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Chevrolet Cavalier Climate Control/AC Issues



  • shadow48shadow48 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 cavalier that is getting no power to the coil in the blower motor relay. I know all the numbers and letters pertaining to the heat/air control panel wiring and such, but unfortunately dont have it in front of me...I have power from the fuse to the relay port, i have a ground to the relay coil in that port...i can put a jumper wire from the fuse side in that relay port, to the blower motor (orange wire) in that port an the blower motor will work on all speeds...I NEED TO KNOW what triggers that positive side of the relay coil. I have changed the whole control assembly...i wished i had better schematics than what the Haynes manual gives because it is not the same wiring schematic or control panel thats in my car...PLUS i put a jumper in the relay port on the signal wire to the coil and cannot get continuity on any wires back at the control head...I DO have power at the control head with the key ON...Any ideas, gotta be simple, i just dont have the correct schematics...
  • htbf1964htbf1964 Posts: 1
    if your system is empty (0psi) in system then do a standing pressure test with nitrogen to 150psi. let it stand for 2 hours minimum 4 hours is what id do. if u lose pressure u have a leak. standard microbubble leak solution is needed on a/c systems to find leaks of 2oz/year. if you do have a leak and have it located u can then find your solution. cars do lose refrigerant thru the compressor seal but it should be at a rate no more than 4oz a year. if you dont have a leak pull a vacuum to hold at 1000 microns and recharge system. dont let refrigerants in a system that does not have a vacuum pulled.
  • I have a 1997 Chevy Cavalier. Recently, the passenger floor, both the front and the back, becomes very wet when I run the air conditioning. I suspect the issue is a blocked condensate drain. Where is the condensate drain located on the 97 Cav and what is the best way to clear out the debris? If you can be specific as possible and/or include pictures, I would really appreciate it. I'm not a car genius and would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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