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Highlander Hybrid Bluetooth/Navigation Questions



  • Anyone try this solution to adding Sirius to the factory head unit of a 2006 Highlander Hybrid with nav? If so, can you post a picture of the nav screen tuning Sirius. If not, does it look like it would work?
  • Our 08 Highlander Hybrid's GPS data is not up to date. Is there a new data disc available? If so, is it eligible to be replaced under the existing warranty?
  • I added Sirius to my '06 Highlander Hybrid today. Ordered the equipment from Factory Interactive for about $400 and installed myself. Ran the antenna wire from the nav/head unit to the rear roof following the DVD that comes with the kit. Wasn't very hard at all, just a little time consuming. The artist/song info comes up on the nav screen and is controlled by the factory head unit. Steering wheel controls work fine. Even works with the car top carrier on the roof.
  • Anyone know how to turn off the beep every time you touch a button on the touch screen? 2006 HiHy w/Nav.

  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The newest version V9.1 was just released on September 1st for $199. The DVD is not a warrantable item since its just software.

    Since your Highlander is an 08 model year (MY) the map data version loaded when the vehicle was manufactured is probably a V7.1. Therefore, the new disc has 2 new years of information on it.

    V9.1 can be purchased from any Toyota dealership for a MSRP of $199. The part number for the 08MY is 86271-GEN5-09.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Sorry... no beep 'OFF' function on the GEN4 system in 04MY-07MY Highlanders.

    The beep 'OFF' was incorporated into the GEN5 (08MY Highlander and newer) navigation system due to so many complaints about this characteristic. This also applies to the GEN6 systems too.
  • itsnicitsnic Posts: 4
    Thank you for the information. Out of curiosity, if your vehicle is still under warranty, wouldn't Toyota provide the nav update disc under the warranty? Also, how difficult is the disc to install?
  • Thank you for posting. Please tell me if you notice any map interface difference, or if it is only an updated map data. Basically, does the map look almost exactly in V9.1 as it does in V7.1? Or does it look different? Better?
  • Hello All,

    I am currently working through another issue with this truck, nothing is easy. It has not started for me once, I am on my 3rd 12v battery, my tires are done after 25k or so, my rear DVD (factory install) is on number 3 and is not working..... so now I want to change it.

    I am trying to install a Kenwood deck with a new DVD, it has been suggested by the parts guy at Toyota that I would not be able to change this out due to the integration with the Hybrid system... Does anyone know about this. Additionally the only faceplate available for me is based on a non-Nav system dash which has different sized Security/Hazard/Pass Airbag lights.... another issue.

    It was also asked recently to me how long the battery will last (hybrid) and from further discussion with a tech from another manufacturer it was indicated that theirs are about 10yrs and 10k to replace.

    Not sure really how long I will be keeping this vehicle though in general I love it... just one of those love hate relationships. It bothers me that buying new from the dealer this thing is such a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] pretty much right from square one.

    Anyway, thanks for any ideas or suggestions about the after market install.
  • haadmanhaadman Posts: 1
    Hi. I just bought an 2007 Hybrid ltd with navigation. Has no blue tooth, no iphone connector, no usb for my hard disk and no back up camera. Any suggestion for after market unite for this car? Do the head units of more recent higlander hybrid works on this model?
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