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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    I too, considered the 4 cylinder but the salespeople really discouraged it. As I thought about how few actually order the 4, I realized that if I ever wanted to resell the thing, I probably would have a major problem on my hands.

    Now, having driven one with a 6 in it, I definitely say I would have made a mistake. I'm not griping about the power the V6 delivers, but with a 4 cylinder, I probably would be..

    There ya go...!

    Hey xcanuk, think the group should order zippy ties in bulk, say 500,000 at a time and get a major discount? We could probably get them in colors to match our X's with a big ' X ' stamped on them to boot. What do you think?? When I start pulling my boat, I think I'll use zip ties as secondary safety chains. \_/

    Later gaters
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Answer: Duct Tape.. Zip Ties.. and a swiss army knife..

    Question: Name 3 things you always need in an X.

    I just picked up another load of zip ties.. all sizes.. all colors.. think I'm going to color code all the fixes and mods.
  • low3low3 Posts: 2
    I got a chance to ride along with a friend who drives for DC. on a test of the Jeep Liberty. We ran it in northern Michigan recently, during some snow and off road trials.As an Xterra Owner, I must admit that this thing is going to be very very serious competition for the X, if it is prices where they say it will be. It is slightly smaller, but very roomy, and the interior is great. Highway ride is better(I think because the rear axle is coil sprung, not leafs, and off road, well, all I can say is that it was stunning. I have always been a fan of the old school solid axle for serious trail work, but bought the X because it offers very good off road, with better on road(for the giirl friend who complained about my old bronco!) In a very short time, the Liberty made a believer out of me as to Jeeps new IFs system. Hate to say it, but after riding in the Jeep, I wish I had waited. It is just that good.BTW. I am having some paint problems along the edge the drivers side door. Lots of bubbling and some peeling. It is a 2000, solar yellow. Paint is peeling all along the lower edge, and bublbubblingthe side. Already had it fixed once, but now it is doing it again. We have had tons of snow here this year, and I am worried it may be the salt. Any Ideas?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Wait till the Liberty gets a few miles under it's belt and the patented DC/Jeep self-destruct mode activates. My 1993 Pathfinder SE has 121,000 miles on the clock and is still tight and rattle-free. Find a 1993 Jeep you can say that about- even when it was new. If I were you, I would not enjoy serving as a beta tester for a domestic automaker.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Hey low3, not so fast to think you made a mistake. Jeep has had lots and lots of maintainence and reliability problems. Give it a while and you'll probably be seeing a number of Jeep skeletons on the sides of the roads..

    As far as your paint peeling, have you tried zip tying the paint back to the metal? Actually, that's not a laughing matter. I think with the car that new, you should have no problem getting it fixed once and for all. Just don't take no for an answer.

    I like xcanuks 'three things needed for an X ' Makes me think about the brochure that said the X eliminated the need for the Swiss army knife. This is probably not quite true. I think the X just created the need for a Swiss Army ' TTURDD ' That stands for Three Totally Useful Repair and Deliverance Devices '

    Hey, can we get into trouble if this humor is not widely appreciated? Might get X'ed out of here, huh?
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Hey low3, me again. You know, since your X is Solar Yellow, I believe there is a special clause in the Lemon Law that gives you especially good redress against the manufacturer. Check it out!
  • I'm in the Northeast also and I would not recommend a 4x2 if you're going to do any significant driving in snow. Even with the limited slip, the X is only as good (or bad) as any other very heavy 2wd vehicle in snow. That is, not so great, IMHO. I would already have been stopped dead in my tracks without 4WD and in fact, I just put some Bridgestone Winter Duelers on to get whatever traction advantage I can.

    As far as the 4 cyl. is concerned, I agree with the other comments above. I think resale might be a real problem with both a 4 cyl and 2wd.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Which size duelers did you end up with ? I'm still happy I made the switch.. the X was good last winter.. now its excellent.

    BTW.. a little heads up.. the battery is sitting in a plastic tray which doesn't have any drain holes, mine was sitting in 1/4" of water from road spray I guess. Might be worth it to pull the battery and drill a few holes into the tray. In my case, there was a little calcium building up because of the salt from the roads.
  • low3low3 Posts: 2
    Oh, I don't think I made a mistake(besides the paint, at least), but It would have been nice to compare. I base my thoughts purely from a performance stantpoint, not any reliability issues. In truth, while we may not want to admit it, reliability is a different issue than durability, which is rearely a rarely a problem even in the least "reliable" vehicle. Even in the least average reliable vehicles, the indiivdual has a low average chance of running into any major problems. Jeeps have indeed a poor reputation when it comes to the fit and finish, yet, they are tough as nails on the big things, like drivetrain, 4x4 system, durability. I guess that is where it counts in my book, not if a squeak or two pops up, or the heater stops working(well, this winter, that may be a problem). My last vehicle was an original bronco, had it for 3 years, no problems. I have also owned 2 jeep Cherokees, again, no durability problems in over 100,000 miles on both. All 3 were domestic, and rock solid in the sticks, yet, were attrocious when it came to the little things like rattles, squeaks, and having the heaters quit after a few thousand miles. The new Jeep just felt very different, tighter, more refined even than the X, and unless they screwed up something major will be a big player in the market.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    I think I found a way for Spaz to have a Solar Yellow Xterra in the City while still keeping a low profile:

