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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Last week, finally was able to check out the new Xterra. Because this is a hardcore SUV/truck I don't care much about the amount of plastics in the vehicle. Couple things that keep me from buying is the rear passenger doors and the interior room. The doors are very small and is difficult to get in/out without getting muds and dirts on my clothes. The second thing is the rear interior space. The sit angle is almost 90 degree and would ache my back for a long ride. I am using my old 92 Pathfinder for comparison. The old Path is great but it's got too much mileage and I am looking forward to replace it. For a lot of room, I probably consider the Pilot/MDX, or Titan extra cab(low price). I also checked out the new Path, it's cheap inside compare to a Pilot and the second row seat is not good at all in terms of space.
    It's too bad the Xterra doesn't work for me. I do like the rugged styling, high ground clearance, pwrful engine, 6 spd manual, and low low price. I am not sure how much budget I will have but if it's low I may get the base model Titan extra cab. In front, there are space for 3 and in the rear, it's surprisingly roomy. The Titan were on the ad for around $19000 before tax. That's a hard to beat value.

  • Your probably right in your assessment...the X is not for you. That's why manufacturers offer so many choices; they try to fit all the niches of the various drivers. Jeep offers the Wrangler for true off-roading, the Liberty for town driving and occasional dirt roads, and the Grand for luxury and a little of both worlds. The X is made for those who do a lot of adventuring that requires the ability to go off road and carry tons of stuff. The very reasons you don't like the X are the reasons some of us do. In my case, the back seat would never see the butt of a human and would be in the fold down position 99% of the time. At least your wise enough to know it now and not be making payments for 5 years on something you dread driving daily. Good luck in your's so darned hard to find that vehicle that gives us everything in one package.
  • bcookbcook Posts: 4
    I WANT A 2005! Man, I have enjoyed watching the evolution of the Xterra over the past five years but this is the first time that I've just really wanted to change out! I've been driving a 2000 since 2000 and I love it but I also really dig the changes on the 2005. To the fellow above who bought a 2005 and said the stereo sounds terrible - is that the standard factory stereo or the Rockford/Fosgate? I know someone else went off on the Rockford before you but they also liked the Bose and I've never heard any Bose products that I thought sounded "good" compared to similarly priced systems. Then again most of my Bose experience has been with home systems and not car systems.

    brad cook
  • I'm not a Bose fan at all, home or vehicle, but it sure beats the sound system in the new X, factory or Rockford/Fosgate (my opinion). The sound is mushy, not crisp and clear. Luckily, I don't listen much when I'm off roading and have a great sound system in my Tahoe. Wouldn't let the stereo keep me from all the other great features of the '05, though.
  • bcookbcook Posts: 4
    Oh I wouldn't but I was just wanting to get more opinions on the Fosgate.

    brad cook
  • edf100edf100 Posts: 4
    the factory stereo is real junky,all the cars on the lot with the rockford system where much more expensive,so i guess i will have to put in my own for the rest of the truck,it really kicks [non-permissible content removed]!and this is coming from someone who has owned over 65 different cars(about 25 suv's so far).ride is a bit bouncy at times,but it is really one of the best trucks i have owned for performance,quality,and price.
  • beach2ndbeach2nd Posts: 1
    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums and a new Xterra owner. I got a 2002 Xterra SE, but one thing I noticed is that in the manual it specifically states that playing a cd-r in the six disc changer is bad for the player and shouldn't be done. Will it really cause damage to the player if I play a cd-r? Thanks for the help.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    My wife and I saw the new Xterra and loved it. We love the basic interior. I have a pickup now and am torn between a pickup and an SUV. To us, an SUV with a simple wipe down interior seems like a good compromise. We also liked the Element for the same reason (both the Xterra and Element strike us as great dog cars, with the edge going to the Element because of the lower step in height) but I cannot do the Element because in my work I need a real 4wd. In any case, if I miss having a pickup, I can always buy a $500 utility trailer.

