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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • Did you ever get your rust issues resolved? I bought an '06 last year. Got a car was today and when I got home went to get stuff out of the back and noticed there were small rust spots all over the back hatch with bubbles around the window. So now I need to go to the dealer and try to "prove" that this should not be like this.

    I am hoping you had a positive outcome. It would be great to know so I could use your experience to help me.

  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I've seen only 1 Ea '09 at my local dealer. Given the very low sales of SUVs these days and vehicles in general, I'll bet dealers are reluctant to order them for stock.

    When I went to see the '09 at my dealer, the salesguy was first and foremost interested in where I worked and how long I'd worked there. I thought it odd and only afterward did it occur to me that he was checking my potential creditworthyness before spending time with me! Sheeesh.

    My wife is interested in a 6-Speed 4x2 in S Trim. The downside of Xterra is that it's a bit wide for our garage, it's fuel economy isn't all that attractive and it's priced at a level that is more than we wish to pay. If March '09 brings better incentives, we might take a 2nd look.
  • Just bought 2001 xterra..heard about performance chips for better pep and or gas mileage. Has anyone had any success with a mod chip or other device that you can recommend? Love the truck..Just want alil more ZOOM from it if possible...Thanks

  • asaasa Posts: 359
    You can probably special order one to suit. I couldn't find the Frontier I wanted three years ago and ordered it. Took about eight weeks as I recall, no problems.
  • if it matters im north of boston at a nissan dealer and 1 have 1 xmodle 4x4 with nav
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Does anyone know why the Xterra only offers part-time all wheel drive?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I'm not sure, but perhaps it's more durable and/or is less expensive to produce.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Xterra is a truck, not a crossover. The front diff is always locked when in 4x4 which makes it much more capable when off road
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    My jeep liberty with selec-trac has both full time and part time awd. I would have bought the xterra if that option was offered. I never go off road but could. Using the part time really restricts you to very severe traction conditions. The drive train binds up in turns if the traction improves. Oh well -- corporate knows best. Just a note. I recently swapped out the shocks on my liberty for bilsteins and the improvement was dramatic. The ride is less jittery with better control and grat dampening. Rides like a euro suv. You can get them for xterras for 239 a set free shipping at
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Is it RWD other times?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Yes rear wheel drive until I engage the shift lever which has part time and full time options. there is also a super low setting for climbing rough terrain very slowly. The all wheel drive is not 50/50 but the part time locks the wheels so they all are turning together which is a problem when turning on good traction surfaces.I assume that is also the case with the 4x4 xterra. Get a set of bilsteins and you'll never trade in your xterra.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Yes, it definitely is a problem on X as well as on any other truck with always locked front diff. In fact, I've seen pics of cracked front diffs which happens when you drive with them locked on dry pavement too much.

    I got Off Road edition - it comes with nice set of shocks. Probably not quite as good as bilsteins but they'll do for now :) I will consider replacing them with something better when it's time to get them replaced though.
  • ditto204ditto204 Posts: 1
    I bought window deflectors straight from Nissan for my 2008 Exterra; and although I have directions, a couple of the diagrams are impossible to understand. They have the glue tape and metal brackets that connect to the top of the window. Can anyone tell me if these are SUPPOSED to be positioned about 1/2" BELOW the top of the door opening? Seems like they'd look best if they were mounted along the top of the door. Could anyone send me a picture of how the finished product looks on their vehicle? If I can see what it's suppose to look like when done, think I'll understand better. I'm afraid to begin the process for fear of messing it up! Thanks!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    The 2010 Xterra goes on sale in August 2009. Revisions for 2010 include:

    Xterra S model with manual transmission no longer available

    Technology Package content standard on SE and OR models

    Revised X Gear Package content, now standard on S and SE models

    Simplified exterior color selection (six available colors)
  • xt200kxt200k Posts: 2
    pro's good on raod
    1 good off road
    2 happy with the bf goodwich tires rugged trail tires 265 65 17, yes iv'e tired other
    3 tires but these work the best for me
    4 ok on road 17 -18 on hwy 14 - 16 in city
    5 i go off road alot and it brings me out the ditch each time.
    6 i use full syn castrol and only change oil every 7 - 9 k miles.
    7 i do a once a year complete service of change all belts, hoses, and fluids.
    8 and at 200k i finally got to change the o2 sensors.
    9 ive only changed the spark plugs once around 100k ago.
    10 no paint fading, some chips here and there ; got to hate the road debris
    11 on my 3rd set of front brake pads and rotors but still on the org back set!
    12 no major problems with suv
    13 after market tow system from nissan
    14 tows what i need to tow here and there
    15 all windows go up and down with ease

    1 driver seat fading color from seating in it so long.
    2 the arm rest on front doors the paint shows wear and tear and hardly any body
    3 rides shot gun.
    4 the trim around the gauges, glove box, and radio are fading; and im a neat freak
    5 when it comes the cleaniness.
    6 the cd button on player is loose and i rarely touch it!
    7 sunroof bolt that holds latch had to be adjusted
    8 had to replace wiper hose and nozzle, some thing made it back up on the passenger side only
    9 rust under the back end above the spare tire
    10 rust on the transmission dip stick

    and for those that complain about gas mileage, its an suv not a car not a hybird, so you pay for what you get
  • xt200kxt200k Posts: 2
    its your catalytic convertor gone bad, look under the suv towards the middle and its a round housing with two cicrles, thats whats makeing the noise.
  • sousapsousap Posts: 2
    i want to put a 3 inch suspension lift on my xterra i gut a 2002 3.3 auto and it goes good i own it for a year now and it had 78000 miles on it when i gut it paid $10'000 for it and put 18000 miles on it so far not bad and when i put it in four wheel drive goes real good want good tires for it for on road and off road can anyone help me i found a lift kit for$1050 not bad but what do you think on lifting it or not :confuse:
  • fsantfsant Posts: 1
    I live in Mexico and their roads are full of speed bumps. My xterra seems to bottom out when I go over these bumps without a load. If i am carring passengers in the rear I almost eject them from their seats. How do I fix it??????
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