    Buy removable "Taxi" stickers
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    does that mean he has to get the neoprene "beaded" seat covers as well ?
  • Hi all,

    I must say, there is a very different tone when reading the posts here than in the Montero Sport area...seems everyone here pretty much is happy about their Xterra...can not say the same for the Sports...I've been looking to replace my 94 Pathfinder for awhile now, partly due to crash test results given we now have a yng child and plus, hell, it's been 6+ years. It's been great but I don't want to drop another $30K+. I saw a couple used 2000 Xterra at the Nissan dealer and it was the first time I really thought about getting one...There all about $20K with about 30K miles...does that sound like a decent deal? How do you guys really like your Xterras? I really wont be going off road that much, does the ride on highway suffer much compared to others?

    I've considered a Tribute of Santa Fe but I hate to jump into that unproven reliablility...

  • Thanks for all your posts. They helped me make my decision and I haven't regretted it once. If anyone wants to purchase an X in Florida, I recommend Firkins Nissan in Bradenton. I purchased my 2001 Nissan (SE) Alpine green, over the phone based on internet quotes. It came with the automatic dimming mirror, (love it) flaps and the a/c filter. My price was $23,700 which was 1.5% above the invoice including the add-ons. They also delivered it to the house, which was cool. I have to fight my husband to even drive it, now he thinks its "his". I haven't let the dogs in it just yet, they'll want to drive it too! Anyway, if you are thinking about purchasing one of these trucks, go for it!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    srushing- Do you like your Pathfinder?
    The 94 Path was based on the "hardbody" style Nissan pickup. Then the hardbody became the Frontier. The Xterra is a Frontier SUV Thus= mechanically, the Xterra is the same as your Pathfinder. Same frame, engine and most of the mechanical bits. The crash ratings are OK- a bit better than most of it's competition but not as good as the BMW or Mercedes
  • Tires - I got the P265/75/R15s for the X and the other vehicle in the house ('01 Frontier Crew Cab) got 265/75/16s. Fortunately, I only had to pay for the tires for the X. They came to just over $500 mounted and spin balanced but I'm sure it will have been worth it. When we busted a taillight on the CC the other week sliding backwards down the driveway in the snow, the taillight alone cost $135 to replace. So bring on the snow!

    Much to my surprise though, I had to trim the front mudflaps on the X because the tires were rubbing at full lock. Thanks to posts on this and other boards about going to bigger tires, I knew exactly what was causing the awful grinding noise so I didn't panic, just went home and got out the grinder. :-)

    srushing, I don't offroad either, just some dirt roads and springtime mud, but I think the X rides very well on the highway and on rural roads. The steering is very tight and responsive and the ride is not overly trucklike IMO. A friend of mine had an '88 Pathfinder and I thought that ride was much rougher.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm a little surprised you had to trim, but I'm no tire expert on the sizes. My stupid Q is did you get winter rims as well, or just the tires ? A slightly different offset, even with the originals would cause rubbing. But at least you knew.. and knowing is half the battle.
  • after driving over the weekend, and using my EC mirror (which i LOVE btw), i've noticed one thing that really irks me. it seems to me that the objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear...just kidding...really though, it seems that the lights are showing up like i'm seeing double...anyone have this problem?? let me know...
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Less Vodka.. more coffee.
    This might be too simple.. ( I can't remember if the mirror has auto-dimming ) But you have a lever under the mirror to flip for day & night driving.. if it is flipped to night, you will see a ghost image. Try flipping it and re adjusting the mirror.
    If that doesn't work, drink enough Vodka until you see triple, and pick the image in the middle ( next to the pink elephant )
    Or learn to drive the European way.. whatsa behind you don't matter.
  • I ended up going to a local tire shop that had the winter duelers in stock. I had them mounted on the rims on the truck. I'll put the Long trails back on in the spring. Ideally, I'll find a set of used stock rims so I can have both sets of tires permanently mounted and change them myself. I was going to buy a set off someone from the xoc board but he just e-mailed me to say he sold them to someone else. :-(

    I guess the 265/75s were just enough wider than stock, or maybe the shoulders are more square, causing the rubbing. Or, who knows, maybe my torsion bars are out of spec. No rubbing now though.
  • no problem...i'm marrying into a russian family, so the vodka is not a does have auto dimming, and even when i turn it off i still see double...maybe i've been drinking too much vodka, or beer in celebration of my New York Football Giants 41-0 victory yesterday!!! go Big Blue!!!
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