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Chevy Aveo New Owner Reports!



  • Thank you.

    I actually went to a Toyota dealership and looked at the only Yaris hatchback that I could find. Although I loved the concept and design, unfortunately my needs were 4 doors as opposed to 2, as well as rear seats that would fold completely flat. I show dogs and need to have a flat solid surface for dog crates. Had the Yaris offered those two features, I would have probably bought one.

    Prior to purchasing my Aveo I actually did two different test drives to ensure that: (1) it had enough get up and go on the freeway; (2) strong air conditioning; (3) comfort; (4) and last but not least enough room with the rear sets folded to hold all my dog stuff. Overall, I was very impressed with the design and huge amount of room for cargo. Go to a dealership and have them fold the seats up for you and you will be amazed. Someone submitted a picture on this site of a mountain bike in the back of an Aveo.

    I also was considering the Suzuki Aero, but unfortunately could not find one at any of the dealerships to look at, which were also far and few in between. I forgot to mention in my earlier writing that my husband owned a Suzuki Samuri early in our marriage and although the little car had no guts, it was absolutely the best with regards to maintenance and reliability. My sister also owned the same car, which she loved until it was totalled by an ambulance hitting her -- go figure.

    With regards to warranty, although it is nice that a manufacturer offers such a long one, remember that you can always purchase separately an extended one from the dealership. Although the Chevy dealership offered me one initially to 75,000 at a cost of $800.00, they could not beat my credit union whose warranty is to a 100,000 for $600.00. Because I currently have and had used the one from my credit union on our Silverado truck, I did hesitate to purchase another.

    The bottom line is to go with the car that fits your needs and taste. For me that was the Aveo. Good luck!!!!!! :) :)
  • thank you for your reply!

    I have to admit, the yaris looks really cute! but like you, i'd prefer 4 doors, i also have 2 dogs, (big Labs-95 lbs--not sure they will fit in an aveo... :P )
    i already drove one, and i really liked it. I also like the fact taht the seats flip flop, giving more room and a flat floor.
    the aveo, IMO, offers a lot for the price and gets excellent gas mileage (important for me)and i love the color choice too!! ;)

    i did not think about the extended warranty...will look into it when purchase time comes, see if it is worth it.

    I am in the same situation for the suzuki dealers, in fact most dealerships are at least 50+ miles away...except the Chevy ones, I have 3 to choose from in a 25 miles radius.
    i live in a VERY rural area and having a dealership within a short drive is sure a plus.

    I also check with my insurance company and the lowest cost was the Yaris at 54$/mth and the suzuki Reno was the most expensive one at 76$/mth...the aveo was 63$/mth.

    when i started shopping for a car a few months ago, the pontiac vibe was my 1st choice but i wanted to see othere cars because the vibe was a little bit too expensive so entered the aveo!! even after comparing the scions, the yaris, the rio5 and the reno, i keep going back the aveo.
    I will take a look at the new suzuki sx4 and see from there.
  • I also looked at the Pontiac Vibe, but I could not put my finger on what I did not like about it. My other dislike was Pontiac's 3 year/36,000 warranty on the drivetrain -- that just amazes me in this day and age. Almost all manufacturers are giving 5 year/50,000 or 60,000 warranties if not more.

    If you are in a rural area, I would suggest that you purchase from a dealership close by. I live in a semi-rural city that not only has a Chevy dealer, but has BMW, Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, and a CarMax. In So.Cal. there are car dealerships everywhere. The odd thing is that Suzuki is not one of them. In case of breakdown it is so much more convenient to have a dealer close by.

    You are in the same position that I was in that no matter what you looked at you kept coming back to the Aveo. What colors was your dealership offering. Mine is a color called Maui Blue that was not offered on the Chevy website. The color actually turned out to be pretty nice and looks good on the car. I also loved the yellow. Actually, all of the colors that they offer for the Aveo were nice. I also appreciate that the paint on the car seems to be of good quality like our truck. I have read complaints from people that who the Honda Fit about paint peeling off of the bumper. That did not sit well with me.

