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Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2006



  • You wouldn't be taking Coors Light down that way would you......Bandit??????? :)

    No Coors Light, and I wouldn't call it Bandit, none of the wheels ever left the ground and the speedometer only reached 90 once, briefly, even though it was extremely tempting on some of that open highway to open it up... I resisted. :(

    Mike :)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    "You wouldn't be taking Coors Light down that way would you......Bandit???????"

    Shipyard and Terrapin rye ale or pale ale or Indian pale ale.
    - Ray
    Don’t drink the stuff – just helping an old friend . . .
  • I am 32 years old have a wife and 2 children, I still till this day, when I purchase a new vehicle, have an aftermarket subwoofer installed. Nothing crazy, just a single 10" sub to boost the bottom end. My monsoon works great..NOW..
    What's missing is the bass to enhance the music, if you have a home theater system at home then you understand, if you dont, go to a local stereo store and listen to one, it'll cost you about $250 or so for a decent system..INSTALLED..You'll be very happy with a non-intrusive sub placed in the trunk, mine is never in the way permanently mounted and carpeted to go along with the trunk carpet, looks tasteful and sounds EXCELLENT!! Outside of buying a vehicle that costs 50k (most usually morer..way more) you will not find a "GOOD" stereo that can live up to expectations in any vehicle offered ANYWHERE!!
  • Just purchased a new 2006 Grand Prix and I can't figure out how to keep the headlights from coming on automatically in daylight, is that something I can change or do I manually have to click them off everytime?
    Also, with the headlights I was wondering if anyone has had trouble while driving at night oncoming traffic flashing their brights indicating you had your brights on? I have been having that happen a lot.
  • The turn signal stalk on the left side of the steering wheel has the selector knob for the headlights. The manual should provide details on its operation. In the "auto" setting the daytime running lamps will be on during the day but the headlights should only come on when it gets dark.

    Yes, I frequently have been flashed for having brights on when they are not on. However, I do typically also have the fog lamps on.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    So Tony, you think that the only thing needed to make the Monsoon sound good is a subwoofer then? I'm pricing GXP's now, and am torn with getting the Monsoon, or upgrading the standard stereo. I also agree that some Bose systems sound good, and others don't. My 2000 Cadillac had one that sounded great. My 2003 Infiniti has the SAME system, and sounds bad. I had to add a 10" sub to that to get it to the liveable level. Are the midrange and highs OK on the Monsoon then? Thanks
  • My GXP is the third w-body car I have owned. If the GXP runs true to form, the front tires will last 14,000 17,000 miles and the rears will last to 70,000 miles. My opinion is that it is not economical to rotate the tires on a w-body due to the difference in tire wear.

    It is even more of a factor re the GXP. Buy the fronts and forget the backs and hope you don't get a flat.

    I also own a 97 Vette coupe and have replaced the run flats with better handling tires (the run flats have very stiff sidewalls). So far no flats yet.

    I don't think that GM had an ulterior motive for the tire selection, in fact the tire selection was very carefully planned. Look at the considerations: front drive, bad weight distribution, aging chassis. My 05 GXP still exhibits some of the bad front drive problems, torque steer, weight transfer off the line. Let me mention that when I hammer my C-5 (Z-51, 6-spd, tweaked intake and exhaust) ya gotta hang on because the back end can get loose.

    Its the same with the GXP. If ya hang on (both hands) yer gonna be smiling when you sail past the Dodge Charger that once was next to you. Its just that the power wheels also steer.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Wow. I've had 2 W-bodies ('91 Grand Prix, '96 Lumina), and the wife's had 2 (another '96 Lumina, '01 GTP). I think the worst mileage I ever got from the stock or aftermarket tires was 39k (when we traded in the GTP, the GS-A's were pretty much done). And I don't drive like a grampa - far from it. Then again, I do check tire pressures and rotate religiously. Typically got 50-60k on tires.