    I am 6' and could stand to lose a few pounds, but I thought seating front and back was roomy and comfortable. Even though the Xterra does not have the most cargo capacity in its class on paper, just like in my wife's Forester, I think a squared off box shape gives you more real world space and utility as compared to some of the swoopier designs that have more cubic feet but less utility.

    In my mind, the only competition in this size and price class is the Liberty and Sorento. While I like the Liberty (especially with the diesel in these days of high gas prices), there are issues with the cargo compartment. And my wife nixed buying a Kia, which I agree with as I am trying to break my habit of buying cars with high depreciation. In my mind, the Xterra is the last of the "real" SUVs, which is why I like it. Now if it only had a diesel...
  • mtlxmtlx Posts: 1
    I've owned my 2001 X since August of last year and I'm thinking about adding a S/C to the truck. Aside from bolting on the S/C what else would have to be done? reprogram the computor, larger injectors, higher flow gas pump? any info would be great
  • centflxcentflx Posts: 3
    Hey my XTerra brothers and sisters!! My wife has the 2001 Solar Yellow XE and I just purchased a 2004 Thermal Red XE. We absolutely love them, BUT what is with the Bumpers, grill, mudguards etc fading? I suppose this is more of a problem here in Florida due to the blazing sun, but I was wondering what, if anything can be done to protect my new one and restore my wifes 2001. I asked the dealer when I purchased mine, but all he could tell me was not to use armor-all, as it attracts the UV rays, not protect from them.
    Anybody have any answers out there?
    Thanks!! Rich :shades:
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Nissan has been saying that there will be a late availability of stability control with the 6 speed stick. Has anyone heard when these models will be available? I have been searching on Nissans website in Metro Atlanta (15 dealers) and have not been able to locate a single 6 speed Off Road. Are they holding up production until this situation is fixed?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    as it attracts the UV rays, not protect from them.

    I winced when I read that. Light, and UV in particular, isn't attracted by any particular material. The light that does impinge on materials may affect them in different ways, however. I just had to comment - carry on!

    tidester, host
  • centflxcentflx Posts: 3
    Figures. Thats what I get for asking a car salesman! :mad:
  • centflxcentflx Posts: 3
    I did get some good responses when I posted this question on the Xterra owners club boards. If anyone has the same problem, several people said they used Mothers Back to Black to restore the faded plastics. I haven't tried it yet, but will do so this weekend. Just thought I'd share the info. Ciao
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    I've used Vinylex and 303 Protectant but I'm not sure that those products would restore the black as much as prevent the fading in the first place. Creamy peanut butter is supposed to work wonders too.

    Steve, Host

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  • ccareyccarey Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 X-Terrra and my Power Windows are all weak. When I took it to get fixed the guy said I was going to have to have all the motors replaced. After telling this to a friend he suggested it might be a voltage regulator issue. Does anyone have any information that can help me??
  • Just bought the 05 SE and traded in my 02 S/C - The Rockford-Fosgate stereo sounds a THOUSAND times better than the old systems - Not the greatest but much much better - I did test drive the 05 Off Road version and the stereo in that did sound terrible compared to the Fosgate - i dont think you can beat the Fosgate for a factory installed system
  • Nissan says May 1st. This is for the VDC on the six speed.
  • brazenbrazen Posts: 2
    I had the new car jitters last August as I laid down $17,000 on a used '03 Xterra XE w/ 4x4 and 26,000 miles on it. But for those of you interested in a typical ownership experience, my Xterra has been a tank. Needed new front brake pads (less than $180 installed) at the 30k check and the CD player won't accept discs anymore. But other than than, it starts every morning without complaining, handles bumpy city streets and is manageable on the freeway. It loves being off-road. It guzzles gas and is slow to accelerate but those negatives are well documented on this forum. I had to give up a few special touches (like lighted mirrors on the pull-down shades) but it beats the pants off of the Explorer it replaced.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Thanks Tokoyellow.
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