    Let me know what you decide.
  • i agree with you, chevy did a very good job with the color choice, they are all pretty nice.
    the aveo comes in 11 colors and that is the best choice in the category! :)
    that is something that bothers me with the colors really does it for me, same with the yaris and versa.
    I am really tempted with the spicy orange and the icelandic blue is nice too, not a gray or a blue but like in between. there is not really any color that would keep me from getting one but the yellow would be my least favorite... :surprise:
    already had a yellow geo metro convertible in the past... ;)
    someone in town(ok " the village"...LOL) owns the sporty red,( a deep darker shade of red) and it looks NICE! gives the aveo some kind of a classy feel to it.

    we also own a chevy truck, an "ol chevy s-10( i think it is a 1990) with over 225.000 miles on it and it works perfectly! ok, it doesn't go very fast but it has been a very reliable truck.
  • I love the darker red color. The problem in my area was that the only colors that the dealers seemed to have with the sunroof was the Maui Blue and Yellow. My husband did not like the yellow at all and you know the funny thing is that I am starting to see more and more yellow cars this year. Prior to seeing the Aveo in yellow I thought it was a hideous color. Kinda funny how your opinions change.

    Wow, that is a great mileage testiment on the Chevy s-10. That was what my dad owned and had it not been for it being totalled in a freak accident, I bet my dad would still be driving it. My parents now have a Malibu, which has also been a great car.

    Whatever color you decide to go with will be fine. Be sure and write back once you get your car. :)
  • you can bet I will post when I buy!!

    i am getting really impatient!
    I have to wait to buy until I get my american SSN ( and a job!! LOL). I am a french canadian, married to an american and going through all the paperwork now so I gotta wait... : but I should be driving a new car around xmas!!
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    My husband and I were looking for a third run-a-round car. One we can bring our dog in and I can commute back and forth to work in-checked out a lot of smaller cars. We were definitely looking for something great on gas. This car fit the bill. 4 doors, great heat and a/c, 34 MPG, with a great price to go along wth it! Actually just got rid of a Honda CR-V and the ride and noise level in this car and that are the same. Great product for the money. We look forward to taking care of it and keeping it for a long while. Will definitely consider snow tires for the snow (if we ever get any this year in NJ!).
    Good Luck to all of your new owners as well!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Makes perfect sense as a third car.

    Here's a review that talks about buying "half the car you can afford" instead of going crazy:

    Please note that the reviewer is wrong about the Aveo not providing head protecting side airbags. The airbags in the Aveo's seat are, in fact, the type that provide head as well as torso protection - but only for the front seat occupants. You can confirm this for yourself at the NHTSA website at if you look up the test results for the Aveo. (Most curtain style head-only protecting airbags protect both rows of occupants these days.)
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    hi I have a 2006 hatch,I also notice a vibration in the brakes on the left side,Also the steering seems to be out,The steering wheel seems to be leaning to the left,Also when braking the car seems to pull to the left,let me know what you find out.
  • hi. i test drove both the yaris hatch and the aveo. i found the aveo more fun to drive (zippy!) but i liked the overall design of the yaris better. i just purchased the aveo 2 days ago. being as i had family help with financing, i was rather at the mercy of those w/ the money, but i have to say i was SO against this car from the get go--and then i test drove it... loved it....bought it. i am now owner of a "cherry red" hatchback (no frills, just a/c and cd player).

    i truly believed and thought i'd hate this car when i was basically told i was going to have one (i got very depressed about it, i admit it), but now i can't help but adore it. believe me, i have tried to dislike it, but i can't. it's difficult coming from a larger vehicle to this one, but it's so much fun to drive!

    my only advice would be if someone reading this were to strongly consider purchasing one, is: GET ALL THE OPTIONS because there are not many and also, the no-electric locks on the doors are already a pain to maneuver (i guess i've been spoiled by past vehicles where i've had them.)

    NOW, let me also say, as i said earlier, i am coming down from a pontiac SUV to this little aveo. i am a musician - i have not alot, but a decent amount of stuff to haul with me when i play (an amp, mic stand, suitcase of equipment and guitar). i've not had a problem thus far w/ this - my stuff fits in this car, no problem. HOWEVER, i also must reiterate, it's only ME and i'm not hauling people in addition to my stuff.

