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Toyota Camry Hybrid Bluetooth/Phone Questions



  • guruunoguruuno Posts: 23
    Over 15 years, sorry
  • I have a 2008 TCH with Nav. Currently on 2nd BT microphone and still having problems with BT calls. person on other end cannot hear and am constantly having to repeat. Works better when car and A/C are off, but this makes it useless. I need to know if this is an inherent defect so I can get resolution from Toyota. Plz post if you are experiencing similar issues.
  • Verizon service, 2007 TCH. With both a Casio and a brand-new LG enV2, transmission breaks up, nobody can understand what I'm saying, even with Auto climate turned completely off, etc. A Motorola Krave worked splendidly, but I hated the touch-screen and the phone itself was a lemon. Anybody else have maker-specific issues? I haven't found another Motorola thru Verizon that I care to own and would really like to keep the LG enV2, without having to go to a separate headset.
  • My wife has a 2008 TCH, and an enV2. Bluetooth has worked perfectly since day one. In fact, I was originally surprised at how good it sounded. I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to relate that I doubt it's the enV2. It's always possible that you have a dud I suppose.
  • I have the same problem. It is ambient noise in the cabin. Shut the air, windows and stop the car and the problems vanish. Use a Bluetooth on your ear. Toyota would have to reposition the microphone to correct the problem. That is not likely. I am sure that they could fix the problem electronically with real-time background noise removal, but that is expensive at this point. But complain to them or this will not be fixed. Toyota I am sure would want to fix this.
  • OK, so I just bought a 2009 Camry Hybrid for $1300 under invoice at Dublin Toyota in Northern CA and really like the car. I tried connecting my LG Voyager (Verizon) phone today and uploading my entire address book of 244 contacts and finally figured it out. I couldn't find any solution on this Forum to I want to share mine:

    1) First thing you have to do is Pair the Phone with the Car which was pretty straightforward.
    2) I then tried a call and found it worked great so now wanted to transfer all me phone numbers from the phone to the car. This is where I got stuck. I called Verizon and they are usually great but had no clue on this one and passed the buck to Toyota of course. As it's New Year's Day Toyota was not open so I did some surfing and cobbled together this solution.
    3) When you go into the Bluetooth menu on the Camry Hybrid Nav system there is an option to "transfer phonebook." When you click it you see "transferring data" but then the Bluetooth DISCONNECTS. So I thought there was a problem with the phone or the Camry because it keeps disconnecting in the middle of this. Turns out this is the desired procedure.
    4) So when the Camry says transferring and you see the Voyager (or your phone) disconnect from Bluetooth that is good. Now here is the answer.
    5) Go To "Settings and Tools" on the LG Voyager
    6) Select "Bluetooth Menu"
    7) Click on the "Camry Device" which comes across as "HANDS FREE" unless you change it to "Camry" like I did because I also have a Motorola Bluetooth T505 Visor Speaker in my wife's car.
    8) Click "Optioins" at the bottom of the Voyager screen while "Camry" is the selected device.
    9) Click "Send Name Card" and then the Voyager will search for the Camry Bluetooth and reconnect and show you all your contacts.
    10) Within my Contacts list on the Voyager I click "Options" and click "Mark All" and then send all the contacts from the Voyager to the Camry.
    11) It took about 15 seconds to transfer 244 contacts and now they are all safe and ready to go in the Camry. Real nice process but not that intuitive to figure out.
    12) As far as maintenance goes I think I will only update contacts in my phone and maybe once a week transfer all thos contacts to the Camry.

    Hope this helps someone!
  • Hey all, I think we all can agree that getting bluetooth to work well is a crap shoot at best. imho, if u are considering buying a camry, skip the bluetooth option and then have it installed aftermarket. My local shop could have provided SUPPORTED bluetooth with display, gps, and on-star-esque service for half the price I paid for factory installed bluetooth.

    The compatibility chart is nice but it isn't even half the story. For those of us who are stuck w factory installed bluetooth, who can recommend a good phone? (a reliable unit that connects easily, where listener and caller sound very good,) Cell provider and model please & thank you.
  • rpmrpm Posts: 9
    Sorry, I've never had a problem with the OEM bluetooth on any of my 3 priuses, or my wife's 2 hybrid camrys. Motorola phones of all types, blackberry pearls, curves. TMobile and Verizon.

