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Dodge Durango Overheating Problems



  • So a month ago I got into a little finder bender and cracked my radiator and ac condenser. At the scene of the accident I could see it slowly leaking but nothing significant so I drove it 6.7 miles back to my house and by the time I got there it still had plenty of fluid and engine never went about normal temperature. Instead of filing an insurance claim for the accident it was easier and cheaper to just replace the radiator and condenser myself. The car sat at home for two days while I replaced the radiator and waited on the condenser to come in and then replaced it. After I replaced both of them I topped off all fluids and jacked it up and started it and watched for any sign of a leek for about twenty minutes. It started up sounded perfect never leaked a drop. I drove it two miles down the road and the engine died at a stop light it cranked right up and I pulled over to a gas station right next to me and it died again. This time when I cranked it up it made a horrible clanking sound and was sputtering. I had it towed to the dealership from there and it hasn't been driven since. Their diagnosis was that one of the valve seets had dropped and that it was misfiring on 4 and 7 and the engine needed to be replaced. Since the day I had it towed I filed my insurance claim and now am being told that nothing was caused by the accident that could have restricted the flow of fluids or damaged any of the cooling components to have caused this and that me driving 6.7 miles after the accident over heated the engine and caused all the damage. Keep in mind this durango is immaculate condition with under 90k original miles and never had a single mechanical problem before the accident. If the radiator and condenser were replaced and all fluids full and no leaks and the engine never over heating at any point since I have owned the car how could that much damage occur in under ten miles of driving and never overheating. If anyone could help shine some light on this situation I would greatly appreciate it. I have an insurance company telling me they wont pay for anything except the cracked bumper all the while my car has sat at service king for a month without being touched. I was told that this engine and block are actually pretty well made and durable but somehow without overheating and only driving it less than 10 miles the engine is toast and Im not going to let my insurance company get away with screwing me over and leaving me with a car that needs a new engine. Any help is much appreciated.
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