    From what rlsedition has posted elsewhere, the tire consideration was getting the best performance they could - hence the staggered setup and GM working with Bridgestone on the design of these tires - yet making sure they were OK to drive in winter.
  • As I have written in previous posts I really am happy with my 2006 GXP. However I was not aware that it had no spare until reading some of the previous posts. I also feel for a sticker of 34,000,that a spare should be included.The monsoon stereo is just not what I expected. I had an 03 GTP with the bose stereo and while I never thought it had sufficient volume, I felt the sound was reasonably good for a stock stereo. Again for the price of this car they could have engineered a better sounding sound system. I also have had reception issues with the XM {big waste of money so far] and also my FM. The fm does not seem to have a high enough capture ratio and I am also not pleased with the signal to noise level. CD player sounds pretty good but I agree it does need a sub.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    if you're asking how to turn off the DRL's, just rotate the ring on the left stalk back towards you. you have to do this each time you start the vehicle, but at least we are able to turn them off. I hate DRL's and pulled the relay in my 99 out. I'll track down the permanant fix for ours in the coming weeks too.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Spare tire wise, you can't safely have a spare when running two different sizes as we are doing. Besides, there's also a brake clearance issue as well, so while I wish we had one too, I think GM did a good job at giving us what they did.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    keep in mind the RE050A on the GXP's are not summer only tires. they are a specially designed unit with a specific TPC code on the side for the GXP's. They are a okay to use in snow and were tested by GM extensively as having such a tire capability was a priority of GM's for this car.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    the main reason for your big drop in mpgs is due in part to two things....the window sticker ratings and mpg testing that is done is at vastly different speeds than what we typically drive at in this country. the tests are out dated.

    also, when driving at 70mph and above, you're placing a much greater amount of demand on the vehicle and thus DOD is not activating nearly as often if at all.

    I usually drive at 72mph and can watch the DIC and Instant MPG's to see when DOD is active.
  • bob97bob97 Posts: 16
    I guess I’m woofer challenged. I understand how an aftermarket subwoofer provides better bass. But how does adding a subwoofer stop the existing speakers from being tortured by the low frequencies?

    The crossover in a powered subwoofer keeps the highs out of the woofer, but I do not see how this keeps the lows out of the factory speakers? Can someone explain this?
  • also, when driving at 70mph and above, you're placing a much greater amount of demand on the vehicle and thus DOD is not activating nearly as often if at all.

    I will sure keep that in mind in the future, it would seem there would be little use for DOD in a full size SUV. I had thought of a '07 Yukon, but not thinking to much that way anymore.

    I had thought the mileage would be close to the sticker, on every other GM vehicle I have bought, it has been within 1-2 mpg from the sticker. That would have brought the GXP in around 25-26 mpg. I had not given thought to the great amount of added mileage using the CAFE testing procedures, that DOD would produce. Those tests are outdated and if memory is correct, 60mph is the max speed during the test. That would yeild a very impressive mpg rating with DOD. At 20 mph to that and you have the mpg reduced to 21-22.

    It still beats my Yukon by 5mpg, but the Yukon with it's larger fuel tank beats the cruising range of the GXP by over 100 miles!

    I guess if I really wanted fuel mileage, I shouldn't have bought a V-8!! But what fun would that have been.

    Mike :)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    I think that part of what we observe here in the GXP is the effect of DoD at higher speeds.

    Or, more accurately, the effect of not being able to activate DoD at higher speeds.

    I have not been able to discover precise published data from GM on what exact conditions are required to allow DoD activation. Clearly it is designed to provide best possible economy under steady state (cruise) conditions, but I expect that the calibrations require (for drivability) DoD to kick off when even a small additional amount of acceleration \ increase in throttle is applied, for example. And my guess is that calibration is optimized for the EPA highway cycle.

