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Toyota Camry Hybrid Engine Problems



  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Talk to the service manager and explain that the situation is unsafe and unacceptable. If he doesn't have some specific steps to identify and fix the problem, ask for information to contact the zone office of Toyota. Next stop NHTSA.

    In light of today's bad press, and good customer service, they ought to provide you with a loaner car while they thoroughly investigate the problem.
  • I went to my local Toyota dealer to diagnose a grinding noise coming from the rear passenger side. The techs said it was the hub & bearing and needed replacement. They wanted 500 for the part and 336 for labor. I must also say I have an 07 Camry Hybrid with 50,000 miles. Autozone has the part for 223 and I want to do the repair myself to save $. Does anyone know where I can find an online "how to" manual so I can do the repair. I am assuming that I will need a torque wrench for the four bolts.
  • Has anybody ever used CNA for extended warranty? - are they legit?

  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    Hi I live n southern calif and there is a group of us that are experiencing the same problems with our toy highlander hybrid ,its the hybrid inverta,have the dealership put it on diagnostic, others and myself are talking lawyer,
  • bbillinbbillin Posts: 11
    I cannot start my Camry hybrid. According to the manual, it is the battery. It has been cold and in the garage. Can you jump start it from the fuse box in front? Or, do you have to jump start the 12V battery in the back? I am in Europe and they said they can start it like the Prius.


    Please help!!
  • I had the same problem, my neighbor came to tell me my lights were on but by the time I got to the garage they had turned off but the starting battery was dead. Apparently the car either though it was still turned on or the automatic lights failed. I manually turn the lights on and off now.

    to answer your question, the starting battery is in the trunk on the right side under a easily removable plastic panel. you can jump start the car like a conventional vehicle. Drive it for 20-30 minutes afterward.
  • pgnycpgnyc Posts: 5
    if your 12v battery is too low or dead, only branch another 12v battery so the computer can be on and open the main battery. any 12v battery will work ( car, drill battery , you put 8 1.5v battery together or else)

    after, the main battery will recharge the 12v , no need to drive if you do not have to, and check if the battery is dead or still good ( can die if it was empty for a while).

    ps: if you use another car to start yours , do not 'start,run' the other car !!!
  • klmcqklmcq Posts: 1
    My car is making a very high pitched whining noise, coming from under the hood. Of course the service departments are closed for the weekend. Anyone know what is causing this?
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    These are troll posts.

    I'm watching a lot of TCH forums, and there are a lot of "new" posters with only 1 or 2 posts in the forums posting a lot of nasty things about TCHs.

    I think someone is conducting an organized smear campaign.

    You can ignore these posts.
  • You don't buy it... why? You sell Toyota Camry's or make them? These are legitimate gripes about the issues associated with Camry Hybrids. You really think people are making up this stuff? Come on got answers post them, you got opinions, tell your wife...Oh, you probably already wore out that we get to hear your opinions...bummer!
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