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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    I have 1700K miles and the rims ar really dirty..I guess the brakes are breaking in?? Is this normal? Annie
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    small amount will always come out, also depending where you live..( salt air etc ) might increase it a bit.
  • 1) Drove it home very carefully twitching with excitement.
    2) Looked it over top to bottom and underneath. Continued twitching.
    3) Went into house. Looked out window. Hopped up and down a few times.
    4) Found an excuse to go somewhere unnecessary in it.
    5) #4 continues to this day.

    Yes, there is a lot of brake dust, at least at the beginning.
  • chettt99chettt99 Posts: 10
    Just a caution for those of you who wear sandals. I was exiting a freeway today with my X and when I went to hit the brake the webbing of my sandal got caught by the edge of the plastic panel to the right of the gas pedal. After a moment of panic I hit the brake with my left foot and slowed downed in time. Had a car been in front of me or if I had been in city traffic, I might not have been able to stop in time. I'll have to do something about it before I drive with sandals again. The panel should be longer. Are you listening Nissan????? harm done. I love my X.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369

    I just changed my oil to Mobil One after 1600 miles and noticed yellow fluid caked all over the engine compartment and under the hood.

    Immediately drove the X to my local dealer in Rockville, MD and they told me to "make an appointment." Are they on drugs or what?

    I insisted and they finally looked at the X -- guess what? There is a crack somewhere in the engine that is causing the coolant to leak. It is not simply in a hose (I wish). The dealer wants to "replace" the engine and I am called Nissan to replace the entire vehicle. Will know more tomorrow.

    Apparently, some Xs have this same issue, but Nissan is "hush hush" regarding the problem.

    So, to add to the common issues list, most Xs have the following problems:

    -- a fuel sending unit that registers 3/4 full even when empty
    -- a warped driver's side mirror
    -- faulty engines with hairline fractures
    -- A check-engine light that is triggered in the first 1,000 miles
    -- lousy tires that one aftermarket dealer said he would not put on his lawnmower! Actually, three dealers said things similiar to this. Nissan got a good deal on the General AWs and that is why they use an inferior tire.

    I should have purchased a Pathfinder!

    Does anyone know the Maryland Lemon Laws?

    Let the buyer beware!
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I don't see the connection between the oil change and losing coolant.. you are the first I've heard having to change to engine ( in over a year, following 4 X boards ).

    Dido on the warped mirror ( not sure if someone else had it )

    You are the only one that makes it a point of the lousy tires, granted they aren't offroad rubber, but even majority of other owners ( here and elsewhere ) are happy with them considering their limitations, yet you still haven't changed them.

    The engine light, generally came from the gas cap.. or 2001 owners trying the lockable versions ( which so far are only suited for the 2000 )

    The only real bug I've heard about is the 01 sending unit for the gas tank.. which seems to be fixed at the dealer rather readily.

    Not dogging you, hope there is a solution for you and get the right fix.. or lemon law trade.
  • etings1etings1 Posts: 2
    There have been so many messages advising new buyers to consider getting a tire upgrade. Should I consider this even if I don't do any off road driving??? My typical day will be an hour commute round trip on the hwy.
  • wmtroutwmtrout Posts: 2
    Msiseng you have hit all the proverbial nails on the head,don't forget the whining rear end,which I had replaced the first month I owned my X (don't know if it would have been a problem or not but a new vehicle should not have a howling rear end).

    You are the fist that I have heard of with the hairline fractures in the engine block,I don't know if the new turbo would fit in a 01 but I would hint towards satisfaction with a new turbo for replacement.

    Don't get me wrong I love my X !!!

    As for the tires I think they are fine for the highway but I have had a terrible time off road. Slid sideways down a hillside into a tree and broke a rear light,slid sideways down a snow/mud ravin and broke a front mud flap,stuck a half dozen times in the snow(oh for the good old BuckShot Mudders).
    What do you more knowledgeable tire people have to say about a great highway tire that allso works off road?
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    My opinion/advice: Don't bother with the tire upgrade unless you get a lot of snow where you live. If you don't go offroad, there's really no reason to spend more money on them. Just buy something better when they do wear out. :o) I'm sure others will disagree, but that's why this is just my opinion. :o)
  • jack4108jack4108 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know what could be causing the Tach to rev up suddenly without me doing anything? The O/D Off indicator light comes on momentarily at the same time, then just as quickly everything goes back to normal. I am not pressing the button at all. This is a 2001 with only 550 miles on it and this has happened three different times thus far. Would just like to know what it could be - am going to take it back to dealer to fix, but would like to hear from this forum first. Thanks. We own two X's. A 2000 and this one (hmm, the 2002 looks good too!)
  • sounds like you need a car not an SUV!!!!
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    but if the O/D light is coming on, ( turning off your o/d ), depending on your speed, its downshifting your engine, and would spike your revs. Maybe a short in the switch ??
  • I disagree with msiseng. I do not think "most" Xterras have the problems referred to. I have had mine for a year and have not had a single one of those problems. I too have read all 4 Xterra boards for a year and these are NOT recurrent themes (except for the gas guage/sender unit and the check engine light if you don't tighten the gas cap).

