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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Finally... good luck with the new X.. good way to start the new '01.

    As far as the gas cap, usually they are available at the online stores ( or ) I just noticed recently they now specify that they are for 2000 only. I can't understand why, but I've read '01 owners having problems with the caps, what Nissan changed in the filler thread is unknown.. Looks like you would be better off waiting a bit, and checking online every so often.
    Unless you are getting it to avoid some fool from putting something in your tank, ( or stealing it for some unknown reason ), you can put it as a priority.. If you are worried someone will syphon the tank, they can't.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    The great gods of the board must have put in the fix, you can sign in and post in one shot...
  • Hope you get your X soon. Here in NY, we don't have to pay property tax on our vehicles every year, just sales tax when purchased. I lived in VA for a short while and was SHOCKED AND APPALLED at the property tax concept.

    I wish everyone and their X a happy and SAFE holiday.
  • anyway, like i was trying to say before...i have NO idea if my last post posted...i have about 4600 miles on my '01 X and was wondering if you guys had any advice on oil changes and maintenence etc...i know that i read in the owner's manual that under normal wear and tear that every 7500miles is okay, but i don't know if i believe that or not...i don't feel comfortable going 7500 miles w/o an oil change. i drive it pretty hard, about 60 miles a day. i think i'm gonna get it changed right after X-mas (no pun intended!!!) what do you guys think and when do you guys get it changed???

    anyway, here's to wishing you guys a Happy Chanukkah, Merry X-mas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Joyous Festivus :) which ever applies!!
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    7500 sounds about right for normal conditions. when you say you drive it hard for 60 miles a day, do you mean dirt? stopngo traffic? in those cases, change as soon as 3000miles. as long as you do regular changes every 3500-7500 miles, you'll be fine.

    synthetics will let you extend that time out. if you are 'driving hard' often (as in alot of off-road driving) and have to change sooner anyway, buying synthetic would be a waste of $.

    most people do major overkill on the oil changes somehow believing that the local jiffy lube knows more about their car/truck than the manufacturer... $ and time down the toilet, imo.
  • I may be one of those people who do major overkill but I change my oil and filter every 3,000 miles or so. It seems like very cheap insurance to me. I don't have to worry about what kind of driving I'm doing, extreme, dusty, whatever. The manual describes the different conditions that warrant changes at 3,000 v. 7,500.
  • Greetings everyone. Seems these X machines are good at producing strange sounds. I've read about lots of them, but none seem to describe the one mine is making. I have a 2001 XE manual. Ever since I rolled it off the lot, I have heard a real annoying sound when the engine is under load. In the range of about 1500 to 2200 RPM I'd say. It seems to be coming from the right side of the engine compartment and sounds most like some sort of baffle. When I looked around in that area, I did find a baffle that might be suspect, but my attempt to dampen the noise was unsuccessful.

    Naturally, when I complain to the dealer about it, I get the usual B.S. response (Could not duplicate customer complaint..) This is horsecrap.

    I think there is more brainpower, interest, innovation and solutions in this user group than the 'pros' at the Nissan dealer have to offer.

    So there you have it. Go for it! And, THANKS in advance!

    P.S.- I preferred the old format on this board better, myself.
  • To continue... I don't think I gave enough detail about the type of sound. It's sort of like a buzzing and rattle combined. But not a real high pitched sound. Sort of muffled, I'd say. And it definitely doesn't sound like large heavy parts are involved.. That's why I say it may be some piece of sheet metal or something.
  • Just gave myself a little X-mas present and bought my 2001 SE 4x4 Auto in Cloud White. I after getting deals of about $25,000 I found one for $23,000. Pissed off one dealer in the process, I would not recommend MidCity Nissan in Chicago after that experence (have to write Nissan about that). Anyways I've been driving my X for 3 days now and I love it. Its seems wierd now when I get in the Saturn that I have been driving for almost 9 years now.

