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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • keyurkeyur Posts: 3
    I just ordered a fully loaded :D Off-Road 6spd in Pennsylvania, and agreed to pay 500 above invoice. Do you guys think it's a decent deal :confuse: ?

  • keyurkeyur Posts: 3
    Are you sure about your dealer not being able to order? I want the exact one as you mentioned: white 4x4 Off Road with stick, and they are going to place an order for me soon. It will include the side airbags and Rockford package.

    BTW, this is my first car purchase out of school so I was wondering if I negotiated the right price. I am paying 500 over invoice. Any thoughts?

  • rockdocrockdoc Posts: 6
    The worst my backroad travel gets is degraded dirt roads that sometimes go through washed-out ravines and arroyos - picture poorly maintained backroads in Death Valley, Joshua Tree, or the Sonoran Desert, and sand dunes drifted over such roads. To date, I've had no problems negotiating these routes, except for clipping some rocks with the front and rear overhangs of my 2000 4WD Extended Cab Ford Ranger pickup. I don't envision ever doing any true rock-hopping or extensive crosscountry off-road travel.

    Given this type of worst-case travel, how valuable would it be for me to have an Off-Road Xterra versus a model without the locking rear differential? It seems to me that the VDC feature would improve the rough-road performance of the S or SE Xterra relative to the Ranger, and therefore might serve my needs very well. Price is not a limiting factor, so I could buy an Off-Road on the off-chance that I might use the locking differential once or twice in the vehicle's life (presuming that owning such a vehicle doesn't cause me to seek out more extreme driving challenges).

    Any advice for me?
  • rockdocrockdoc Posts: 6
    My error - I meant the ABLS, not VDC.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Off Road also gets you skid plates and better tires. I'm not a rock hopper either, but I do take my vehicle off road. I figure, if I am going to get an SUV, I might as well get some capability with it. When you figure in the additional standard equipment you get with the Off Road package, the price difference is pretty small.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    I hope this is wrong. I am talking to a dealer about ordering an Off Road 6 speed, with the SAB. They have not indicated that this is a problem.

    I noticed all the new Xterra reviews I have read have been of the Off Road 6 speed. Several folks here have indicated that they want one. Why are there none in stock? BTW, I was told that since May, production has started of the Off Road 6 speeds with VDC, so if you order one now it should come with that feature.
  • treadheadtreadhead Posts: 3
    Thinking of buying my first X, really like the looks, not a lot of off road planned but looking to get into it, live in New England so looking forward to driving it in the snow. The QUESTION ?? Do I go with just the S model with a 6 speed or is the Off Road or SE worth the extra money???
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    See my post 2580.

    I still think that if you want a vehicle with power windows, locks, keyless, the utility package and you want features such as the VDC (IMHO some type of stability control is a key feature if you are buying a real SUV, as shown by several safety studies) you are not going to pay much more for some of the additional fun stuff with the Off Road, which bundles a lot of these features together as compared to getting an S with several of the packages to bring it to a comparable trim level.

    However, if you want a stripped 2wd truck for as cheap as possible, than get an S. I don't see much point in getting an SE, but that is my opinion.
  • treadheadtreadhead Posts: 3
    Thanks for the input, now I have to go any do battle with the dealers.
    I'm going to try driving all of the models first and then try to do some on line negotiating with the sharks. Wish me luck.
    Thanks again
  • kas72kas72 Posts: 2
    Just got home from the Nissan dealership and much to my sadness, they have eliminated all sunroof/moonroof/any kind of "window in the roof" for the 05 models. :( Suggested a potential aftermarket set-up, but as we all know - BAD IDEA!

    Interior styling is dramatically improved over 2004 and engine has much more power. Not wild about the fabric choices (leather option from the 04 is no longer an option in the 05). I like the plastic-ish bed liner in rear for cleaning.

    4x4 is now a switch on the dash vs lever on the center console (from 04). Nice addition.

    Even with the new changes - still not sure if I am sold.......
  • treadheadtreadhead Posts: 3
    Went to one of my local Nissan Dealers the other night, their demo was an S model in bright yellow....Not what I wanted to drive, hate the yellow and the inside was greasy. Not a good experience, salesman claims they all ride the same, if they do why do they make different models with different size tires?? I can not imagine they all ride the same. Will try somewhere else next week. Any info on real world gas milage on the X????
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    My wife has an 05 2WD S with the 6-speed stick. She seems to make about 20 mpg regardless of highway/city, a/c or no a/c. Her Xterra only has about 2500 miles on it though, so mileage may go up a little when it's fully broken in.
  • ec8266ec8266 Posts: 1
    I have admired the Xterras from the time they came out so I'm finally going to buy one. But I'm having a hard time deciding on a 6 speed or an auto. I will be using this to tow a jet ski during the summer. I really want a 6 speed but I'm afraid it will pop out of gear and roll down the ramp into the water while I'm trying to unload this thing. The ramp I go to is pretty steep and I'm not sure if the e-brake alone would keep that thing still. Any suggestions? Or am I just being paranoid? :D

    I also wanted to know if it costs anything to order one. I cannot find a yellow S with side airbags anywhere. Acutally, I can't find any S with side airbags around here.

  • rx300_99rx300_99 Posts: 5
    did anyone go thru last summer with the neoprene covers ? were they brutally hot and sticky ? thanks in advance.
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    We have a 2002 SE model, 2wd, v6, with 44,000 miles. I am looking to sell it or trade it in, but can't get more than $12,000 on a trade in. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the most effective place to place an ad what a reasonable price may be? I see dealers asking for as much as 18k for a comparable vehicle, but different online pricing tools give me a private-party sales range of 13.5k to 14.4k.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    Go over to "real world trade-in values" here on Edmunds (thanks for the link, Tidester) & give Terry the rundown on your vehicle -- there's a format for all the information he needs at the bottom of the page -- and do give him all of it - color makes a big difference & so does where you live. He's in the business (if there were more like him, "used car salesman" wouldn't be perjorative) and bases his estimates on auction values for the area in question. He'll tell you what's reasonable wholesale (trade-in) or retail (sell it yourself). There's a lot of traffic on the board & it sometimes takes him a day or three to respond to everyone & sometimes you have to repost, but it's worth it.

    You may not like the answer, but it'll be accurate.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Here's the link: Real-World Trade-In Values

    tidester, host
  • krashkrash Posts: 6
    Based on my car buying experience, I'd say that $500 over invoice is "ok". You didn't get ripped off, but you probably could have paid a bit less, say right around invoice or even slightly under. Look at sites like this one for research on future purchases and you'll be ok. Dealers are in business to sell cars, but it's your responsibility to negotiate a price. I was able to get my Titan for 2k under invoice, 6k off of sticker. I don't think that's common, but the timing was right with the rebates. A couple of others got similar results during that time of year (Oct 04).
  • keyurkeyur Posts: 3
    Thanks for the insight krash.
  • My truck does the same thing. I just thought it was normal.
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