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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It must be the XTerra is competely trouble free and everyone is out enjoying their ride! :-)

    tidester, host
  • itlanitlan Posts: 1
    Nissan increased the $1750 rebate to $2000 starting 7/6/04.

  • xterraboyxterraboy Posts: 2
    Hi Guy,
    New to forum. Wanted to know if anyone new of rebates or incentives that Nissan was offering. I guess each dealership can have their own rebates and incentives also.
    Looking to purchase a '04 soon.
  • xterraboyxterraboy Posts: 2
    Hey Guys,
    Looking to purchase a new '04 Xterra in a couple weeks. Was wondering if anyone had got a certain color and regreted it? I'm looking @ thermal red, just blue, silver and solar yellow. Or did anyone get a certain color and love it. I have a black vehicle and have regreted it only after 6 months. NEVER AGAIN BLACK. Any advice?
  • garigari Posts: 10

    I'm new to this post, but have had lots of great advice on some of the other posts.

    I'm looking to sell my '03 Nissan Xterra XE (V6). I purchased in it Cali. where it is possible to get an SUV that has 2 wheel-drive as opposed to 4-wheel.

    My question is, since I'm moving back to the East Coast, are my chances of selling slim because the vehicle is not a 4 wheel drive? Is it dangerous to have a 2 wheel-drive SUV in a place where there's snow, etc.?

    Any suggestions on where I might list the car to sell in either NY or Cali??

    Thanks in advance!!
  • megs737megs737 Posts: 2
    I live on Long Island and purchased a thermal red XE V-6 4x4. It is possible to sell it w/o the 4 wheel drive (they do sell them here). It actually doesn't snow that much! I would never buy an SUV without it, but I don't think you will have a problem.

    and I LOVE the thermal red. It is not too bright, and I do not see many of them around. (I see yellow, black, and silver EVERYWHERE)
  • megs737megs737 Posts: 2
    IF you are selling the car on Long Island, you can list it on is what the Newsday is connected with.
  • Hello All, I recently bought an 2003 Xterra XE 4x4 and I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this forum. It certainly made the buying decision easier. My truck had 26,000 miles when I bought it but it is squeak and rattle free. And it's certainly more fun to drive than the Explorer it is replacing. My only question is quality of the switches for the temperature controls (ie, fan, temp and vent selector) and the remote mirror. They don't seem very robust. Anyone have any trouble with them getting obviously loose or falling off?
  • Jordan,

    I purchased an 03 late last year and I to was worried about a particular color. I thought the black looked great, but was worried about keeping it clean, being hot and discoloration after a few years. The atomic orange (and yellow) looked awesome but I worried about getting tired of it quickly.
    I finally decided with the granite color (a brownish metallic) and absolutely love it. I am thinking about getting an 05 and probably look at the same color, however the black on all the ads I see looks great.

  • I highly suggest some of the modifications for some older Xterras. The clear jewell headlights update the old square ones a lot ($60/pr on E-bay) and maybe add a bug guard and some foggers on the roof. I feel like mi X is new. I bought new matts and have an aftermarket Leather interior. I can't imagine really wanting a new one, and I did this SO much cheaper... maybe add some Good Year AT/S tires and you're set....

  • I have a 1991 Nissan Pathfinder that I have owned for 14 years and have clocked 170K trouble free miles. It is time to put this workhorse to pasture and I have been looking to down size the vehicle to an Xterra, however I want more power than the 157 horses that the Pathfinder had. Anybody test the 05 Xterra yet? I understand that it has a 4 L engine. Is it available in a manual? Any feed back before I go in to the dealers would be helpful.
  • Hello, I am thinking about buying a 2000 xterra. I want to know how they ride and if they fall apart or anything. I have a 1978 trans am now but i do not like driving it alot because it is in mint condition and i don't like taking a risk of crashing it. I have never bought a car before. (the trans am was my dads) I am now looking for a car. My cousin had a 2000 or a 2001 xterra a few years ago. It rode great and did not use alot of gasoline. I am thinking of buying one at the end of summer 2005. Now i need some more money, i only have 6,400 now but i am going to make some more this summer. Please let em know about the 2000 xterra. Thanks!
  • I would rave for the most part about the X, but fuel mileage would not be one of them. I get just under 17mpg in a mix of hiway/city driving. It never gets much better when I do more highway either. Also, the ride is fair, I wouldn't brag about it, but for how tough this truck is- it sure isn't too bad.

