 speed but says Maxima are junk. The dealer never could get the "Service Engine" light (or whatever the correct name is) to stay off. The Maxima rode roughly, had squeaks and rattles, and was just not as nice as an Accord.
    He traded it off after 2 years to get a 2001 Accord EX 4 cyl 5 speed. The 2001 Accord got totaled in a wreck at 7 months of ownership so he got a NEW 2002 Accord LX 4 cyl with 4 speed automatic. His wife loves the Accord.
    When we were at the Annual Auto Show last January, we were looking at the Infinity and the dealer rep asked how he liked the Maxima. He replied "One more problem and I will sue under the Lemon Law" and then proceeded to tell of all the problems with the Maxima.
    After his experience with the Maxima, he said he would not get anything made by Nissan whether it is a Maxima or an Infinity.
  • On the flip side. This is our 2nd Nissan. Our 80's Sentra rode way over 100K miles without a hitch and my 2000 Maxima runs like a swiss watch.
  • Wise for you to stay with a brand that has been reliable for you. My wife's cousin has driven nothing but Nissan since 1971 when he got his first Datsun 2 door sedan. Obviously, he and his wife have been very satisfied with Nissan.
  • You can find problem(s) in any car, that doesn't mean they are bad cars. I owned a 99 Maxima SE and had almost no problem with it. No squeaks, rattles, and the only thing that went wrong was the key needed reprogramming. Now I have a 2002 and it has been good. The ride is rough because it is a SE. I could have went for the more conservative Camry which is very reliable, easy riding, etc. I choose the more sporty car. Different strokes for different folks.

    You will find owners who had problems with their Volvo, BMW, Acura, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, etc.
    For every 10 happy owners there will be a few not happy ones.
  • deezadeeza Posts: 1
    some one posted that the new accord was going to get a 240 hp upgrade on it's v6, that's not true the only accord engine getting a upgrade it's the 4 cyl. Now to compare a Max to an accord, you got to be very ignorant about cars, don't take it from me drive both vehicles, if you happen to be a driver then you will know what a insult is to put an accord in the same category as a Max better yet don't even drive the accord go for the tl type s so it will be more even. It's just not fair.
  • 2k2wannabe2k2wannabe Posts: 23
    I got my SE 6-speed exactly at invoice (under if you count the $1000 rebate and $250 they gave me for getting the car to me later than promised).

    Look on the internet and you can find invoice prices, rather than going to the dealer and paying to talk to a sales person.

    I never met my salesperson until the day I paid for and picked up my car, and he was the busiest salesman there.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    I am new to this board. Does anyone know if there are any major changes expected in the Maxima in 2003, 2004 or 2005 (e.g. major re-designs, major engine upgrades)?
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    The 2003 Max will be unchanged, but the 2004 Max will be a major redesign. Plus, I think it's actually going to debut near the beginning of 2003.
  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    We have a 1999 4-cyl 5-sp Honda Accord, and we recently rented a Maxima for 3 weeks while on vacation. The engine in the Maxima was great, but I thought it felt kind of sloppy on the road.

    We live in the Washington DC area and rarely drive our Honda over 65 mph, but the highways in Arizona I was often driving the Maxima over 70 mph. Also, the Maxima was heavier because it had a 6-cyl engine. However, even taking these things into account, I didn't think the Maxima held the road as well as our Honda. It felt like we were kind of floating over the road surface rather than being glued to it like we are in our Honda.
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    I test drove a bunch of cars before getting my 2003 Maxima GLE. The accord (which was always one of the top few in automotive magazine tests), I left till the end to test figuring that that is the car I would probably end up getting. Here it is cheaper than the Max. I also owned a 1982 Accord LX back then (My first New car) and except for the rust (they did that easily back then) it was a great car. BUT (and here's the big BUT) I was not impressed with the ride. It was ok but I found the Max smoother and there was so much noise until I realized it was the air conditioning; A very noisy fan. The interior finish was also nicer in the Max IMO. Yes, the Max has a larger, faster, smoother engine but that was not the reason for my decision. I just came off a lease for a 300M and that also has a 255HP 253Lbs torque engine. I never pushed the car hard enough, never got to the higher revs that I would need again that big an engine. The Max has a very smooth shifting transmission as well. Anyone out there looking for one or the other... IMO... there is no choice. The Maxima wins.
  • steedmsteedm Posts: 14
    I like the Max, but my wife does not.
    I think that the new V6 Accord will provide some serious competition, the interior is very well designed, I am keen to drive one and see how it compares.
    Anyone compared the two??
  • But the Accord is a well balanced family sedan. No question about that. The Accord has a slightly better interior, but I think the Maxima has better styling. Especially the Maxima GLE in Glacier Pearl. The Maxima seems slightly roomier, but not by much. Handling should be about equal. The Accord might lead that pack though.

