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New Lexus GS 450h Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • Alex,

    That is the first I heard of people using the A/S. I chose the PS as I was told these were more performance oriented for this type of car. I was just so glad to get rid of the run flats it really did not matter!!!!!! If you get rid of the run flats though you will have to get a spare in the trunk. Lexus (the dealer) provided that free of charge after I told them I was unhappy with the ride of the run flats.

  • Alex,

    I realize that I did not actually answer your question. Yes, I have the same tire size 245/40/18. If I would have known I could have gotten 45's I would have certainly done it to add more meat to the tire and help the ride even more. ...I guess I want a car that rides like an LS 260, but has the power of the 450 h!!!!!!
  • my dad took delievery of his gs 450h in about april. its the dark metallic grey with black interior. within a month of taking deliever i took it to portland international raceway and ran a 14.1 qt/mi @101.1 mph. also i dont beleve it is limited at 130 as displayed in the brochure. Ive had it to 135 and it was still going. its quite a car. quick from lights and with the low pro tires and sport suspension it takes nice twisty mountain roads with ease.
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