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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    The rust warranty is supposed to be 5 years and unlimited miles but that usually means they warrant there won't be any perforation in the sheet metal.

    If this is getting to be a common issue, then there's going to be some sales fallout (more so as people read the stories about the problem models coming out of the new Canton plant).

    Steve, Host

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  • I don't want this to come off the wrong way, but you bought an SUV, not a Hybrid. You should expect to get low mpg. Before I got an Xterra I had a Landcruiser that only got about 11-12. And yes diesel gives you more mpg's because it burns slower than regular fuel. I even read some where that a guy who had an Hummer H1 got better mpg than his new xterra. All in all people should not expected any better than 18mpg on suv. If you do get better than that, congratulations!
  • Yeah, you can, but you need to buy the receiver, wires, and antenna from the dealer. it's like $600 all together.

    Or you can just go with an external, removeable model. I got the XM roadie XT in my 05 SE and it works great. spend a little time to run the wires right and the install will be a clean one.

  • I recently got rid of my 99 Dodge Ram 1500 after it cost me well over $2000 to repair. :lemon: Good riddance, too. Anyway, I was comparing the Xterra OR to the Ford Explorer XLS. I am stumped and confused. I really like the Xterra, though I think the body style on the Ford is much more "sporty", and I much prefer the interior of the Xterra. They both appear pretty comparable on paper. does anyone have any suggestions or opinions as to what might help me make a decision???

  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    (Assuming you're purchasing new) all things being equal, your resale value on an X will probably be higher than the Explorer. I read somewhere that Explorer values drop off a cliff after a couple years.

    My wife has had her 05 Xterra SE for almost a year (6-speed stick, 2WD) without any problems whatsoever. Gas mileage has never been lower than 20, has been as high as 22.5 mpg - mostly city.

    The interior of the X is pretty nice, the seat fabric seems pretty rugged. My only complaint is that it's easy to scratch up the plastic in the cargo area. As well, anything you put back there slides around like it's teflon.

    I'll tell you one thing about the X, at least the 6-speed version, it's FAST. There's not too many other trucks that can keep up with it, and you can really bark the tires when you grab second.
  • Thanks for the input, the resale value is definitely a plus in my book (being as the resale on my DR1500 is a negative number). Also, I was very surprised to hear about the gas mileage, nice plus! I think I'm leaning toward the Xterra OR at this point, and its probably going to be either that or the S model depending on what price I can get.

    Thanks again!
  • Hi Mike,

    Get the Xterra. I purchased an Xterra in 2001, the same year my sister purchased a Ford Explorer...I have had one minor problem that was fixed by the dealer ( thermostat adjustment) and that was it, plus my Xterra saved my life last month when a car crossed the median and hit me head on :sick: !!! All vehicles involved and a steel guard rail were totaled - I was wable to walk away from the accident. The highway patrolman credited the solid structure of the vehicle (and the fact I was wearing my seatbelt) with saving my life. Gas mileage was decent for an SUV as well (18-20 mpg)
  • Thanks again for the info! I can honestly say that the Xterra is going to be my choice. I only need now negotiate the price. Seems like Superior Nissan here in Charlotte is going to win, as they are giving me below invoice pricing.

    I am an officer myself, and its hard to believe you were able to walk away from something like that! First of all, glad to hear you are ok, and second, its excellent news to hear the Xterra stood its ground.

    I can only assume you got another Xterra (I have to assume you did not make the same mistake I did. I ran my Pontiac Grand Am into a tree doing 40 MPH :sick: and then bought a Dodge Ram. We all make mistakes :P Anyway, my Dodge just crapped out on me. Gear shifter wouldn't go beyond reverse, and I had to force it into park to get my keys out. Well, that, or let it get stolen. Took it to the dealer where I bought it (mistake #2) and they took me for a $4100.00 ride. :cry: Made me think $1900.00 of that was for the problem with the tranny, then turn around and say they discovered that the truck would not come out of park. Ahhhh, crap. Thing is, I'm looking for something long lasting and reliable, and judging from the input I'm getting, the Xterra is a winner.