    One thing is for sure. The Accord's pricing cannot be beat. It's much cheaper than a comparable Maxima.

    Personally though, Give me a Maxima SE 6spd. Manual with all the options except the Navi.
  • qguqgu Posts: 93
    I have owned 4 nissans from 87 sentra to 97 quest. They all got rust proofed before leaving my dealer (entire body not just underbody). 3 of the 4 were rusted badly in the first 5 years. The only exception was my 92 stanza which started to show spots after 9 years. I switched to Honda for my recent two purchases (01MDX and 02CRV). I will see if Hondas are better. In terms of refinement, Honda has a slight edge (I admit it is not fair comparison because my Hondas are newer with "modern" technology). Unfortunately they are equally noisy.

    The 04 Max looks really good (at least from paper it looks better than Accord). The new Max will be priced higher. But if it is not much higher than a V6Ex, I will trade my CRV for an AWD Max.
  • I have to say this, I really do, so here goes: Anyone who completely bashes a car brand bc of problems with ONE car is absolutley naive and ignorant. EVERY car manufacturer has lemons that come of the line every once in a while, and if the car was bought used, then maybe you should question the previous owner rather than the car's manufacturer. I honestly believe there are very few crap car manufacturers out there today. People are smart enough to know that when NUMEROUS complaints of COMPLETE car failures arise of a specific make....DONT BUY THIS CAR. Furthermore, the person earlier who had a Maxima that crapped out on him who changed to the accord and vowed he would never own another Nissan/Infiniti (BTW Infiniti is with an I, not a Y)you are VERY naive. I have a friend who owned a 1999 Honda Accord, and she had soooo many problems with that car. She eventually got rid of it, and bought a 2001, she now has about 30,000 miles on it and has not had ANY problems with it. So, in conclusion, DONT BASH A MAKE bc ONE car craps out. every manufacturer has problematic cars, to completely bash a make bc you came accross one, or evern to threaten to sue, is just naive and ignorant. OF COURSE this IS just MY opinion. And let it be known, My sister has a 1995 Altima GLE that was handed down from my mom that has not given us ANY PROBLEMS and has survived through 2 teenage drivers plus my mom. Thats a damn good car IMO.
  • I've had 4 Maxima's now. My husband has had 2 Pathfinder's now. We wouldn't keep going back to Nissan if we had a bad experience. We just occassinally like to get "updated" versions, with more "creature features."

    It still scares me though, that the '04 Max will be "American" made. I really like the Japan made cars. But that is just a personal preference.
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    Of course every manufacturer has troublesome examples of their cars, some more than others. But people arent "NAIVE,IGNORANT" when they are very unhappy with their cars when they develop numerous problems. After paying $20,000+ for a new car its human nature to become upset and consider another make next time. Oh, and by the way the "e" in your sentence "every manufacturer has problematic..." should have been capitalized. Let's tone down the rhetoric and nasty comments.
  • Thankyou for pointing out my keystroke error. I will now correct your improper word usage. "Rhetoric" as used in your sentence, "Let's tone down the rhetoric and nasty comments," is improperly used because the word rhetoric is in a noun, not an adjective as so used in your comment.;) Finally, the reason why I corrected this person who spelled Infiniti with a "y" is because that is incorrect. It would be the same if someone spelled Nissan, "Nison." I would be willing to bet you would have spoken up on that mistake as well. (No, I am not an English teacher...I'm just 17!) Happy Driving!
  • I hope this wont affect Nissan's reliability record. What other Japanese cars are now made in the U.S.? Has their been a decline in those model's quality?
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