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Chevrolet Cavalier Climate Control/AC Issues



  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    DON'T use stop leak, to get it going after that will cost you thousands. Only put in straight 134a or with dye so you can find the leak. The mostly likely place for a Cavalier to leak is the shaft seal on the V-5 compressor.
  • Unfortunately, for ease, you will need to remove the dash.
  • Chris I had the same problem. The cable that is connected to the back side of the control knob is kinked. Take the cover that is located to the right of the gas pedal off and the cover that is just above the break pedal off. You will have to lay on your back to reach the cable. The cable is located behind the knob. It helps to turn the knob back and forth to locate it. Pull the cable up and off of the back of the control knob and straighten it with a pair of pliers and snap back on to the control knob. You may have to follow the cable up to where it connects to the vent control and manualy move the vent control up and down a couple of times to get the cable moving freely. Good luck. It took me about 15 min to complete the repair.
  • My 2000 cavalier is overheating when i have the heat on. IT blows out cold air unless it is on defrost then it still blows out warm air. But it still runs hot. WHat is going on?
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Sounds like your low on coolant. :)
  • My g/f's 03 Cavalier is having a weird ac issue. Air will blow from the passenger vent, floor, and defroster but not from the two middle and driver's side vents. The switch seems to be working fine, because I can hear a little air coming out of the vents. Is there a hose that connects just those 3 vents? :confuse:
  • My Rear Window Defogger is no longer working. Replaced the fuse (even though passed continuity test), the switch LED comes on and there is voltage supplied testing the pins at the back of the connector when the button is pushed. There are a purple and black wire coming out of the connector that backprobe fine about an inch or so but the purple one does not test continuous from one end to the positive window terminal. My Haynes manual doesn't show the wiring for the rear defogger so I'm wondering if there is a fusible link somewhere or a relay or something I should be looking at, or even where the heck this purple wire is routed to in the car. Any help?
  • I have the same problem, and I guess the same Haynes manuala s post 29. Wondering if anyone knows something about it.
  • I have a 1999 cavalier. the air conditioner is just blowing hot air. the thing is the compressor isn't kicking in. I think it is just a fuse. I've checked the fuses in the dash no problem there. Is there another fuse for the air conditioner that I can check before I go broke paying a mechanic. also I had a circuit board replaced (i think) but before it was replaced the air worked perfectly (it would freeze you out of the car. wanted to add that just in case.
    any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Could be low on 134a, circuit board is not much to go on.
  • k_erink_erin Posts: 5
    It could very well be a compressor problem. I have a 91 Chevy Cavalier RS 2.2 ltr, automatic. It did the same thing from the time I got it in 2001. It just recently stopped working altogether and we took it in to the mechanic today and he called this afternoon and said the compressor was leaking all over the place, so it could very well be a problem with a weak/sluggish compressor.
  • k_erink_erin Posts: 5
    I have a 91 Chevy Cavalier RS (2.2 ltr, 4-cyl, automatic). We had to take it in today to have the a/c repaired. We live in Northeast Texas. Does anyone have any idea of what fair labor costs should be?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    no easy answer. The AC system has a lot of components and repairs could range from $150 to $1,500. If your compressor seized while driving, you can count on big bucks. If the AC just went warm one day, you might get lucky and only have a leak.
  • k_erink_erin Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply. We actually got the car back today and it came to a grand total of $791.82, parts and labor. They replaced the compressor, dryer, orifice filter, vaccuum, and replaced freon oil, and recharged with 2 cans of freon. We also had them replace the spark plugs while they were working on it because the head had busted not long ago and the mechanic failed to replace all of the spark plugs. All in all, it wasn't too bad.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    Sounds like a very fair price for all that work. If the compressor seizes, that send debris throughout the system and that requires replacing even more than you had done. But I think you got a good deal if it was done competently.
  • gpuck16gpuck16 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Cavalier is acting up. Air will blow from the passenger vent, floor, and defroster but not from the two middle and driver's side vents. This seems to be intermittent because the vents worked a week ago and now they have stopped. Any suggestions? The AC blows cool air from all the other vents. :confuse:
  • rain7rain7 Posts: 1
    my a/c just started blowing hot then she get cold then hot my mechanic put a module in it now my air speed is working better but she started hot and cold then just hot. my mechanic went under the hood and jiggled some wires and i heard the click and then cold air came out for about two days i went under the hood moved that white clip with wires attached to it and she went click got cold air for two days now playing with that white clip with wires don't work anymore, it already cost 173.00 for that module and labor nothing for taken it back of course, sooooooo am i looking at a compressor or can those wires be replaced
    it's "97" 2.4LS twin cam
  • I have a 97 Cavalier. The A/C goes in and out. I don't know what to do. I know that it its not the blower motor or the switch bc those both have recently been changed. Um, I think it maybe an electrically problem but i don't know where to start. Please Help, I need some air...
  • I have a 92 Cavalier RS 2.2 with about 92,000. Air comes out of the vents only, no heater seeting, deforst setting or "mix" setting. Also, the compressor isnt kicking on when the A/C button is depressed or it's on defrost. Any hints? :confuse:
  • A loud clicking sound started on the passenger side of my 2005 Cavalier. I traced it to the blower motor in the car. I was told that there is probably a leaf or stick in there (which I believe to be true). Does anyone know how to take that out? It is not obvious to me.

    Thank you,
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