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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • I have a new X with 2000 miles. I know until it is warmed up there is white smoke, but after 400 miles on the highway it is still smoking when I come to a stop at a red light. It does not matter what the outside temperature is.

    I have not done the first oil change.

    Any thoughts...Concerned
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    You didn't put Vodka in your gas tank did ya, climber2?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I shouldn't be such a wise a$$. I sort of remember blue smoke means burning oil, white smoke > cold condensation burn off. I don't think you meant you drove 400 miles straight with it smoking ? Does it gradually wear off or die off? What is the engine temp. when it does ? If it smokes while engine temp. is below normal and its cold and humid.. mine smokes white a little longer.
  • Sorry about that...darn IE...

    I've gotten a quote for a new X, 2001, Sprt package, power package , utility package and mats and splash grds. I am not sure if it included automatic but am asking. The quote was for $ that good or can I do better?

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    4x4 or not ??? + .. automatic will add or subtract $ 1,000. ( at least ) either way.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Smoker- Did you check the coolant level?

    Srushing- Not knowing if it's a 4x4 or an Automatic leaves out over $3000 of information. Kind of hard to give feedback.
  • My new 2001 XTerra was delivered to me 2 weeks ago; SE, 4WD, V6 3.3, Black, AT....I love it! I previously had an '89 Pathfinder(193K miles/no major problems!) which I was very happy with, but couldn't afford a brand new one. I decided to stick w/Nissan and was impressed w/ the X. I was a little concerned about previous posts of a "weak engine", but I put it to the test on several long hills in my area, and it had more than enough power for me. The titanium dash and gauges look really cool; and the 6-disc CD changer and 6 speakers sound great! However, I am experiencing the gas gauge problem as I've filled up a few times already, but the needle doesn't go past 3/4 full. I'll be taking it in to the dealer soon. Thanks for the previous posts, fellow X-owners, as it helped me in my buying process. I was also looking @ GMC Jimmy and Jeep Cherokee, but I'm very happy with my purchase!

    G-Man in California
  • good luck w/ your new X!! the fuel gauge has been a very commonly discussed topic recently. luckily i haven't had that problem yet, mine goes half way through the F, and miraculously goes to 1/4 in about a day or two!!! something's wrong with it!!! actually, i'm a little upset that i'm only getting in between 15 and 15 1/2 mpg. i put in the K&N air filter, no difference in gas mileage, but soon due for my first oil change, and i will put synthetic in.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Here's the new supercharged Xterra engine being tested in a honda...


  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I've been too lazy to take my X in to the dealer over a funky gas gauge. G man and others - I'm interested to hear what the dealer says about yours if you get in before I do. Keep us posted!

  • White smoke: I think it depends a lot on the humidity. I have quite a bit of smoke too when I stop for a red light, even if I have just gotten off the highway after going 100 miles or so. I'm in the cold Northeast. If its damp and in the 30s or even the 40s, I see a fair amount of smoke when I stop no matter how well warmed up the engine is.

    On the other hand, really billowing clouds of white smoke can mean a blown head gasket or cracked head. I do not mean to scare you by saying this because I can't imagine a new vehicle would have these problems. I know from experience, a blown gasket or cracked head gives other signs too, like marked loss of power going uphill. The smoke is really intense, you could use it as a special effect in a horror movie and hide half a dozen large monsters.

    I heard or read somewhere that you can tell something about whether you're burning oil not only by the color of the smoke coming out of the tailpipe but also by putting your finger or a piece of white paper in the tailpipe (when it has cooled down, of course). If you come away with an oily, greasy mark, that may indicate burning some oil. If the mark is just smudgy and dusty, you're OK.
  • Sorry guys, didnt realize I left out that much stuff...any..

    It's a 2001 Xterra XE, 4x4, automatic, Sprt package, power package , utility package and mats and splash grds. Accoridng to Edmunds, a fair value would be somewhere around $24300....I've got $24,150 as the quote...does that seem like a pretty good deal?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm starting to think this gas tank affair is connected more to the 2001.. I think I've read all of maybe two 2000 owners with a faulty gauge over the past year, but there seems to be several of you with the same problem now.. are all of yours 2001 ?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    We can link pics... just testing

    ok.. that didn't work.. how did you do that gonzo ?
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Hey there, xcanuk. My gas gage problem is on a 2001. If this goes back to last year, it makes you wonder why Nissan hadn't weeded the problem out yet. Perhaps they figured we'd fix it with the TTURDD kit. Zip ties, for those of you not up to speed on the posts..

    On another matter, I seem to have a new rattle of my own. This is in the RR door or seat, it seems. Sound familiar to anyone? I don't think I've read about this one. Already checked for loose Vodka bottles, boxes of twisties, etc. and can't find the culprit. Anyone with an idear can chime in.

    Thinking about the white smoke problem the one person was writing about... I do know that some rocket engines put out white smoke. Maybe an experimental high horsepower engine made it into a production X. In such case, that model will be called the X-15.

    Outa' here.
  • Hi guys,

    I was thinking, given that I'm getting the upper end XE, is it worth going ahead and just getting the SE? I think it's only about $500 more than what I'm going to be paying for the XE with Sprt/Utility and power packages. I know I get the sunroof that from what I read is a waste, but is there any other REAL difference? If not, has anyone installed an aftermarket sunroof in the X?

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    If it is only a matter of 500, I'd go for the SE.. there is a bigger difference between the 01 XE & SE.. ok still the useless sunroof.. you still might get to use it though.. upgraded stereo with the indash 6 pac.. ( I'd still like one of those ) then the leather, dash, and seat upgrade and a few other little bells and whistles. On a loan.. 500 doesn't increase your payments all that much.

    Another back seat rattle.. check 2 areas first..
    One: The locking loop the seat back sets into.. sometimes loose, sometimes not aligned right.
    Two: look at the bottom crease behind the seat backs.. the rear cargo carpet attaches to the frame with little plastic caps.. some of them work loose and will rattle.. just snap them back.

    And keep the vodka in the basket.. it tastes better when chilled.
  • I believe that there was an issue with a rattling fuel line clip under the rear seat. Another quick fix, but you may have to remove (unbolt) the rear seat to get to it. I am sure someone will post more details - it was a fairly common discussion a while ago.
  • what kind of upgrades do you get in the SE?? for all i knew was the leather steering wheel w/ radio controls, P.O.S. sunroof and stereo. also, the titanium dash is awesome looking!!!
    i was driving last night, and yep, i heard it for the very first time..RR seat/door. i'll check out the clips and seat hook.

    by the way, i figured out what i'm getting for my personalized plates: SPOILDX
    my fiancee isn't too happy w/ it b/c i spoil my X more than her!! :) oh well...
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