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Toyota Camry Hybrid Bluetooth/Phone Questions



  • remardremard Posts: 3
    I have a Cingular Treo 650 and had a few problems synching the phone. I tried several times but the car never acknowledged the sych after I entered the code and the bluetooth wizard on the phone seemed to complete successfully.

    I finaaly decided to try making a call after the wizard completed but before the car would start the process over again and somehow it worked. I haven't had any problems since.
  • guruunoguruuno Posts: 23
    Although some have has\d success, others not, the "process' actually stinks, as Toyota cannot seem to offer any solutions. New 7.1 DVD is out, not for Camry Hybrid though, wonder if that 'update' offers solutions to the many issues.
  • Has anyone had any luck with syncing contacts from an iPhone to the bluetooth nav in the TCH? ;)
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    so no one knows how to transfer phone book info into the memory of the 09 or 08 TCH bluetooth hookup?
    I also tried yesterday and nothing....
  • polgrizpolgriz Posts: 2
    I just got the 2009 Hybrid and I also have an Iphone and can't figure out how to transfer the contacts to the car. Have you figured it out?
  • Hello, I have set up one primary phone on bluetooth but unfortunantly this is my work phone. When I would like to use my personal phone, I would like to be able to switch easily. Currently, I have to re-"install" the phone every time I want to switch. Is there any easy way I am missing or does the Bluetooth only work with 1 phone?
  • alw1alw1 Posts: 1
    Hi David,

    I just got a 2009 TCH and set up my Virgin Slice with the Bluetooth. The symptoms you describe are exactly what I experienced. The sound is great both ways on incoming calls but when I initiate a call using phone by number by voice command I cannot be heard by the recipient.

    I not your message was posted in January. Have you resolved the problem? If so, I's love to know how.

    Al Wasserman
  • Hi there. When I bought my TCH in Oct. '08 I was told you could use two phones with the Blue Tooth. But I recently went to two different service centers, and both said it can only use one. BYW, I am also having difficulty with my Blue Tooth. When I first bought it, everyone heard me just fine and my voice commands went smoothly. Now people have difficulty hearing me, and I don't even bother with voice commands any more since the computer spits back ridiculous numbers to me.
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    Al (and David),

    I'm having the same issue in my 2008 NAH with a Virgin Super Slice. I've done some digging and it appears it's a fatal flaw due to Virgin crippling the bluetooth capabilities on their phones. It appears to be a problem mainly with cars that have factory bluetooth setups. I have had success with my Super Slice and a Magellan 4040 Nav unit so it will work with bluetooth hands free devices, just not (some?) factory units.

    It's a bit of a bummer because I just bought these two new phones about 6 months ago. We're going to give T-Mobile a shot since they use 'real' phones, most of which are listed on (for me) Nissan's website as being compatible. We're going to start with a Motorola V195 and see how it works. Nice thing is with T-Mobile is if you buy $100 in air time it's good for 1000 minutes and lasts for a year, so 10c per minute.

    Anyway, good luck finding something that works in your new car.

  • I have a LG VX8600 through Verizon. And I'm trying to pair it to my 09 TCH with no luck so far.

    I've tried the pairing process dozens of times, with 2 mild successes (pair did not hold). I took it to the Dealer with no luck (my salesman was able to pair his Blackberry though). I called Verizon tech support, they wouldn't help (not one of their products). also was no help, all they wanted to do is go through the step by step process written in the manual. :mad:

    The funny thing is that the both Letstalk and the Verizon sites say that this phone is supposed to be compatible. :confuse:

    Lastly, considering that I can upgrade my contract in November. Is there an accurate listing some where that has truly compatible phones?
  • erniemerniem Posts: 3
    For Toyota you can find your phone capabilities by going to ""
    Most phones will not transfer the entire phone book however many will transfer one phone book entry at a time. You can also watch a video on your toyota at
    I hope that this is useful.
  • erniemerniem Posts: 3
    Perhaps your system is faulty. I would have the dealer since it is under warranty check the system out and make sure that it pairs with A phone. Any. The LG 8600 is probably to new to be on the site but the LG 8500 says that it should pair just fine. My advice is exercise your warranty rights and make the dealer show you that it works.
    Good Luck.
  • erniemerniem Posts: 3
    On your phone is listed under palm and sprint. Have you tried calling their support number 1-866-875-3987?
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    you have to manually switch phones when there are two that you have entered into the system--it automatically searches for the one that you have selected...

    I got a new LG Vue after we bought the TCH and had a little problem getting it connected initially--had to delete my other phone--
    system for doing that is not intuitive--frustrating at time--
    with both phones (mine and DH's) in the TCH memory--it goes for the one that was highlighted the last time--that is the default
    if your husband's was used and you are riding solo--it won't automatically pick up your phone--it is waiting for his...
  • carolgraycarolgray Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2009 TCH. My Kyocera Strobe K612B automatically connects with ease, and probably 75% of the time it works fine. However, the other 25% of the time, when a call begins to come in it immediately disconnects my phone. Any suggestions?
  • I was finally able to pair my phone. It works fine after the pairing process. But if I shut down my TCH and leave the vehicle it no longer works. The Profile is still in the phone and the TCH's Bluetooth setup. But for some reason it wont detect each other.

    The dealer had no ideas, and so have I. unless there's a major breakthrough in the near future (or I get a new phone) I'm probably going to ignore the hands-free.
  • golfman69golfman69 Posts: 1
    Its not the cars bluetooth.The problem is in the phone.Make sure you have the bluetooth setting on always connect. I have 4 toyota and a new Lexus. I am a pro at working for Toyota for 20 years helps...I have paired that phone dozens of times..It will hold the programming. If your settings are set correct...Its the phone
  • mk4040mk4040 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 TCH and have had the same problem. It took me a long time to figure out that my voice was killed to my callers whenever the auto climate control - a/c was turned on. When I turn it off, my callers begin hearing me again. Obviously, there is some sort of interference between the climate control system and voice transmission. I have yet to discuss this with the dealer and to force the issue under my warranty.

    Mark K
  • hblurhblur Posts: 5
    A guy I know who is in a wheelchair asked me a question about Bluetooth. He is getting a Toyota Sienna which is outfitted with a ramp and driving gear since he is in a wheelchair and has only partial use of his arms and of use to his legs.
    The Bluetooth in the Sienna is (I think) like that on my 2007 RAV4: not entirely hands free. You have to hit the “off hook” switch to answer a call and have to hit a button to say a name and hit another to make a call.
    The problem is that he cannot hit those switches. He needs it to be completely hands free.
    Would anyone know if this can be accomplished?
    Ear pieces are bad, too, since they usually have to be activated with a finger touch, so far as I know..
    Thank you in advance for any light you might shed on this.
  • guruunoguruuno Posts: 23
    We can all "play the game".....I do PC/Network support for a living, I deal with hardware and software manufacturers on a daily basis for over 1 years.
    Toyota is just blowing everyone off.
    It don't work, none of it, my Garmin work flawlessly.
    How do we get our money back, or a car with things that work?
    We don't, unless a class action lawsuit is started, or, enough people band together to be heard, publicly.
    Remember, Toyota is now #1.....what happened when GM was #1, does anyone remember all the nightmare support for everything?
    It's no different for anything else from microwaves, TV's, furniture, PC's, everything.
    RSN (real soon now) is when it may be addressed, if not just abandoned before a newer/better one is replaced.
    Oh well, we all could be living in some other part of the world and have no voice, right?
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