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Chevy Aveo New Owner Reports!

I'm super excited, I just picked up my victory red Aveo hatch last night. It should make my 25 mile commute a little easier on the wallet.


  • I was just courious if it is a 5-speed or autobox. :confuse:
    Oh, by the way does anyone know when the 2006's officially come out?
  • It's a 5-speed. I'm cheap, plus 5-speeds are more fun and it has a little more pep. Now I need to teach the wife how to drive it.

    As far as the 2006, you can build one on the chevy website, but when you try and locate one any zip code I use there isn't one within 100 miles. So who knows when it will arrive on the lots.
  • :) I just bought a 2006 Aveo 5-door LT in Aqua this past weekend. I love it.

    Any idea how much it would cost to get the fog lamps installed now? I'd like to have the controller on the headlamp stick, if possible.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    That is a neat color. I am not sure about the prices but I would expect it to cost at least $200. The lights themselves can be purchased from the dealer but at a higher price. If you are serious you can find lights that fit the covered holes in air dam at a better price. This can probably be done for under $75 and can be hooked up by a good do-it-yourselfer. I am not aware of any separate controls for on the stalk for driving lights, but I am sure they can be wired to come on with the headlights. Normally there is a separate switch on the dashboard for driving lights. You may see if you can get your car salesman to help you on a price if thats the way you want to go.
  • The color is very cool. I can't follow anyone now, though, LOL. If someone jumps in and says, "Follow that car!", I'll be seen a mile away!
  • :)
    I bought my aveo about a month ago and So far have loved nearly everything about it.
    I have a 2006, LT hatchback, with automatic trans, and i believe nearly every option available. I figured i could go all out with the aveo for near the same price as the most basic of the basic cobalts. I think i made the better choice.

    -Extremely Spacious on the Inside, tons bigger than you'd think
    -MP3 CD player(standard on the LT) is very convenient
    - rear seats fold up to nearly tripple cargo space
    - the alloy wheels are attractive and not gaudy, i tend to be extreamly picky about apperance mods, and these are not overwhelming and yet still incredibly stylish
    - Sunroof is very fun
    - tilt steering wheel makes it convenient for myself and my boyfriend to drive comfortably
    - Economical--- maxxed out, cost less than the most basic cobalt. I went the dealership to purchase a 2001 VW Beetle, which i had been swooning over, but the brand new aveo actually ended up costing considerably less with warranty, interest rates, and mileage considered.
    -Very low interest rate... GM standard rate on this Car, for qualified is as low as 1.9% for up to 3 years. I did 5 years and it only bumped it up to 3.9%.. I'm also 20, and have never bought a car before.
    -Rear window Wind sheild wiper is very convient
    -I can park nearly anywhere, bear in mind I've been a bit anal about where i park because i just got it, but it generally takes up about half a parking space(i can litterally parallel park by pulling straight in, no backing up or anything)
    -Cruise Control- I have never owned a car with the feature before, but i will never buy another that doesnthave it. This makes driving so much more convient and comfortable. Also, the car has a feature so you can pretty much control the cruising speeeding completely from the cruise controls simply by holding the button down or tapping it a few times to accelerate or deselerate, this is extreamly conveint and one of my most favorite things about the car
    -it chirps!- when you lock the doors it chirps, rather than just honking the horn, it makes a very distinct sound that was described to me by a co-worker as 'sounds like someone stepped on a rat'... but i adore it! Also, it will not churp if all the doors are not shut properly and therefor informs you the security system is not armed
    -Its cute and very funy to drive... I'm constantly asked 'what kind of car is that... ive never seen that before... or Is that a European car?'
    - my dealership has been incredibly helpful and I've probably called them once every 3 days since I've bought it and they have answered every question friendly and confiedently.

