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Suzuki Reno

canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
hey guys!
i tried to find a forum for the suzuki reno but there are NONE!!! :surprise:
i was pretty much set on a scion xA, but then i saw a red reno couple of days ago, looked real nice! :shades:
( and bigger than xA, which was parked a few parking space i was able to compare)
i reseached it on, edmunds and some other car sites and noticed it does come with a lot of goodies!! almost as many as the xA, for basically the same price...even has 8 speakers standard..that is better than the xA!!!
apparently, a lot of buyers got it under the invoice, which is not possible with the pure pricing on scions... :mad:
only bad thing i read about it the gas mileage is only around 30 mpg but the engine is 126 (or 127 hp)compare to 103 HP with xA (and the fit, yaris and aveo that i was also considering because of their prices and their gas mileage), i would trade in a few MPG to be able to pass other cars without making an appointment !!! :P
the rio has decent HP but doesn;t come with as many options, same with the New versa.
so, since this is a the suzuki forum, i wanna know if there are any reno owners around here??? or anyone has comments?? anyone took it for a test drive ? any comparision with the aerio??? this car seems like a nice car, the AWD sure sounds nice but i just cant afford the aerio...the reno fits my tight budget better!
I wish I had seen a Reno before!!!


  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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    Suzuki Reno

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  • The Reno seems to be a "hidden" gem, so to speak.
    Since Suzuki hasn't really promoted this machine the way it should, mention the Reno to anyone and you get this puzzled look and a "HUH?" to go with it. Know what I'm sayin'? It's a pity too, because even if professional reviewers claim this machine is bottom of the barrel in terms of overall driveability there is still much about it that some find attractive. If only Suzuki got its act together and really gave this vehicle the promotion it deserves many more would turn on to it. I've read internet "rumors" that a more sporting version of this little critter will make its debut for 2007. Only time will tell. As you can see, we're the only two here with some praise for the Reno, and if this indifference continues I'm afraid Suzuki will pull the plug on it in time. Suzuki should get on Daewoo's case and demand a better driving, QUALITY product for future Renos. Again, time will tell!

    Peace! ;)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i have to admit i was among the " what's that? huh?!" people!!! :) i saw one and turn around to take a good look at it..looks fine and on paper it seems like a real good deal but...the reviews from owners i have seen are not really good. quite a few are saying things like " stay away from the reno" "dont buy the reno"" worst car ever"...seems to be a repeated problem with the starter...and suzuki dont seem to be very helpful with these owners. that did make me think twice about getting one, even if the price is good and there is all the options someone can ask for (at this price)...there is a car dealer around here that has 66 of them on his lot right now...i bet i could get a REAL good deal on one... :shades:
    are you a reno owner? what is your opinion?
  • Hi, again. . .

    My opinion? If the Reno was a pure Suzuki product, meaning it was manufactured by Suzuki in either Japan or Hungary I would say definitely to go with it. Seeing that both the Reno and Forenza are manufactured by Daewoo in Korea I have my doubts. Like you, I love the look of this machine, and the warranty is great. The price? You can't beat the deal. But I wouldn't go for it. Not until Suzuki is able to remedy some quality issues involved. Apparently a micro chip in the Reno/Forenza is not functioning as it should, and many have this starter problem which flares when one least expects it to. Follow? Software to correct this situation exists, but I believe Daewoo is slow on the draw when it comes to getting this corrective software to Suzuki dealers for the quick "fix." Many regret the purchase of this machine. I know because I've checked it out all over the internet with consumer reviews, which range from fair to poor. Bummer! My spin on all this? If you can wait for the 2007 model, perhaps- just MAYBE- this starter situation will be resolved. Please don't misunderstand: I LIKE the Reno, and considered purchasing it, but now I'm VERY leery of it. If you can, check out the Toyota Yaris which is a BIG seller for Toyota and has this company's dependability and reliability going for it. The Honda Fit is cool, but dealers are being greedy, from what I hear, and charging way over list. The Chevrolet Aveo is a fair machine, but it's really a Daewoo product in disguise. Its reviews have been better than the Reno's, and you have a plentiful number of Chevy dealers to repair (or whatever) all across the land. The Nissan Versa is an excellent choice too, but it gets pricey with options. The Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent are good bets too, but the Hyundai warranty isn't all that. Why? There are deductibles with the warranty, so money out of pocket drives the price of operating these machines way up over time. There you have it. The 4-1-1 of what I have discovered in all my research on these vehicles in a nutshell.