    I'm just talking about pairing, connecting, and call quality. No problems.

    I have never tried to import my contacts, though. I've just entered the 5 or 6 that I call the most. for others, I just dial from the phone's contact list.
  • Dear Christine111:

    Could you share the brand name of

    "My local shop could have provided SUPPORTED bluetooth with display, gps, and on-star-esque service for half the price I paid for factory installed bluetooth."

    I would like to pursue that.


  • In no way to I condone talking on a cell phone while drive but there are times when you need to such as you need a private conversation when others are in vechicle. Does anyone know how to convert "tranfer call" butt to work while driving?
  • genetoxgenetox Posts: 1
    I have a ATT Vu by LG and a Propel by Samsung, neither phone will register
  • alfredcbalfredcb Posts: 1
    My apologies to Dwight for using his thread to post my problem, but they are related:

    I recently bought an '07 TCH and am trying to get my Samsung phone (with ATT) to work with hands free bluetooth.

    When I turn on bluetooth it directs me through the "pairing process"
    I say and confirm a name.
    Then it shows a passkey number and says it is searching for passkey.
    And this is the farthest I get.

    * I have tried to dial the passkey #
    *I have tried to dial a number in hopes it would pair with my phone.
    *I have tried to ask for "help" through this phase, with no success.

    Since it is a used car, I wonder is bluetooth trying to find the previous owner's phone?

    I would love to initialize and start from scratch, but I cannot find a way to get around the "pairing" exercise.

    In connecting this phone to other bluetooth devices, my phone has usually phond such devices with no problem. But it doesn't seem to find this system.

    I sure hope I am doing something idiotic and can be steered into the right direction.

    Please help this frustrated new owner.
  • I have a 2008 TCH to which I have paired a Blackberry 8800. Worked flawlessly until I recently added an LG TE365. Bluetooth is now cutting calls shortly after they begin (whether I initiate or I receive). I deleted the LG profile, but the problem persists. I've also adjusted the volume down but that hasn't solved the disconnect.
  • I have a 2009 camry(no navigation system) and an LG brand cel phone, serviced by AT&T, model # CU920. I have been to 2 Toyota dealerships to set up the blue tooth.
    The "linking' does not hold!! I need help!
  • mwbcatmwbcat Posts: 1
    Plz help! I have an 09 Hybrid - everything is great with the car except the call waiting on the bluetooth. When I am talking to someone and a call comes in, both calls are dropped. I cannot find the settings to make sure call waiting is on. My phone works great away from the car.It is only this one thing that doesn't work right. Am I missing something really easy to fix? If so, how do I do it?
  • Does anybody know if Toyota updates their compatable phones for the camry hybrid with no nav. I have the Samsung highlight
  • Toyota has a web site that will show all the phones that are supported by there bluetooth. Off hand I can not remember it, but your dealer can tell you. After i bought me Samsung Highlight I found out that it not supported. You would think all bluetooth phones would be supported. That web site will also tell you if your phone will do a single or a complete phonebook transfer.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
  • jose2010jose2010 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Does any one have an answer for the below question? I have a 09 Toyota Camry Hybrid and have a problem paring multiple cells. My primary cell is paired and now I want to pair a secondary cell. Instructions say 09 TCH can pair 6 cells. However, NAV does not allow me to pair a secondary cell or I am doing something wrong preventing me from pairing multiple cells. Can anybody help?
  • I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid, and paired two iPhones in just a couple of minutes.

    Select Info on the Nav system.
    Select Telephone.
    Select Settings.
    Select Bluetooth.
    Select Delete (in case you have a phone registered already; I also noticed it's good to start with a clean slate, as it were!).
    Select the phone(s) to be deleted. Say OK.
    Select Yes for "Delete the registration of this telephone".
    Go back to previous Bluetooth Settings menu.
    Select Register.
    Set your first phone - follow the prompt on name, passkey, etc., and pair your phone by entering the passkey for Bluetooth.
    Follow procedure for second phone. When you do this, it will ask if you want to Disconnect the other telephone already connected. Select Yes. Follow prompts for pairing second phone. At any time, only one phone can be used; if both are present at once, you have to select (by default it selects the one that had been connected).

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.
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