    having said this, allow me to paint a picture while pointing out a difficulty w/ the aveo (and this might be with many subcompacts - i do not know if it is model specific to the aveo). i signed papers on this little car in the midst of a blizzard. (you may laugh now lol) the only problem i foresee for me is the fact the defrost system only defrosts up to mid way from the vents, up to the top of the windshield. once it hits 1/2 way, forget about it! now, if you're nostalgic, you might be right at home with the whole "peering through a hole in the ice" thing, but i don't care much for it. ;)

    also, i am having issues w/ no defog/defrost making it to the passenger windows, which makes it really bad because you can't stop and roll them down and up by hand when you're in the midst of driving (without pulling over to do it). even with the blower on "5" (high) it is not doing the trick. that's really the only problem i have had thus far.

    i wish chevy would have made the aveo a little sportier to compete w/ the yaris.

    all in all, i'd give it a 7.85 on a scale of 1 to 10, counting it off for "no apparent style" (exterior) and the defrost thing. i also do not get the cheapo cup holders either...but then realize you're getting a budget car, so go fig.

    i'd recommend one of these to anyone who lives somewhere where it's 35 degrees and up. lol
  • please see previous message -
    2007 red hatch
    cd/mp3/aux jack

  • paco3paco3 Posts: 4
    I bought a new '07 Aveo back in January. I've never owned a car this small and I absolutely love this car :) This car is a big step down for me. I also have a Ford F250 and commuting in that truck just didn't cut it for me. I'm getting about 31mpg in the Aveo as opposed to 11mpg in my F250. I live in Northern Michigan and the car handled the harsh winter here with no problems, snow and all. Ofcourse it is parked in a heated garage, but handling in snow and ice was impressive. It is a base model with no frills. Not even a cd player! My only gripe is the rear wiper. It sucks when you have to use it to wash the rear window.
  • paco3paco3 Posts: 4
    How do I start a new topic? I wanted my previous message as a new topic, but ended up in 'new owner reports'. Thanx.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    I moved your post to the current topic for Aveo modifications.

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  • veloraidveloraid Posts: 5
    I've been following the forum for the past few months and finally took the plunge and bought a 2006 Suzuki Swift + demo, 5 speed (exactly the same as the Aveo 5; I'm writing from Canada, not sure if the Swift is available in the U.S. yet). I've liked the styling since it came out. I have a 91 Honda Civic hatch which is still in great shape and goes like hell but is getting harder and harder to get in and out of due to the fact that it's so low. so I treated myself to the swift for my 50th birthday. Everything's great except the gas mileage. I wasn't expecting mileage like the Yaris and yes, I do almost exclusively city driving but Christ, the mileage is absolutely in the toilet, so much so that I'll probably be forced to sell it. Good thing I kept my Honda. I'm using 13 litres per 100 km which if I've done my calculations properly is only about 18-20 mpg. The dealer tells me nobody else complains and there's nothing wrong with my car. Anybody else seeing these kinds of numbers? :(
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    My 06 aveo gets exaclty 27 miles per gallon city,hi way i get about 30
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I am in Dallas the way I am getting about 27-30 around town now and 35-37 on the highway my mileage dropped and I put some RXP gas additive in the take and ran it all out and then filled up a new take and my mileage has gone back is that darn gas-ahol or what ever they call it this time around it doesnt burn like gas and you get 10-30% lower mileage on it and it causes carbon deposits on the fuel injectors which makes things worse......try the rxp though it helped me.......
  • Hi, just bought a new Aveo 2007, any vibration problems to report? So far I have a strong vibration on the head rest when the car is idling (stopped at a traffic light for ex.) when I have the AC on, when I turn it off it's virtually gone, but there is still a very slight vibration. Also the AC motor seems to be pretty noisy. Also, when I'm driving over 60 mph I feel a slight vibration on the accelerator pedal, and the car generally doesn't feel smooth on the road. Didn't bring it in yet, I wanted to get educated on this a bit before going and getting the run-around. Have the issues about vibrations from the previous model been resolved? Does anyone else have a similar situation with their 2007 Aveo? Thanks,
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I had a vibration on my 2006 while driving but not what you are having,Around 50 to 80 km i felt a vibration driving in the front,I changed my tires to a performnace tire and she drives smooth now,So far i found that pavement has issues with the car,It will pickup more bumps than a normal car will,Feels like a go cart when i drive the car,Quick accurate steering and that is what i like.
  • hi, you feel the vibration on the steering wheel and gas pedal right? I commute an hour one way to work and I noticed that too though not as pronounced as the AC motor thing. First day I drove it I was really impressed.
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