    I will wait for 2007 to make a purchase. I have three machines to look into, so to speak (again), for an eventual purchase:
    The VW Rabbit/ Suzuki SX4 AWD (made in Japan by Suzuki)/ and the Jeep Compass AWD. . .We'll see how that goes when the time comes.

    I wish you well, friend. I also wish I had a better answer for you, a positive reply, concerning the Reno. But I don't. Of course you are free to do as you like. If you do get a Reno there's always a chance that it will be fault free for you.
    As with anything one purchases, there's always a possibility that it may not work well, even from well known brands that are known to be quality driven and "bulletproof"- if you know what I mean. Toasters, microwaves. . .whatever! It's all a roll of the dice. Then again it could be one of the best purchases one could ever make. With the Reno the odds are seemingly against the potential customer, BIG time. Buyer beware!

    Good luck!

    Peace!! ;)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    good comments!
    at this point, the aveo seems like a logical choice. I did check all the cars that you mentioned, in details, and narrowed it down to the aveo and scion Xa, i still have to test drive the yaris, but it is a 2 doors. with dogs and a kid, i am not sure i wanna go that way.
    I am also waiting for the suzuki sx4 to show up in a couple of weeks, on paper it would be the "perfect" car but i am wondering if it will have the same issues as the reno/forenza? it will be built in japan so maybe we can expect a better car?!
    one other thing with the reno was the gas mileage, only 30 mpg on highway? when all the other car in that segment (aveo, xa, yaris, fit, versa , accent and rio) are getting 35 mpg and plus why go with the unreliable reno??
    basically, we are on the same page here, seems like a good deal but there are better cars out there.
  • Howdy again. . .

    Please, if you remember, please inform here as to what choice you finally made for purchase. I'd like to know, if you don't mind. Plus, I figure you're in the market for a liftback. The Yaris sedan just doesn't cut it for you, eh? I understand perfectly!

    In my case I do believe that the choices that I have made, such as for the 2007 VW Rabbit, are somewhat clouded by the fact that VW has a poor reliability/dependability record-
    somwehat similar to Suzuki- and from what I gather their dealers (VW) are NOT the best places to make a purchase of any machine. The Jeep Compass AWD, that I favor over the Dodge Caliber, seems all right, but deductibles with their warranty is something I must consider. The real standout, speaking for myself, is the Suzuki SX4 AWD. From what I've read this may be the way to go. I need something like the SX4 AWD (with a sunroof I'll have installed at the dealership). . .I'm NOT looking to impress anyone with my wheels except my Lady, and naturally myself. An ego trip machine is not my style. Follow? I think you do.

    Time will tell, friend, about my results. I trust everything will turn out fine!!!

    I wish for you all the best luck, chum, with your purchase-no matter what brand/model!

    Peace! :)
  • silvio1silvio1 Posts: 3
    Hi, i inform you that Suzuki SX4 is made in Hungary.
    The factory produces also Fiat Sedici, it's the same car with small tiny differences.
    Check it out at
    This, i think, due to the alliance between Gm,Suzuki,Fiat.
    New Suzuki Swift also is produced over there, but not imported in U.S. (i think), but there are plans to...
    If you buy a Suzuki SX4, the quality in near to Fiat products....
  • Hi. . .

    I figured the SX4 would either be manufactured in Hungary or Japan, so no surprise there. Fiat's quality, within the last few years, has shown a dramatic upswing. . .especially in mini/micro machines (their specialty). I suspect that Suzuki's little SX4 will be NO loser in this aspect.

    Peace! :)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    that is interesting that you mention the VW, i am from quebec, canada (yeah the french place ;) )and i have to say that VW are the MOST popular cars over there!!
    ppl like them a lot! on the other hand, chevy, dodge and ford are having a hard time over there..the germans and the asians are the choice for most ppl. my point is that the culture is really different! pick up truck and SUV are purchase for a need, not for a status and compact and subcompact are a way of life up there.
    we are more influenced by the european culture than the american culture in a lot of aspects. (in quebec, not the rest of canada)
    I am not sure i agree with you on the JEEP compass, i owned jeeps for yrs so it has nothing to do with the manufacturer but the car had mixed reviews, so did the caliber in that matter. the look is fine but not for me. i did not know about the deductible on the waranty. that is the same with the KIA, nice warranty but NOT transferable, suzuki is and there is no deductible and that is a good selling point

