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Ford Escape Hybrid Squeaks & Rattles



  • I hope this continues the thread. I am having the same high pitched "squeak" from the rear wheel of my Hybrid. My Ford dealer said they could not find the problem and they have never heard of it before. I am also having a rattle/grinding noise from the front passenger wheel. They could not find that either. It is a company vehicle so I am going to check with the other Escape owners and our fleet service company and see if there are any other reported instances.
    I will let everyone know what I find out.
  • I got locked out of my car the other day, with the keys still in the ignition, car on, A/C running. I stopped to pick up some kids, jumped out of the car, put something in the hatchback and all the doors locked up. Is anybody else annoyed with the fact that all the doors constantly lock automatically? I'm always afraid to get out with the keys still in the car.
  • I have had the same recurring noise coming from my rear wheel, guess we described it as a rotational rubbing noise when brakes are applied. My Escape is not a Hybrid. It is 2006 XLT.
    It has been in the shop 3 times since September 2, 2006, and is going back today for the fourth time. But after all this, I did a search and found that this is also happening with Hybrids and I'm sure other Escapes as well.

    The first visit September 2nd, I asked that someone ride in my vehicle with me, but they were "too busy" and I was told they could do a brake inspection, they ordered parts and had me go ahead and pick my vehicle up the same day until the parts came in. Second visit September 6-7, they replaced the rear brake pads and machined the rotors in rear and front. Then noise returned after a few days.
    Third visit September 14-18, they cleaned the HUB, drum and wheel of "surface corrosion"
    Noise returned evening of 9/19.

    I'm also in Texas, and I agree if they cannot figure out what is causing the noise, then how do they know its safe to be driving regarding the Lemon Law issue :confuse:
    Ive been told so many things in the past few weeks that Im about at my wits end with this issue.
  • I have a 2007 Hybrid FWD--I am getting the "Squeekng" noise as well--I have found it to be coming from the boot that covers the upper part of the Drivers rear Shock. This plastic Boot can be rotated. When the squeek starts, I rotate the boot 5 derees or so. It is not a cure, but it does go away for a few days. I will have the dealer look at it when I bring it in for something.
  • We DID have the two types of squeaks in our 2006 4WD (bought Feb 2006): one that occurs as one of the wheel rotates (only when turning right or left) and the other that is the styrofoam type of squeak when accelerating. Sometime around August the styrofoam squeak disppeared and hasn't returned in a couple months. We took the Escape in for a 6-month service and mentioned the rotating squeak. After we got the vehicle back, I asked and checked the paperwork. They said that they couldn't hear it. But we didn't hear it either. Perhaps it went away during the service. Anyway, with these squeaks gone, our attitude about our purchase has improved, and I can say that we are satisfied with the vehicle. The 6-month service at two-hundred plus is steep, so I'll most likely be doing the future oil changes myself and I hope more. For penny pinchers, you can buy the filter for $9 and Ford and the oil at the store for $5, so you'll save about $20 and moreover, get to know your vehicle.

    By the way, the service technician filled up our vehicle with an extra half liter of oil. We know this because I checked the dipstick afterward. It was past the "full" mark. One of the clerks said that actually the oil fill level was determined when the motor is running and that it wouldn't cause a problem to have it past the fill line. Yet the manual says DO NOT OVERFILL. Any comments? Dipsticks are always measured when the motor is off, so I think his words are baloney.
  • I have a squeak at times when the car is going slow. I've had it at the dealer for this problem 3 times (and of course they haven't heard it). They said they can't find anything wrong with it. Have you heard anything from Ford?
  • I have 4200 miles on our 06 Hybrid with these same squeaks. I dropped the car off a week ago -

    It seems Ford knows about the problm and is working on a fix .. I'm waiting.

    Anyone else??
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Hey guys, new to this forum. Here is the TSB info for the shock bushing squeak. This TSB was put out on 10/3/06


    This TSB describes a fix that no dealer would ever have thought up on their own.

    If your dealer is unwilling to fix this problem, find one that will.