    Now I have to find the R/C Xterra. :)
  • Sounds like it might have to do with a heat shield. From what I remember of other posts, a wiring harness may be rattling against a heat shield or something, I don't recall exactly because I didn't personally have the problem. If that's what it is, people fixed it by ziptying(?) the harness out of the way. Hopefully, someone else will jump in with more conclusive info for you.
  • Though I haven't experienced the problem, people have been complaining about a rattle that appears to be coming from the dash. However, the rattle is actually due to a loose cruise control cable in the engine compartment (if I remember correctly) and after zip-tying the cable, the rattle disappears. I suppose that during acceleration, the engine vibration could be causing this cable to rattle, causing you to hear the sounds you do. Trying tying this cable down to see if this fixes the problem. If not, I don't really know what else to tell you since you're the first I'm hearing of this type of rattle.
  • Hi all. My 97 Jetty was stolen about 3 weeks ago, and now I am looking at new cars. I have always wanted an SUB, but I want a smallish one. I am accustomed to a V6, and I am in my car ALL THE TIME. Is there anything you can tell me, (good or bad) about the I? I really like it, but know nothing about SUB's and need a little guidance. Do any of you have the V6, and can you tell me anything about how it drives and if there are any major recurring problems with the vehicle at all? Thanks so much!
  • I really don't spell like that! (Jetty = Jetta) (SUB = SUV) (I = X)
  • I have a 4x2 SE 2000 5spd and while pulling up behind a car at a 4 way stop on the most icy/slippery roads yet the other day, I pressed the brake pedal but the truck did not respond...instead it made a thumping vibrate noise ...the combination of the car in front of me and no traction control, and the noise, was a bit of a scare and I released the brake and pressed it again...same thing happened. I was only doing about 5 MPH...luckily the car in front did not stop so I didn't have to and I slide over that slick spot with no problem, but my question is if the thumping is some kind of ABS feature or something...if I had not released the pedal would that thing have kicked in and grabbed some traction? Was the Xterra sensing that the tires had not traction? Do they do that?
  • go for the X!!! and stop using spellcheck!! ;) anyway, the X is the first SUV i've owned, and i absolutely love it!! i think about 99.999999% of the X's are V6's..the V4 is almost unheard of. i picked up a 2001 XE in Just Blue w/ all 3 packages, and paid $23,300 for it. if you can get a deal like xrugger, we would all be jealous!!! by the way how the hell did you get an SE for $23,000???? actually, i had an offer to pick up a 2000 SE in black for $21,000, but passed it up. :(
    anyway getting back to reddhedd, try to stick w/ the manual, the auto is a little sluggish. go w/ the 3 packages if you opt for an XE over the SE. I myself got out of my VW Passat lease to get into the X, so i do know that there is a transition phase getting out of the VW and into the X. I miss my little computers inside, and especially the outside temp. readout. but little sacrifices i have to make to drive my baby!!! anyway, i hope i helped out and i know that many other ppl on the board will give you more advice. Good luck!!!
  • should've gotten the 4x4!!! i had a similar thing happen to me...i was in 4WD and i had to jam the brakes, they did thump and studder, but that was the ABS. at least you didn't wreck your X!!!
  • Have you not played with your X and experienced the ABS in a non-emergency situation? The sound you describe is exactly what it should do. Go to an empty parking lot w/ snow/ice or after a rain and stomp (and hold) the brakes as hard as you can and see for yourself.
    As for the particular situation you described, don't expect ABS to stop you very well on ice. It's ice after all, and the ABS can't make it any less slippery. If there's no grip to be had, there's no benefit to ABS.

  • Also, don't start pumping your brakes in those situations. Pumping brakes that are equiped with ABS can actually increase your stop time regardless of how slippery it is. Press down as hard as you can and let the ABS do the pumping. I'm sure the ABS is a lot faster at pumping the brakes than your foot, so let it do its job.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    When it comes to stopping, 4x4 and 4x2 will have little difference. ( yes, a 4x4 can help to pull and push you out of a tight situation.. if you know how ) Ice is ice. no traction is no traction, hit the brake and close your ears.. it sounds just like a a bunch of loose parts when the ABS is kicking in and the pedal shakes.. but remember, the benefit is still being able to steer around objects. I've kicked in my ABS a few too many times, realized its a factor of tires grip as well.. real winter tires are on its way. I myself wished Nissan developed a smoother system.. at least if the noise was dampened somehow.
    Car to Truck.. lifestyle will tell you which to buy, X is still a great truck, I think the rest has been said.
    Anyone with a new ( 1st time ) SUV should find that empty parking lot, not only for the brakes, but all general driving abilities. Brakes, higher center, new size, new seating position vs. a car, all add up as differences you will have to pick up on before you hit the real road.. on or off..
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