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Toyota Camry Hybrid Engine Problems



  • There's nothing wrong.

    If the emissions system gets too cool, the engine will run to warm it back up. That's how PZEV is achieved.

    Gas will actually be sacrificed for the sake of being clean. With the Classic Prius, that behavior was obvious. With the HSD models, engine shut off is much sooner... but not always immediately. Remember, higher MPG is not the the only goal.

    The engine was fully warm, outside temp was in the 70s, although it was raining. If your theory is correct, I would have expected that shifting into PARK would have had no effect. Not saying you are not correct, as I myself earlier argued that engine "overhead" and other factors may keep the ICE running, but the persistence of it did seem strange to me.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > If your theory is correct

    It's a fact, straight from the Toyota executives. We had online access with them 6 years ago when the US rollout began. They provided all kinds of background info... like the housekeeping difference you noticed between Park & Drive.

  • Numerous variables affect when the ICE is shut off as I'm sure you're aware. One that most forget is the the temperature of the traction battery. This is one of the factors that is monitored in the algorithm to help your comp. determine if the autostop should be engaged or not. Something to consider. Hope this helps.
  • gampagampa Posts: 78
    Either way... in order for Toyota to fix the problem, you need to advise the service manager in case it is a computer/hardware glitch.
    Ask him to get back to you with an answer... others may have the same situation and he may already have the answer.

  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    During the latest heat wave where we have had 5 days now in the 90s, I have noticed that with the AC on full recirc and trying to cool the car when it is 95 degrees and 90 percent humidity makes the ICE run almost all the time.. The battery drains a lot faster and never really gets back to a full charge. The fuel economy has dropped to about 32.5 avg for the week. In the cooler mornings it is a little higher at about 33.5 so the HEAT definately takes it's toll on the
    TCH fuel economy. I wonder if those that are in those really HOT areas of the country are finding that out too. Any TCH owners in the Texas area experiencing this.
    I should add that the TCH electric AC does manage to cool the car even in the extreme heat except for that annoying rush of hot air when the AC kicks on in recirc mode to blow all the hot air around until it starts to cool.
    Just my observation during this last heat wave.
    WillyBill :P
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    Our two day heat wave had temps up close to 100 and this was the first time I even thought about the AC struggling. Definitely not "blowing ice" as someone had asked, but overall I'm still pleased with its performance in a relatively short time. In my '99 Passat 1.8Turbo, temps over 90 would have taken a good 20 minutes to cool the car down! (Really sucks since I have a 15-20 minute commute!!)

    I haven't noticed much of a hit on the MPG displayed (non-nav) on my short commutes. My tank average hasn't changed much, either. (I am using ECO, despite the heat.) Now, if I did two weeks at this temperature, maybe.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    I wonder if those that are in those really HOT areas of the country

    Here is what you do. I passed a fellow in a Prius out near El Centro CA. It was just over 100 degrees on my thermometer in the truck. He had is arm out the window to keep cool and save on gas by not using the AC. Now that is gungho!
  • gc77584gc77584 Posts: 65
    I wonder if those that are in those really HOT areas of the country are finding that out too. Any TCH owners in the Texas area experiencing this.

    I'm in Houston and I posted this same observance a couple of weeks ago when we had a "cool front" and I had the opportunity to turn the AC off on my drive to work in the morning. My MPG was over 40 those two days but has otherwise been a struggle to get 37-38. If I recall, somebody told me that I must have driven differently, that the absence of AC couldn't have that great of an effect.

    Y'all can tell me all you want that AC doesn't negatively impact MPG but I won't believe it. And yes I do have it on ECO and the temp is set at 77.

    I figure I'll make up the mileage come winter when everyone else is running the heater and all I need is the fan...
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    The fact is, the TCH HSD system WORKS AS DESIGNED. There is nothing wrong.

    Please do not freak on it. It uses a complicated algorithm and does what it is supposed to do.

    This is the 10th year for the HSD system and more than half a million HSD vehicles are on the road.