    -No armrest! - I'm not sure if this was an option, but becuase it lacks a center console, or armrests it can be a little uncomfortable on extended drives. I feel awkward without somewhere to put my arm.
    -Milelage - Sticker said 24-35. I drive to school 4 days a week 15 miles round trip. Work 4 days a week 17 miles round trip. Majority of which is highway milelage with minimal redlights or slow downs. I average about 27 MPG, which is considerably lower than I exspected. However... it could be attributed to the fact that most of my trips last less than 10 miles at a time and actually starting the car requires a great amount of gas. After my 3 months oilchange, and the intial break in of course, i will be a bit disapointed if this doesnt improve.
    -Keyless Entry Range- Range for the Remote is about 20 feet... this completely eliminates opening the car from inside the house so you dont have to take this with you at 1am when you need to go get your anatomy book.
    Doors- You have to make an effort to close the door. I beleive this is because they are so light weight. With my cavalier when you barely pushed the door it would close tight wihtout a problem. I have to make sure i put enough force behind closing the door. This could be with alot of the new Chevys, because I've noticed my dad's new HHR is the same way.
    -Not sirius Ready- I am extreamly addicted to Sirius for various reasons and am dissapointed that its not Sirius ready. I think that GM has a contract with XM, but i dont even think its XM ready as a matter of fact. Even though the add on tuner is $300, i would have gladly paid it to have to ability to not have to have a seperate unit to clutter up the dash. I did price adding a aftermarker cd player, tuner, and all the parts peices, and labor required to keep the warranty and make sure all the chimes and alarms and such work, and for a $200 jvc stero is was something along the lines of $500. I really do not want to do anything invasive to it yet, but i absolutly hate having anything on the dash.

    Overall---- I adore my aveo. I would recommend it to anyone. The most difficult thing i've noticed so far is actually trying to explain what the car is without seeing it... best i can come up with is 'kinda like a ford focus hatchback, kinda like a tiny tiny tiny mini van, or a squished up toyota matrix. I plan to keep mine for at least the next 4 years and possible longer than than depending on how she treats me. :)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes, the Aveo does have a European background being that it was designed in Italy, and there are several cars in Europe that have the Aveo look.

    There were a couple owners that purchased arm rests a few months back. I believe there are some website links somewhere on this forum. You could try a search engine and you should find several Aveo accessories.

    Mileage should improve with miles driven. I have heard of as much as 41 on the highway for some drivers.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Your mileage probably will not change much unless you change your driving habits.

    The trips you are taking are hard on any car, 7.5 miles on way, 9 miles one way (though not as hard as if it was constant stop and go and hard acceleration). Until the car reaches operating temperature, guage in the middle, the engine controls are not in closed loop operation which is where it gets the best fuel economy. In open loop operation most cars only get 60-70% of the ideal fuel economy ratings.

    I would suggest you follow the severe duty maintenance schedule in the owners manual if you want the car to last with the fewest problems due to your driving habits.
    As it typically takes 4 miles of highway driving to reach full operating temperature, your car is never really getting much past the warm up period. This is very hard on both the oil, engine, and exhaust system. The condensation does not have time to burn off in the oil in the crankcase or out the exhaust pipe.
  • bastidbastid Posts: 9
    I just read your messageof March 12 2006 at Emunds, and since you have explained everything in details about the Aveo LT 2006 you purchased , and since I intend to buy one just like yours, I would like to know, if possible, how much did you pay for it. This message I am sending, is almost a month after you placed yours. Anything negative about the car, so far?. I am in NJ. USA
    Thanks,your help would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • only negative thing is still the poor gas mileage... and of course the nitpicky things i mentioned earlier.

    i believe mine was something like 15900, but i didn't negotiate on price and im pretty sure i overpayed. But considering i got every option available, sunroof, premium sound, everything.... i still dont think its an unfair price for the car.
    i'll have to check my paperwork though cause i could be off. I did get the 3.9% interest rate and my payments are about $250 a month for 5 years. I put down $2000.
  • peddiss96peddiss96 Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    This is my first post to this forum, but I've been following your discussions lately and wanted to give my first impressions of my new 06 Aveo.