    Thanks for letting me [non-permissible content removed] about Dodge. My life's mission now is to ruin DaimlerChrysler stock ;) .
  • The utility package (tubular step rails, etc) is available as an option on the Xterra S. However, it is not listed as an option or as standard equipment on the Off Road. Does anyone know if it is standard on the Off Road, or if not, is it available and just not listed?
  • garyt4garyt4 Posts: 12
    Just finished changing the oil in my '05 xterra. When comparing the old filter with the new one I noticed it's significantly shorter. Checking part #'s the longer filter is # 15208-9E00 vs #15208-65F00! The shorter one fit and I ran the truck to see if there were any leaks, so far so good. I will call parts first thing tomorrow but I have to use the truck to get to work. Any help appreciated.
  • Gary,

    My suggestion would be to buy a K&N oil filter, and while you are at it get a K&N air filter too. Factory oil filters are usually no better than Fram or Purolator filters. K&N are the best you can get at a reasonable cost.
    The K&N airfilter, besides being of a higher quality has a lifetime guarantee as long as you clean it periodically (wait for a special at a parts store where you get the cleaning kit for free with your purchase).
    Since we're on the topic of do-it-yourself basic maintenance, has anybody else had luck with Amsoil? I used it in my 4Runner and improved my gas mileage by 2 mpg overall. Once my new 06 Xterra is due for its first change, I'll probably use Amsoil again and see if I get similar results.
    One other question for 05 and 06 owners: Do you hear a nasal-sounding whine underneath the exhaust noise upon startup and acceleration? It's most prounounced from a standstill through third gear on my automatic. I'm a bit worried that it could be a alternator problem, or worse yet, a bad torque convertor. The only reason I'm not freaking out is that 92% of the torque gets applied in the first 2500 RPMs, and the noise may just be a biproduct of the gear ratios, & etc. Of course the worthless mechanics at the dealership say that it's "normal." Thoughts?
  • lj1983lj1983 Posts: 3
    got a question for ya...where did you hear that 92% of the torque comes in during the first 2500 rpms? i know the old VG33 make 90% of it's torque at 2000 rpms, and i've read in a couple places that the 05+ pathfinder engine makes 80% of it's torque at 2k rpms.... it's been difficult to find any definite info about the VQ40 in the new X

    also, about the OR. you can't get step rails from the factory, i believe the rest of the 'utility' package comes standard with the off-road edition. they got rid of the steps, because most people take them off to go off-road. if your interested in buying them though, there's a couple xterra-specific places around the 'net...and i'm sure there'll be people there who will sell it cheap.

    also, about the OR, it might interest you to know that the off-road model, and the manuals come with the D44 axle, which is alittle stronger than the axles found on the automatics
  • vspecvspec Posts: 1
    I bought mine the day after they got it off the truck for $500 under invoice (dealer price). Plus I got to keep all the rebates. You can find the invoice pricing on edmund's website and price out the equipment. My Xterra is a 2006 OFF ROAD 4x4 AT. Total was Invoice - $500, then -$1000 Nissan Incentive & -$500 recent college grad rebate. Good luck and deal only with the internet/fleet sales dept, less haggling and BS.
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    I see on Jet Chips website that they offer a computer chip upgade for the 06 Xterra. Has anyone done this on their Xterra? They claim 15-17 horsepower gain. mgoose :blush:
  • randyr1randyr1 Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone is towing with this vehicle? Would like to tow a 19 ft. boat that is about 3,000 lbs. on the trailer, fully loaded (about 250 - 300 lbs. tongue weight). I am curious how the Xterra would handle this load, stability wise, stopping, accelerating, transmission shifting (any jumping back and forth between gears), squatting from the tongue weight, etc.

    Not really interested in how the older Xterra models (i.e. 2004 & older) tow. Thank you.
  • Ya know? I do not know how the Xterra drives in the snow, that is one of my biggest questions. My mom has an 2005 Murano and we took a trip over the mountains and the AWD worked great :) . I ecspecially found the slip indicater helpful to let you know if your slipping when you don't know it. Anyways, how does the Xterra perform in snowy/icey conditions? :confuse:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Lots of shots of the 2006 Xterra.

    Interactive Video Tour

    Steve, Host

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  • That interactive tour was fun and awesome. :) Very informitive. :) Thanks for sharing!
  • randrewsrandrews Posts: 2
    Just got an Xterran and love it, handles great on and off road, on dry, wet, or snowy terrain. I started hearing a humming coming from the rear of the car. Took it in and when I did the took the read pumpkin apart (where the rear axel and drive shaft meet from my understanding) and the gear oil in there was black. They are replacing the rear end of my car as we speak. Has this happened to anyone else, or has anyone ever heard of this problem, and is it reoccurring? Thanks, Ryan
  • randrewsrandrews Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2006 Xterra and love it. It is great on, and off road in any conditions, it is great in snow and mud. I have had a problem that I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing, I had a humming noise in the rear of my car when going between 40 and 60. I took it in and they said that when they took the pumpkin (from my understanding where the drive shaft meets the rear axle) off the rear axle and the gear oil was charred. The are replacing the whole rear end free of charge for me. Has anyone else has this problem or heard of it? It is recurring? I have less than 4000 miles on my car and I'm surprised that I'm already having problems.
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