    BNut, that said, I love the space, versitility and toughness. My truck (2001 in picture a few posts back) has 41,000 miles on it, and other than squeeky front brakes, and a corroded battery terminal one day, NOTHING has failed. It has very few rattles, and the body has held up well ( I did undercoat it however- so I do have an advantage there).

    Anyway, if you feel the mpg is worth theutility- go for it.

    The consumer guides rate thje car well, and I believe it was Motortrend (?) Car of the year in "00 or "01.

    I have only owner 2 new cars in my life, both were Nissans and I am sold on them. Both have served me so well that it is hard for me to imagine buying anything else. My wife just got an 04 Nissan Murano, and I love that too.

    There are manyt other great SUVs out there too. Check them out after assessing your real needs and preferences.

    I hope I helped.
  • stevep,

    The 05Xterra comes in both a six speed manual and an automatic transmission. Based on all the information I have been able to find is that you won't be able to find one on the lots until Jan 05. I have not been able to find out any pricing or what colors they will offer. I figured that they may offer colors similar to the Pathfinder or Armada though. The new 4.0 litre will have around 250 HP as well.
  • tonka9764,
            This truck will have to be used day in and day out for a good 5-6 years maybe. I mean i don't have money for when it breaks though. The only problem i see with it is the MPG. Thats what i hate, the F-150 gets 21Highway and the xterra gets 18, i think. I like how it rode though i mean most SUV's are top heavy, this one did nto seem it. Ones that are top heavy you feel it when you make a sharp turn. Also i have heard rumors about the AC not working good in the xterra. I live in Florida so i need that. So what do you think is a good car for me, i mean i have never really drivin alot before. I just got my license last week. Should i get:

    Searria 1500
  • It's a 2002, well has it been sitting outside for a while not driven? Sitting otuside everynight? I think it depends on were you live and were you park it. My friend has a 1994 Jeep wrangler and it has developed only ONE rust spot. A 2002 should not have a rust spot. I would go to a shop and get it looked at and ask what it is from. Good luck though.
  • Well, I cannot tell you what to get since I don't know how well you drive... the Xterra is an SUV and thus, prone to rollover more than a car for instance. If I had just gotten my license and live in FL, I must say I'd pick a car... maybe a Subaru? Put some cool foglights on it?? I like the dependability of the "X", but the gas issue is important if you are filling up often, and it does not look like gas prices are coming down. But the truth is, I love the Xterra and have a hard time not reccomending it, as it really is great. And as for the AC (and I am not kidding)... it is the BEST I have had, and my wife has had many cars and she agrees. Only her Nissan Murano is as good. Motor Trend I think did an SUV comparrison (2 years back?) in the desert and said something like everyone wanted to ride in the Xterra because it made up for the heat so well with its strong AC... Good luck, and if you drive carefully and can afford the gas, it is a great vehicle, you probably won't be spending a lot in the shop for repairs, which makes up for a lot when $$ is tight.
  • I don't know if it was on this thread, but someone posted and said a 4X4 is safer and a lot less abt to rollover than a 4X2, WRONG!

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (news - web sites) said The Ford Ranger 4x2 and Mazda B-Series 4x2 fared better than the four-wheel-drive version, earning three stars and a 21.9 percent chance of rolling over.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    I said something along these lines. If the 4x2 is lower riding, it is less likely to roll over. If the 4x2 has the same ride height as the 4x4, the 4x4 is less likely to rollover, because a couple of hundred extra pounds of metal on the bottom of the truck lowers the center of gravity.

    It would not be a huge effect, but it is there, and depending upon model if you look at the superior Institute for Highway Safety website you will see a difference.
    Therefore, if you don't need a 4x4 and drive a lower 4x2, you are better off. But if you don't need a 4x4 and are in a high riding poseur 4x2 (A Ranger Edge, A Mazda Dual Sport, a Nissan Frontier Desert Runner, A 4x2 Toyota Pre Runner, an Xterra 4x2 (which has the same ride height as the 4X4)) you are more likely to roll over. Not that I am against SUVs, but if you do not tow and do not go off road, you need to ask yourself why you are riding in a poorer handling and more dangerous vehicle. Do not say cargo capacity, because if that was the case there are lots of wagons and crossovers with ample cargo room.

    I stated this in the original post, so try to hold your sarcasm when you cannot understand the issue being discussed, Mr. "WRONG!".
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