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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    Can you go through auto car washes with the racks? Does ANYONE have experience using the gear basket above the sun roof? Why did they design it like that? Do you love your sunroof? Any short owners who have probs using the racks..Angie
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Dang, you read a lot, and you got wit.. welcome aboard. Although you “can” offroad in Florida, ( I guess there are some rough Walmart parking lots there ) I think you can live with the 4x2.. and since the most popular choice is still to go 3 pak, you’ll end up with the LSD, so that solves that part.. The X has the right amount of torque to handle you boat situation. The 4x4 give you an advantage in extremes.. snow, off roading etc but it doesn’t sound like you will be facing these challenges.
    I’ve driven 4x4’s for a long while as well, and except for normal maintenance, I don’t think I had extra bills because it was a 4x4, but if you don’t need it.. its not any less an X.
    I don’t know if an R/C will pull a R/C boat.. but it will pull a dog water bowl 20 feet.. or until the dog really gets fed up of it.

    Mindie.. please don’t use yuppie-mobile and X in the same sentence.. that word is reserved for 4runners, Durangos and Blazers
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    what the hell happened to that post ?? looks like I was swearing all the way through it...
  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    Its safe to go through most car washes but I have found that they dont get my X clean....all the ins and outs combined with the racks keep the car wash from getting into all the nooks....Its a good place to start but you will probably have to do a good amount of hand work......Mike
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    About that post - did you compose it somewhere else, then paste it into the post box? I've seen reports that composing a message in Word, then pasting it here gives that result.

    Using a simple text editor like Notepad instead of something like Word doesn't cause the issue. Hope this helps.

    SUV Message Board
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Dank U.. that was the case.. funny the inserts only happened after posting and not pasting.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    FWIW, you do have some time to edit the message after it's been posted - for about 30 minutes you will see an Edit button at the end of the title line. That would have given you an opportunity to take that stuff out (looks like it was codes for apostrophes), but what a pain!

    Try Notepad.

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  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    By the time I came back, my 30 minutes were up, D'oh... That is what I get for posting off line, double D'oh !!
    Nice to know the god's here are still reading our triple d'oh's posts.
  • I've got a 2001 X with General Grabber tires. P26570r15. I cant find chains that will fit. I've been told several times that that tire size is new. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • Well, a day after taking delivery of my 01 SE Xterra, we put it on the road and headed to the coast...I didn't get it off road but it handled the trip well. My only problem is that my X LIKES to cruise about my gas milage was not as good as it could have was a little over 16 mpg. Other than some seat cushions, I think I'm set...
  • At the Dealer? or did you do it after the fact? I want leather but would rather not go through the dealer, but my wife wants it done asap. What do you suggest?

  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Oh, don't think that I let them get away with the yuppie-mobile name calling. I think I had more fun making fun of the wiring on the Jeep - tail lights kept going on and off, sometimes wouldn't light with the brakes, turn signal made all 3 back lights blink at different rates... it was quite amusing.

  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I don't recall many of us adding leather to our Xs. The dealers generally use an outside shop to install the leather seats, so you might be better off finding a shop on your own instead of paying the dealer as a middle-man. Someone else might have more insight though - I never even considered putting leather in my X.

  • I found a dealer (after hours) with some X's on the lot ... one of which was unlocked.

    To make a long story short ... I fit! which was a concern of mine seeing as I'm 6'4" and 325lbs -- really limits the kinds of cars I can comfortably ride in let alone drive.

    Now for some all important questions ...

    1.) I would like a base 4WD and because the wife needs to be able to drive it, it should have Automatic Tranny, in addition, I'd like to have A/C and tow hitch. Are there any packages which include these items or packages you owners out there would call "Must Haves"?

    2.) Can driver's side seat rails be lengthened for even more leg room?

    3.) I have NEVER owned a vehicle other than from the domestic big 3. With that said, what is the durability of the Nissan's and the Xterra's specifically ... what ever I buy I want it to last a long time. Will these puppies last with minimal maintenance? What are your experiences?

    4.) XTERRA OWNERS ONLY! ... What is your opinion of this vehicle? Would you buy it again?

    5.) Lastly, if the dealer doesn't have what I want on the lot, have any of you been able to order the vehicle and not end up paying retail? Any pointers would be appreciated!

    Thank You for your assistance.

    Tim James
    Uniontown, Ohio
  • there's a string on the site that was just discussing special orders. nissan doesn't want to hear about it...besides that, i've heard a few people say they have extended the seat rails.
    in so far as the must have's, go w/ the XE b/c the SE has too many "don't really needs" as i see. basically, the power and utility packages are your basic minimum buy, but when i was purchasing my X, back in Oct. 2000, the dealer couldn't find an XE w/ power/utility for the life of him (with a manual tranny) there might be some out there w/ autos, i don't know. the sport package gives you fog lights, LSD (limited slip diff) if you're going off road, and a few other goodies. but not ALL of them are MUST HAVE'S...
    if i were to run my X to the ground (which seems to be REALLY hard to do...) i'd without a question get another one. as a matter of fact, when my fiancee's (will be wife at the time) Accord is paid off, she wants to get a 2002/03 Xterra, they're adding on the supercharged engine (heresay???) so i'll drive the new one, and she'll get my '01!!! in shorter terms, I LOVE MY X!!!
  • ksm2ksm2 Posts: 1
    I called five dealers in my area and was basically told the same thing by all but one. Nissan doesn't like special orders and you can't find the XE4x4 with anything less than the 3-pac auto or manual. Don't know what the one who disagreed was all about. I got such a good deal on an auto XE 4x4 power/sport/utility that I didn't follow-up with him. Traded in an Avalon so this takes some getting used to, but I already like it more than the Toyota.
  • I'm not new to Edmund's, but new to this topic. The time has come where marriage and kids no longer make having a convertible sports car practical. I really like the Xterras and have heard some good things about them

    Anyone give me any advice on what they think of thiers, any options you feel you should have or havent gotten?

    I am looking for the 6 cyl. 4wd. I belive it's the SE or the sportier edition . I've been told that I should be able to get a decently loaded one for under 25,000. I want a manual, would like the power windos and locks, doesn;t matter about leather. Does the radio have an in dash CD or doI have to order the changer in order to get a CD pplayer in the vehicle?
    ANy advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I think you will get quite a few positive reviews here.. Its a good little "truck"
    If you are looking at the SE's, you get all the bells and whistles.. no leather. Good storage space, get the neoprean seat covers and you X is kid proof. Although I don't have kids, enough of them travel with me, and the higher rear seats makes it a treat for them.
    Stroll over to the Nissan Site and you'll see the long list of equipement you do get.. if you don't need/want the sunroof, go with an XE 3 pak.
  • jkrammjkramm Posts: 3
    i'm in the market for a new suv. i'm almost certain on the X. does anyone have the mineral blue color? also is it difficult to remove the basket to use the sunroof? thanks
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    as difficult as undoing 4 thumb screws and lifting.. just remember to put the screws back in to keep them sealed
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