    I've had it about a week, just broke the 500 mile mark. I wanted a black, manual, svm. I was only able to find one so I didn't haggle on the price. 9800 plus 1500 for dealer installed ar conditioning. Zero for 72 months financing put my payments at 160. I can deal with that for a brand new car.

    The ride is very good for a small car.
    The hatch is surprisingly roomy.
    My fuel economy averaged 31 mpg for my first tank.
    Clutch is easy to modulate.
    Seating position is very high, making it very easy to get in and out.
    Love how the rear seats fold up to the front.

    Gas cap on the wrong side (but probably correct for right hand drive versions sold elsewhere in the world).
    Driver's seat uncomfortable. I feel like I'm sliding off the front.
    Not much power.
    Audio system is terrible.
    Pop out cup holder is worthless. The passenger's side is too small, and my shin rests right against the left side, it will not last long.
    Needs a taller 5th gear. Engine really revs at 70 mph.

    Overall I am very impressed with this car. I was extremely close to getting a Honda Fit, but I have not been able to find a black sport version with a manual transmission. I realized that after financing a fit for 60 months, I would have paid about 18000 for it, that's with approximate interest paid. That is significantly more than I will pay out for the Aveo, almost double. I had to ask myself, is the Fit really twice as good as the Aveo? No, it's not.

    The Aveo is a great car, and so far I have recommended it. Time will tell how it holds up.
  • Bought my KEY LIME GREEN Aveo last August right off the lot. Loved the color, thats what made up my mind. IT's an automatic 4dr hatchback with AC. Hubby tinted the windows, :shades: and installed cruise control!!!!! I really love the look now. Paid 13,268.00 tax title and license. With no trade in. Salesman was a doll and still is when I stop in. Parts people not so good. This car has the black strips on the rear doors by windows which started to pucker back in May of this year, I went to dealership was told they are under warranty and they would be ordered. Well it's August and I finally get to have them put them on tomorrow. Although the body guy that has to do it has no idea how long it will take.

    Also curious if anyone else notices at low speeds a vibration in the front end? Clock loses time also for no reason what so ever will bring that up tomorrow when I bring the car in. I am sure they will love me. :P
  • Hi everyone, great to find this forum!

    I just picked up an icelandic blue hatchback svm.

    45 miles on it when I bought it.

    got a fair deal for my situation.

    My payment is high, but It hasnt tarnished how much I like ,my little car.

    No major issues to speak of...its been plug and play since day one.

    The fit / finnish and performance of this little guy is far and beyond the new cavalier I bought in 1997.

    Some minor things....

    one thing I'm wondering if anyone else hears this

    In the morning, just after startup while idling in the driveway.....something from the rear of the car knocks lightly and intermittently.
    Not a major sound, just something I notice and cant think of what the source could be.

    It goes away after a minute or two.

    So far I havent worried about it.

    Thats being nitpicky I really love my little car.

    I agrea with the above mentioned pro's and con's..

    As for the seat, try the adjustment wheel on the lower right side of the seatbottom.

    I agree the stock stereo, is lacking treble.

    great bass, but the highs are missing.

    I got a great solution the the AM/FM blues, for 40 bucks:

    get an fm transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter (walmart stereo section-30bucks)
    get a 256k usb memory stick 10 bucks at office max,
    and drag all the mp3s you can onto it from your pc and plug it into the transmitter....!

    Not the greatest sound, but better than nothing.

    my gas mileage has been 30 mpg combined,
    or roughly 312 per tankfull.

    I just passed the first 1,000 mi. today

    What RPM does everybody shift there aveo at?

    My car pulls up healthily to 4k rpm, so I usually push the clutch in there.

    Sometimes I let the car cruise along at low rpm's....(love how the thing will pull, even from down low)
    if traffic is slow.