    i am in the market to buy a liftback/hatch, sedan just dont do it for me, any of them!
    last comment, can't wait to take a look at the SX4, waiting on the dealer to contact me when they get one.
  • silvio1silvio1 Posts: 3
    VW, here in Europe, is loosing his reputation about quality.
    I know people not happy of theirs VW Golf (Rabbit for U.S.)
    It seems to be better japan product, even if it bilt in another place.
    I have an old version of Yaris hackback 5 doors 1.0 bilt in Japan and after 5 years is fully perfect. Low maintenance and very cheap. Now the Yaris is built in France.
    I have also another car a Renault Megane hackbach 5 doors with 1.5 diesel turbocharged engine (built in Spain). More than 20 km/l!
    Before i had a Lancia Delda made by Fiat and it was poor in quality.
    In Europe Suzuki Reno is called Chevrolet Lacetti (Korean product), Honda Fit is Honda Jazz but seem to be the same.
    I'm very interested where the car is built, because i have a little perception about theirs quality. It's not a rule, i know..
    This is only my experience.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    on an european first car ever was a Renault5!!! (un Chameau or Camel in english :shades:
    I had all the problems you can imagine with it but i still loved it!!
    best feature was the manual choke...wonderful in canadian cold mornings!!!it always started and I had to help ppl jump their brand new cars more than once!
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i wish we could get some opinions by owners... :cry:
    i looked it up a bit more, and on Edmunds. the reviews (from owners) were fine, they actually seemed pretty happy with their purchase.
    aladdinsane , have you sit in a Reno or drove one? i like the look,it is nice enough without being the best or a real attention getter but that is beside the point, one of my criteria is that the driver"s seat has to be high enough. I dont want to " climb out" of the car.
    have a great day!
  • arkitectarkitect Posts: 75
    I have driven it and we are very pleased with it for now. We still have to look at some other cars but it rides as good as a jaguar, so far. There is some stuff on it that the other cars we are considering don't have. Is there anything like it that will tow anything. We can get a really good deal but we are also looking at the dodge caliber, and other cars like the reno that are sporty and roomy. Anything would be helpful but so far I have made a decision. It does have something hanging down but we can get that fixed easy because our dealer handles all of our cities cheaper foreign cars, like Hyundai and VW. Will post back later today to tell you what happened, its so late in the year now we might get them to order an 07 with abs. The main other car we are thinking about is the honda civic because we are looking mainly for mileage, safety, and a cheap price tag. We almost made a rash decision today but i don't know if we will stick with it now that I read this. Well we still have time to look so I'll post back later. Anything I find out I'll post and I hope you all do the same.
  • ben911ben911 Posts: 12

    You might want to double check the manufacture location of the Toyota Yaris. The Hatchback may have been DESIGNED (aesthetically) in Europe, but it's built in Japan.

  • Hi, check out at this website:
    Yaris is buit also in france since January 2001
  • The Reno is one of the best looking hatchbacks available. The problem is reliability. It is not a true Suzuki and Suzuki is having a horrible time with GM Daewoo. I doubt we see Daewoo products for very much longer at Suzuki. They are not importing the Verona after this year. They said unless they get to control drive train development they will not sell that car.
  • The Reno is one of the best looking hatchbacks available.

    you think so? IMO it is not bad but it reminds me of an older Honda Civic hatch from the 1990's...i find it to be a bit plain compare to a scion or a Yaris.

    Dont get me wrong,i think it is a car worth putting on my shopping list and I am plannig on test driving one soon and see from there.

    I read the owners reviews on Edmunds, and they seem pretty satisfied with it, but on other sites, some owners were not happy at all and experience problems, mainly with the starter.
  • LOL you too huh? My first car was a 1981 R5 deluxe(soft feel dashboard,different seat trim and a cassette radio). White with full cloth sunroof. It was a blast do drive. Go-cart on wheels. The problem I had was that the shifter wore the plastic bushings out every few months. the lever laid against the driver seat in every gear. Just row it around until you found the right gear. when it got older the carb needed replaced. It ran fine but clouds of black smoke followed me around town. My father must have liked these because both my brother and sister both had one also.
    The Reno is a great looking car. I just can't buy a car if it has known problems like so many people are having with the Daewookis. When Suzuki is in charge of quality control and using Suzuki parts then I will put my money down. The problem is they are selling a lot of their Forenzas to unknowing Americans. They could be ruining their long term success here.
  • Frankly, having been one of the "unknowing Americans" who bought one of these things, having endured the hard start problem for nine months, including an episode of cranking the thing two dozen times trying to get home from work for an appointment, having had it reprogrammed multiple times, having had the catalytic converter replaced, and now soon having the rack and cruise control switch replaced ALL IN THE FIRST 13,000 MILES!!! I wouldn't care if Suzuki never sold another Reno/Forenza/Verona in our country again EVER.
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