    They perform like they are supposed to.....
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    Well I wouldn't say I am in a panic over it.. Just an observation. I am still extremely pleased with mileage in the 32-34 range and my AC is set on 70 with eco on. I like it cold!. I pay the price.. simple as that. I'm not about to roll down the windows to keep the economy up. Not that green minded yet!.
    Certainly not complaining. I literally have nothing to complain about with my TCH.. Glad I am one of the few who own one!.
  • ceguyceguy Posts: 11
    I Live in the Las Vegas area. It has been hot (105 to 113) in the days since I have had my TCH. I have only averaged 32/33 mpg city driving. On a trip to Denver driving at 85mph I got 37.5 mph. It would appear that the heat does have a substancial impact on city mileage but not so bad on the highway. I did a short stint localy yesterday early morning with the AC and blower off and the 39 mpg .
  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    i too stay in the las vegas area a couple of weeks every month...and i have found that my mpg has dropped to 36, which is still great...even in So Cal when the temps went up i got 36/37...i usually run the a/c at 76 once cool, then i switch to eco a/c...but the change in mpg was not noticeable...i will be heading back to So Cal on sunday...will make a point to reset display to get a more true mpg
  • ceguyceguy Posts: 11
    OK so the trip from door to door. On the way got 42.7 MPG @ 72 MPH. on the return got 41.5 mpg @ the same. Total was 262 miles each way with the AC on ECO most of the time unless the wife complained it was too warm then turned the ECO off. I was very happy with the results. Only wish I could say the same for the local MPG. Hope to see better local when it cools off.
  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    you got very good mileage...above what they say you can get on the highway...back in CA now...made the trip with the a/c eco on at 70 mph...i got 42.8 mpg...i would love to see what the TCH will do on flat in Florida or local is still in the mid to upper 30's...enjoy
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I had an average of 45 mpg showing on the NAV trip screen for over 300 miles while driving the coast at Nags Head. Mostly 45 mph speedlimits with me staying at 42 or less as much as possible. Long straights with few stops and minor traffic.

    Amazingly when I had to get on the main road with 55mph traffic and some lights I was able to maintain that average.

    I can understand why some are averaging over 40 mpg, but the TCH certainly is geographically challenged for the top FE numbers. Even still, I'm in the rolling hills and mountains of WV and averaging 38.6 mpg over 7400 miles. I couldn't be happier (unless they would juice up the electric motor to 75hp)
  • r_nashr_nash Posts: 33
    I drive mostly freeway miles on gently rolling hills. However, I spend 30 minutes to an hour each evening in stop and go traffic, often at speeds under 15mph. Last night was 90 minutes to go 15 miles... Even so I'm seeing my best mpg on this tank. The dash tank average is reporting 46.2mpg and 562 miles driven so far :surprise:

  • clfrunclfrun Posts: 11
    Out of nowhere, I noticed by 'blue' ring(s) that indicate efficiency come on briefly when I start the car and then go totally off within a second or two and the area becomes black, if you will. I do not remember this happening before. It takes me approximately 7 - 9 miles to see any 'blue' at all. Eventually, it does seem to go back and the 'inside blue' comes on eventually, although I have not reviewed my book to see if what I am seeing is optimum. The real concern is that on the same roads at the same speeds I normally drive between my home and office, the mileage reading has consistently been over the 40 when I shut the car down. The last two trips have been more like 36 - 37, so something seems amiss.

    Any help or advice? I hope I explained this where it can be understood. I guess the bottom line is that my mileage on these trips has suddenly declined 5 - 7 MPG with no known change in driving habits.

    Thank you...CLFRun
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    When did Toyota start requiring a visual brake inspection every 5K miles? I thought it might be because of the hybrid's regenerative system, but I see the regular Camry also recommends it. Did it start when ABS became standard equipment?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    It could be the cold. With the change in weather, running the heater, it needs to warm up, the ICE part, others have posted.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    When did Toyota start requiring a visual brake inspection every 5K miles?

    I'm guessing their American Legal staff recommended that.

    With the Hybrid it actually should be less of an issue as from what I understand is that most of the stopping is not done by the hydraulic braking system.
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