    I agree on the overdrive being a bit steep.
    maybe 3k is the engines most efficient cruise rpm??
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Wow you got a loaded one! Damn! Just thought I'd let you know IF you want am arm rest..and i miss having one as well...EBay has them for sale from 2 different sellers. They just slip into screws or anything. And I assume they are cheaper than from the dealer. They are like $80 and $99. So far I have resisted..just dont have the free cash right now. but have all the toys! Play with them!!!! And I hate the lack of Sirius as well. I have my Sirius portable plugged in and all the antenna wires all over the inside of the car. Looks like a spider web! I have to buy a Sirius radio to replace the factory radio.
  • I picked up my Medium Gray '06 LS hatch almost one month ago. I didn't negotiate on the price (I had no downpayment) and paid a little over $17k with an extended warrenty. More importantly I am paying only $250 a month for 6 years with 0% interest. Chevy was running a special deal at the time of my purchase. My wife and I hadn't planned on purchasing a new car as we had purchased a new car last year in September. But our other, older car finally gave out on us. I'm glad I'm in an '06 model. The interior and suspension are upgraded and the car seems a little more upscale than the years before.

    I live in Austin, TX and the tiny engine doesn't seem to be too much of a problem in the hills. I just make sure I'm in the right lane when climbing. The car has more than enough torque off the line to keep you from getting run over by overzelous SUV drivers at traffic lights. The car really shines in city traffic. It's skinny enough to fit through tight spaces and the height gives you a good view of everything going on around you. The steering is responsive with good feedback and feels like something you'd expect in a Nissan, not a Daewoo. My only concern is the suspension which deals with small bumps and hops well enough but crashes hard when you get into some rough pavement. The shocks and bushings feel like they will need replacement sooner than normal. :( At first I thought the brakes were wimpy but after the initial break-in they stop very well with good pedal feel. This is one of the few "budget" cars that has really good brake pedal feedback.

    My wife convinced me to step up to an automatic model when we purchased the car. Once you get used to the electronic throttle (new for the '06), it's not a problem to ask the car to drop gears when you need. At first I was afriad to use the "hold" button, which forces the car into 3rd gear, but now I don't know how I would live without it. It allows me to keep the car from overreving when I hit a really nasty hill. I've already put over 3k miles on the car and gas mileage is pretty good. I'm averaging 35 mpg with a combination of city and highway driving.

    The interior, as I stated above, is very nice. The '06 models are nearing Mazda and Nissan quality. Everything closes firm and the seats are firm but comfortable. I suffer from back problems due to a recent fall but I have no problems with 3 hour + drives in this car. The hatch has lots of space once the seats are folded down. Though the trunk is a little on the small side when they are up, it's more than enough to bring home a full shopping list of groceries. Seating space in the back seats is decent even when the front seats are pushed all the way back, as long as they aren't reclined too much. The LS models come equpied with a CD/MP3 player and a decent sound system that leaves me with no desire to upgrade. The steering wheel is the perfect size and allows for 9 and 3 hand positioning for good car control. The car does lack a center console/center arm rest but I honestly don't notice. I usually drive with both hands on the steering wheel (as you should). There is only one real cup holder that is located behind the hand brake. A popout cut holder rack is located below the climate controls. It's pretty flimsy and gets in the way of the gear shift but it's more than enough for a cup of hot coffee or a can of Red Bull. Everything is bathed in a light black with a Suzuki Areo inspired dash board. I happen to like the dash on the Areo so this is a good thing.

    The car's exterior looks sharp. It has a european flair that many people seem to appreciate once they get past the fact that it's an Aveo. I have removed the front "bowtie" and chrome piece on the grill. What's left is a black mesche grill that really compliments the front of the car. The back of the car (hatch) matches with the lines and contours of the front. I've noticed a strange trend of recent cars with drastically different fronts and rears. It's as if two different cars were stuck together (look at the Nissan Versa and just about everything in Pontiac's lineup). Thankfully the Aveo doesn't suffer from this. The alloy rims are a conservative but unboring 5 spoke design that's a throw back to the late '90s cars. The LS models come equiped with a spoiler that's tasteful and functional. I've test driven with and without and the spoiler on the Aveo seems to keep it from "hunting" in the wind. There is one glaring fault with the exterior and that is that the metal is very thin. It's to be expected in a budget sub-compact but you have to rethink your parking habits. A light tap from another car's door or even a small object falling from a tree will leave you with a permenent, unsightly dent.