  • How can I get a copy of this TSB? Is there really a fix?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This could be considered propiatary info so I can't be more specific than I was.

  • I have 80,000 miles on my 2001 Gr8Escape and have not had an issue until this winter. My wife started hearing a squeak from the front end while turning the steering wheel. I found the technical service bulletin (TSB) #04-22-10 on the Internet. Although the symptoms from this bulletin where identical to mine this was not the solution to my squeak. I narrowed it down to the tie-rod end on the Driver side. I removed the boot from the tie rod end, lubricated the ball joint with lithium grease and packed the boot full of wheel bearing grease. This solved the problem.

    Cost of repair $0 dollars, Time spent 1.5 hours,
    Wife satisfied: Priceless
  • I have a 2001 Escape XLT with 55,000 miles. Well...mine just starting squeaking. When I am driving at slow speeds and have any type of up and down movement it squeaks or when I turn the wheel from left to right in park it squeaks and makes a rubbing sound. This is coming from the front on the driver side. It never has done this before. When I first heard it I was on a very poorly maintained road and thought maybe the squeaking was due to the road conditions. I drove it on a nicely paved road and it still does this. WHY????
  • Yep, it squeaks, but only sometimes, and yep, Ford dealer said that it was probably "rust on the brakes" (2006 FEH with about 10,000 miles). Will print out the TSB and bring it to the Ford dealer, but the problem, in general, is that Ford is not owning up to this because when you bring it in, it doesn't squeak (i.e., it squeaks only intermittently). In general, I'm not impressed with Ford. I have an extended/comprehensive warranty, including oil changes for three years. When I contacted them at 7500 miles (the set time for the change), they responded that because of "new testing," they upped the time required for the oil change to 10,000 miles. Well, that means that they save money, and my oil changes cost more over time. Ugh. (Am about to post on another thread about the unbelievably poor winter mileage I'm getting--it dropped from 184 miles to empty to 182 miles to empty in less than a minute of driving, at 18.9 mpg!!). Anyone know about how the Toyota Highlander compares with the FEH?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    How does getting 2Xs the milage between oil changes cost you more?

  • Not sure what you mean by 2 times the mileage, but here's the analysis:

    Let's say there's 75,000 miles on the FEH over three years.

    What I get based on original contract: 10 oil changes

    What I get with new rules: 7.5 oil changes.

    Therefore, the cost is 25% higher for each individual oil change.

  • We purchased a used 2005 FEH in April 2006. Ever since we have heard very intermittently what can only be described as a "Whooping" noise from the rear end (battery pack?). It occurs mostly, but not always, when the car is first started, and the transmission gear is irrelevant. The "Whoop" can be fairly loud or quite faint. The dealer has no idea, and the noise cannot be demonstrated since it occurs randomly. It does seem to occur in hot weather more that cold. Has anyone experienced a similar problem or have any ideas. We are quite satisfied with the FEH performance except for this annoying "Whooping" sound.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    As you know, noises can be difficult to diagnose. From what you report is sounds like something related to the A/C unit that cools the HVBattery. If it happens at startup after the truck has been sitting in the sun on a hot day...I would suspect the cooling system. There are two refridgerant lines that lead to the system and a door to change out the filter for the fan. When the sound is occuring, go back and open the access door (interior of cargo area on the drivers side) and remove the filter and see if the noise is more obvious. Just a first guess, good luck and be safe. :D
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You are assuming that the cost of the program is the same which it is not.

    Ask what scheduled maintence costs for the FEH vs. the Gas Escape. The FEH is less.

  • Hi,

    I have an 08 FEH with about 3800 miles on it. A week or two ago I noticed that when I accelerate from a stop or very slow rolling speed, there is a single thumping sound, then everything is fine. This noise sounds like it's coming from from the front left. It occurs regardless if the engine is running or if it's running on battery, so it is NOT the the rumble that occurs when the engine starts. I don't hear it if I back up. I also did not notice it when the engine was cold and running at higher RPMs. The engine noise may have masked the thump. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    Sorry if I posted this the wrong section. I'm not sure if this engine, trans, or suspension related.


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