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Dodge Durango Overheating Problems



  • Ok cool Im glad it's not the head gaskets! That starts to get very expensive. I just replaced mine with the factory replacement from autozone. As much as I didn't want to. I wanted a 3 wall but I had a hard time trying to find one local to my folks house in Ga. I live in red lion Pa and work as a auto mechanic and I know where to get the parts I need up here and had that been the case I would have gotten what I wanted. Quick way to find out if you rad is not cooling or has blockages I. It is to get the truck normal operating tempature and if you can get your hands on a laser temp gun test different areas around the rad to see how different the temp is. Or you can try
    To feel it with your hand. Usually the cooler spots are the areas that have no flow or little flow. If you heads are fine then I would be willing to bet that the rad fixes the problem. I think just the factory replacement would be more then fine. I would how ever flush the cooling system before the new rad is install to help prevent the same thing happening again. I think I paid like 170 for mine.... I think? If you can find a2 or 3 wall for a good price then go with that. You might try calling 1800 radiator that might be able to get you a really good deal. That is who I normally use. Keep me post on the progress

    Thnx, Mike
  • Putting a new rad in today ... Will let you know ... Thanks for all your help :)
  • How did the new rad turn out? I haven't heard anything. Just wondering then if you could drop a line thnx

  • Hi Mike ... So far so good ... We have been pulling a trailer and have had no problems ... I do believe YOU solved the overheating problem that so many people are having with the Durango ... Thank you so much ...

    Another Question :) ... my gas mileage is only about 12mpg ... I used to average 16mpg ... the Durango does have 240K miles ... Do you have any ideas on how I could increase the mileage???
  • Hello i figured i give my 2 cents same problem 2004 4.7 durango these are the steps i took. 1st i took to a shop they claimed it was a blown head gasket then did alot of research. These are my solution that works H.G job was gonna run me more than 2k.
    I found out that i read some where that dodge durango radiators cam out the factory's clogged funny but true i know and i also read that after 1k it it recommended to change your fan clutch i wanted a electric but was scared they would screw up the wiring.My vehicle was only over heating when i was idle at a light all the way up not just a little then would try to cool down after i moved so i figured maybe the radiator or hoses were clogged long story short i spent about 350 dollars new radiator, new clutch and also new water pump i figured since there all in same spots it would be gd to get all done at once. Im proud to say my problem it totally fix i really think it was the clutch fan as i really hear it now but didn't before i know it should kick in but im pretty sure it wasn't and the radiator was very clogged radiator flushes ive been down that road that's a waste of money imo since that will only clean out soft debris all the rocks and pebbles that get stuck in there wont dissolve b4 when i started my vehicle it would take about 3 mins to reach half way hot then once i got on highway forget about it now that damn needle barley moves till like after 25 mins of driving and when its warm it stays under the middle way mark imo check clutch fan it man be moving but if its worn it will not cool effectively enough to keep your radiator fluid cool in and out the engine thank for reading my post hope this helps somebody last note i 134k on my engine 4.7 2004 durango slt.
  • Hello. I am joining the discussion in hopes of finding a solution for this persistent problem. I have a 2003 Dodge Durango with a 4.7L V-8 engine. Starting in March this year it began overheating at idle (idling, red lights, very slow speeds), we come to the conclusion it was fan clutch and replaced it along with radiator hoses. Worked for about a month, began overheating again. Replaced thermostat, worked for about 3-4 weeks, began again. The cycle has continued until we have replaced fan clutch, hoses, thermostat, and more recently the radiator. Last week it began again. We have had this truck in shops and with mechanics who all say mechanically the truck is fine, everything functions as it should. Most of the shops think I am crazy because they cannot make the truck overheat even after leaving it running most of the day. The engine has been tested for head gaskets, etc. I am running out of money to put into it. Any suggestions?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Hmmm........You've already done everything I would have recommended based on your symptoms. It's not losing coolant, right? If not, when it overheats are you sure it's really hot? Not just the gauge or sending unit malfunctioning? Does the overheating occur only during very warm or hot days? One other thing is the water pump, it's just possible that the impeller vanes in the pump are worn down, but that's very remote. Also, does the auxiliary cooling fan come on when it starts to get hot, or when the A/C is turned on?
  • I check coolant levels everyday, its fine. When it heats up enough that the temp light comes on I do smell the coolant though and have seen splatters from the overflow under the hood. Last time I had guage checked out, it was fine, although I am going to have it checked again. The overheating is worse on hot days but still happens on cool days, it just takes longer to happen. Water pump was fine when checked, so we haven't replaced it yet. And the auxilliary fan has been checked twice and is functioning properly. I could understand it this was a consistent occurance, but when we fix one thing it seems to do okay for a few days, a few weeks or even month or more then starts again. We replace something else, it repeats the cycle. All the shops and mechanics say this truck is functioning properly and that they can see no reason why it would be heating up. Usually when I take it to a shop they cannot get it to overheat and therefore think I am just crazy. I called a Dodge dealership yesterday and they told the that due to the nature of the concern and with what we have already done, fixing this situation would be very time consuming and could be very expensive if I brought it in. I am very disheartened by this as I love this little truck, it is really a great truck, runs great, never any issues until all this overheating began.
  • dre36dre36 Posts: 1
    Hello… I have a 2000 Dodge Durango with a 4.7L V-8 engine. Starting in April this year it began overheating at idling, at red lights, and slow speeds). I’ve changed the thermostat, water pump, radiator (twice), hoses, and radiator cap. Every week I have to put coolant in the vehicle and have no clue where it goes. It overheats on warm days all the time and last week red lined on me in 40 degree weather after just driving 20mins. There are no leaks present that I see. After replacing the radiator for the second time my mechanic asked how much antifreeze can go in to my truck cause he had to put almost 4 gals. Looking for any insight on what to do next to resolve this problem. Would hate to bring it to the dealer and have them do everything I’ve done already.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    1. If your loosing coolant and it's confirmed that there's no external leaks then the only answer is an internal leak somewhere inside the engine. The cooling system should be pressure tested to confirm.
    2. With the 4.7 it needs about 3.5 gallons, more or less somewhat based on which radiator (standard or HD). Any good mechanic won't ask the customer how much it needs, they will find out themselves (or will already know).
    3. Overheating at low speeds or idling is normally due to loss of airflow due to cooling fans (either mechanical clutch or electric) not operating normally, but can also be due to a clogged radiator.
  • jesposito9027jesposito9027 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    My Durango is experiencing similar overheating problems. It stared about 3 months ago. The first time it overheated it was on a fairly cool day (I wasn't using the A/C) the temp sensor went off so I pulled to the side of the road. When the car overheated the pressure built so much that it made a pin sized hole in my upper radiator hose so coolant went everywhere. After that I had both the lower and upper hoses and the thermostat replaced. I have also had the coolant purged and replaced. The car ran great for about a month and then it overheated a few more times. Every time it over heated it was on a fairly cold day and I was only traveling for 10-15 minutes. Also one thing I have noticed when it overheats, even though the temp gauge is at 1/2 the car blows cold air.
    I have checked the coolant levels, non appears to be leaking. The car has just under 140,000 miles on it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Well the Durango I recently posted about, I have gotten rid of. On a trip to see my parents it began overheating severely out in the middle of nowhere and left me stranded. After waiting 1.5 hours on the side of the road and more time in the service shop, they told me that it had finally blown a head gasket and that was the minimum of my worries on the Durango. So I decided enough was enough and we traded it in. I hated to see such an awesome little truck go, but I am relieved to know I won't be left on side of the road.
  • Hi Guys ... I had been struggling with my Durango over heating since 2008 ... Finally this summer I saw a post on here from "Mike" ... I did exactly what he said .... And it solved the over heating problems ... I put a new rad in and a $60 trans cooler (from AutoZone) ... Many thanks and blessings to Mike !!!
  • I am so happy that worked out for you. I am still driving mine with no problems. As far as gas milage I would replace the spark plugs. I know your probley say you have done this already but, two reasons why. There only only two types of plugs I would put in my truck and only one place I would get them from. The first plug is an NGK plug. Pretty much anybody carries them. The second plug honest escapes my mind but I wouldn't worry about it to much. Get the plugs from napa. The reason why is napa has a much better plug and yes you tend to pay a dollar much bur you have to break it down like this napa has class a plugs and your other notational chain store have the dollar cheap b plugs. Although they are the same in appearance they don't fire as
    Good. I would to air and fuel filter. Aside from that I would go next 2'fill ups and put sea foam in the tank. Napa sells it and I'm sure other do to. Bit expensive but it will get rid of water in the gas.