    I'm very happy with the car so far. Overall, the car is a good value and GM seems to be improving the Aveo slightly as the years go by. It looks good (especially with that Chevy grill removed) and is peppy enough to keep you alive in traffic. The gas mileage seems to very between owners but in my case it's pretty good. The interior will keep you happy on long drives or short commutes. The size will make you grin when you have to parallel park. Aftermarket support is almost non-existant but KYB promises struts and shocks sometime this year and there are already a few quality spring sets avalible. Here's to hoping it ages well while I pay it off. Cheers.
  • I have not seen any post on this car in the winter wether. i am thinking of getting an 07 which willbe redesigned. hows driving this car on slick ice and snow?
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    since i have never had the lovely experience of driving in snow or ice. I dont know. But it is a light weight front wheel drive car. will behave like that. It doesnt have traction control or all those expensive drivetrain extras. I would assume being a light car with front wheel drive.As long as you dont drive crazy,you would be as safe as in any other small front wheel drive car in snow. All cars have to be a lot more careful in snow and ice. No matter how much of a 'high tech' drivetrain they have. Ice will make a 4 wheel drive,traction control,anti skid loaded car, slide all over,or get stuck in snow,sooner or later,it just has to be deeper! Right :confuse:
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    this is coming from a friend of mine, that still lives in Quebec, Canada (where they MAKE the snow ;) ) she has an aveo 06 sedan and she said it does just fine in the snow, no problem whatsoever, but she also add that she is using good new winter tires, not 4 seasons ones.
  • As someone who did extensive research, comparing, and test driving of similar small vehicles [Honda Fit, Toyota Matrix/Yaris, Scion XA], I am writing in hopes that yet another positive review of the Aveo LT Hatchback will encourage those blinded by the fantastic marketing ploys of Honda, Nissan and Toyota to look elsewhere. Prior to the recent purchase of my 2006 Aveo, I owned a 2004 Subaru Outback that was plagued with an unidentifiable noise that could not be fixed and/or diagnosed. Although I attempted to go the Lemon route, I ultimately decided that it was not worth the effort beings I work with attorneys and understand how long litigation can play out. In any event, I am not one bit sorry that the Subaru is now a distant memory. My Aveo came fully loaded just as the writer above and for the price the Honda Fit and Scion XA just did not compare. Although the Fit was adorable, it did not offer a sunroof or floor mats [shame on Honda] and when you couple that with the mark-up that the dealers are charging in So.Cal., it just was not worth it. Then you have the Scion, which just looked cheap all the way around [shame on Toyota]. The only thing both could boast was a bit better gas mileage. Oh and don't get me wrong I have owned in the past Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen and Chevy. On my first tank in the Aveo we calculated 25 mph city driving, which makes me jump for joy beings my 4 cylinder/5 speed Subaru only got 19 mph city -- what a joke. With gas prices going up, up and up, I think it only makes sense to go small no matter what car manufacturer you chose. Anyway, without going on and on I just want to say kuddos to Chevrolet for making a product that did not insult those who could not afford more, as well as those who just wanted more for less. I am a 40 something woman who knows and appreciates quality and felt that overall for the price the Aveo was surely the better buy. Remember all manufacturers are capable of making a lemon or two so do not be fooled by those individuals who have had bad experiences with a certain brand of vehicle -- every manufacturer is capable of producing a lemon or two. :)
  • congrats on your purchase!

    I am also comparing, doing extensive research and test driving cars in the same segment.

    if you dont mind, i'd like to ask, how was the yaris compare the aveo?

    do you find you have enough room in the aveo?

    I drove a 2006 LS auto tranny, a little while back and i was impressed! very comfortable and QUIET!

    I have to confess, I am looking at the Suzuki products too mainly because of the 7 yrs/100.000 warranty and the free tires and batteries.
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