    Regarding the Impala SS: “Chevy says the feature could run the Impala V-8 on just four cylinders at 80 mph on a flat road with steady throttle and no wind.”
    (Source =

    So – I expect that if the road rises (even slightly), if there is even a slight headwind, or even slight acceleration is required, DoD is immediately turned off. And the very loose torque converter clutch in the 4 speed automatic, when it unlocks, causes a rather dramatic rise in RPM (700 or 800 rpm in many cases) under most any provocation. This will clearly also impact MPG for the worse. (At least the TCC unlocks very aggressively, both in the sense that it is much easier to provoke and results in more dramatic RPM swings when unlocked compared to my previous 3 vehicles.)

    Where in many other vehicles, you might lose 5% in efficiency under a given set of circumstances (of acceleration, road conditions, headwind) you might lose 10% or more if the TCC unlocks and the DoD is inactivated.

    This is speculation of course, as I do not have access to an SS (with a ‘4 cyl active’ indication) and long, level straight roads with no traffic and a lot of free time (and gas) to conduct experiments. And it appears that GM is not likely to provide verbiage or a graph indicating specifics for us. At the very least, at some point around 80 MPH, under absolutely ideal conditions [[ and at some point below 80 MPH under most ‘real world’ driving conditions ]] the smooth but declining curve of MPG vs MPH likely takes a sharp drop – as DoD becomes unobtainable - and then continues at a substantially lower level of MPG as MPH continue to rise. Actually, it is probably a dis-continuity in the graph – or some such technical term outside my area of expertise. Meaning that the curve is dropping already, but suddenly at some point becomes a straight line down at the “DoD Impossible” point and then continues as a curve, at a lower point – again dropping as speed rises.

    So – it is what it is. This is as close as I have come to an explanation. I have a level of curiosity about all this, but I am not really obsessed.

    And I still really, really enjoy the V8’s acceleration and sound.
    Though that sort of behavior (no speculation here) decreases MPG – a lot!
    - Ray
    Still planning to do a little experimenting on my tip to Florida next week . .
  • I have noticed that in almost all reviews that the GXP is most often compared to the Dodge Charger. Did anyone test a Charger yet? I am curious how well their MDS (multiple displacement system) works compared to the DOD on the GXP. I know the Charger priced slightly higher and had lower estimated gas mileage. I really wanted a front wheel drive for winter driving, so the rear wheel drive Charger was never an option anyway, just curious what everyone thought about it compared to the GXP.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I drove a charger R/T....ugly orange one with decals everywhere. DOD in both is pretty much transparent. I never noticed it in the Charger and over the past couple weeks with my GXP....the only way to tell it's on is to watch the DIC and Instant MPG's.

    Overall, I passed on the charger for a number of reasons, but mainly looks and handling.

    It corners like Jello in comparison and while it's powerful and feels fast, I've not seen them turning better than mid to low 14's in the 1/4mi. GXP's are now regularly in the 14.1 range and many who launch them correctly are at 13.8's consistantly.

    The charger looks best on the front, but the other reason I turned it down was the outside is just plain ugly to me. Nice inside, but it's still a Dodge.

    My two cents.
  • the only way to tell it's on is to watch the DIC and Instant MPG's.

    This is true, and you will notice at highway speed, a slight hill will drop the mileage significantly.

    On another note, I think if it did hold the DOD for a longer period of time, we would all be complaining about driveability problems. It might pull that hill with 4 cylinders, but would it do it without downshifting to 3rd gear? That would eat up more fuel than dropping out of DOD does.

    On that note, the driveability of the DOD has been accomplished remarkably. It is 100% unnoticeable when it kicks in or drops off. If you are not watching the DIC instant mileage, you would never notice. You cannot feel it change at all. GM should be commended for this.

    Mike :)
  • Has anyone actually driven the car with the stock tires in the snow yet? Is is the brakes that won't allow a steel 16" rim to be used. The dealer tried to tell me that a 225/60/16 on a steel rim could be used and called GM Canada to enquire further but didn't get much help. I am wondering what, if anything, should be used for the winter. Please let me know how you are planning on handling "old man winter". :(
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