    Try that and let me know how you make out

    Thnx mike

    Ps spell problem very bad long day at work very very tired and typing on my iphone">link title<a href="
  • 1bdf11bdf1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Durango R/T 5.9L 4WD w/towing package.

    Fought the problem and replaced the damaged radiator as well. Still smelled antifreeze and kept losing coolant as well. Found a small puddle behind front passenger tire and traced it to a device on the firewall (passenger side). After much research, the problem and solution was to replace this - the auxiliary water pump. The air is cold because this pump isn't working and probably has a leak causing the overheating as well. found one online through ebay for $89, same as OEM but Bosch (better). This overheating also caused my water pump to weep as well and replaced it too.

    Good luck.

  • Hi, I've been having the same problem, replaced thermostat, fan clutch, no leaks, the same thing's happening, 'can't even drive my durango pass 30mi & it starts to heat up, you go uphill & temp easily goes up to 90%. After having the fan clutch replaced, it started to make a noise as if it is a V8 & doesn't shift well as it used to. When I first got it, the radio unit used to heat up so bad you'd be afraid to touch it, I didn't pay much attention then. Is there anything that manufacturers can do about this since so many owners are complaining? Thanks.
  • start by checking your heater core it could be cloged and therefor slowing down the coolant in the engine causing it to over heat good luck
  • oh one more thing does your coolant system need to be bled if there is air in the system that can cause it to over heat as well
  • 2002durango2002durango Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    I brought my car into the dealership due to seeing red fluid under my car (transmission fluid). As I explained the problem to the associate he actually spoke down to me (since I'm apparently just a girl) and tried to tell me it was anitfreeze and that I had red antifreeze. I had to explain that mine was green and this was transmission fluid leaking through the radiator area. As it turns out, I was right and my radiator was replaced (which I told him to fill with green antifreeze); however, he called to say that my anitfreeze was low and they had smelled a burnt smell. He wanted to do a pressure check because he was guessing my head gasket was going which would be 4000 dollars. Of course I didn't trust him by the way he treated me originally, but now my antifreeze is down some in just a month of having the radiator replaced. What could be the cause of this? Is the jerk correct? I have no overheating problems, nor any other kind. Help!
  • I would say this ..... If your truck Isnt over heating.... I wouldn't see any reason to be alarmed. Quick way to find out if the head is blown is to start the truck and let it get to normal temp and look for white smoke. Place your hand over the exhaust and then smell it. If you head is leaking the. It should smell like antifreeze. Another way would be let the truck cool down enough to take the radiator cap off and start the truck let it get to normal op temp. Pop the gas hard and quick. If antifreeze shoots out like old faithful the. Yes that is a blown head gasket. What happens is it pressurizes the cooling system and it blows by the bead and out the radiator. From the sounds of it you don't really have anything to worry about.

    Please let me know what you find out
    Thnx mike
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