    I think the stock tires are fine for on-road, sensible driving, i.e., no speeding in the rain or snow, cornering on 4 wheels, not 2, etc. I believe that the BFG Long Trails were rated as the best all-round SUV all-season tire by Consumer Reports (for what that's worth). Consider getting seasonal snow tires if the weather in your area warrants it and if you've got a place to store them.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    For all who responded, Nissan is changing part of the engine. Going to take three days. Have no clue how they can replace "part" of the engine, but that is what they say. Apparently, a piece that fits on the front of the engine cracked and spewed coolant all over the place. Nissan of America ADMITTED that this is an issue in some Xterras.

    Maybe I did not make myself clear before: I only noticed the fluid when I went to check the oil dipstick. That was the only reason for opening the hood. Imagine opening the hood of your beautiful X and seeing a total nightmare! Kind of like biting into a nice apple laden with worms!

    And the tires: if you do not believe me, that is your loss. Go to a good tire dealer and ask them about your General Grabbers! Additionally, try to off-road in them. As for being the only one who makes the point of lousy tires, check the historical posts. Moreover, check the XOC which you are a member of. Also, check MAXC. I do not know ANYONE except one lady on this board who claims the tires are ok for going off-road.

    Enough said. I am just frustrated that my beautiful New X lives in the shop more than it is on the road. Hope you can understand and that others reading this board think twice before buying.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    If you read the posts, myself as well as others are agreeing with you.. the original ( in my case LTrails ) are good tires, but missing in the mud and offroad. 9 times out of 10, you came on that they sucked. ( you don't bother to mention "when" for the most part ). There is a thread on XOC about original rubber.. most were happy with their usage and capabilities. ( Offroad not withstanding ) OK.. the horse is dead.

    As far as this engine, stupid Q.. have you ever lost your oil cap ?? ( another reoccuring problem for some X's ) The only reason I'm asking is a had a chat with another member.. keep losing his cap.. dealer ended up blaming faulty valve covers. ( how metal can strip before a plastic cap, I couldn't understand ) Never mentioned it because I wasn't sure of all the points to it. Maybe a connection to your problem??.. I am curious on what they do end up changing.
  • jmuthjmuth Posts: 4
    Just noticed on Monday that the rubber stripping on my wind deflector blew off somehow over the weekend. Note sure when...we did have 60+ mph winds this weekend here in SE Wisconsin, so I'm sure that didn't help. Over the past month or so, it had started coming loose once in awhile on one end, making this horrible flapping noise on the roof. Should have fixed it then, but I let it go. Anyway, I took off the wind deflector, and I think I may like the looks better anyway(with no gear basket), especially now that I can get some light through the sun roof. I would advise to check the stripping every so often, and if it does come loose, maybe put some tape or something in the groove so it fits more tightly.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    The rubber loss seems to come & go. Mine got loose when I stored the deflector up high in my garage, I think heat had something to do with loosening the bond. Black silicon caulking does the trick, hasn't budged since..
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Thanks for the comments. The X is still in the shop. Apparently, the dealer is replacing parts of the engine. Nissan of America is involved and I am happy with their customer service and follow-up.

    Am not sure exactly what they are replacing as the dealership story changes daily, but Nissan Of America promised to replace the X and do something special regarding an extended warranty if the situation is not corrected this week.

    Yes, my X still has the oil cap. Now that I am friendly with the people at Nissan of America, I know about many of the X's problems. My engine crack is not typical as I originally thought, but the other issues listed in historical posts remain issues.

    While no automible is perfect, I did expect more from Japanese quality control (even if made in the USA).

    Guess I just got a lemon ot the people on the assembely lines were having a bad day when my X was born?
  • I've always been intrigued about message boards centered around the cars we own - glad to now be part of a fine group of folks who know a thing or two about a great SUV and are willing to share the love.

    Had my silver '00 SE for over a year now and am finally getting around to the accessorizing game. Have the WAAG brush guard in black and am in search of cool-looking driving and/or fog lamps to put on its center ledge. Have some ideas on models from PIAA and Hella but I'm also wondering about how I'm going to turn these things on. Do I wire them to existing lamps (so I don't have to cut into the plastic dash) or do these kits come with a switch that hopefully won't cheapen the X's interior look? I just want a good looking job, in and out.

    Also, I have an approx. 4000 lb. boat and trailer that I plan on towing. I have the right hitch and I purposely purchased the automatic tranny per Nissan spec due to the load. What can I expect when towing? And answers like "better upgrade to the new X in the fall" are not acceptable - I couldn't bear the thought!

    Thanks all.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm rather curious about the final run down of that bill... it does sound like your X was built the day after the night before, just before the long week-end and put together by a temp worker.

    Extra lights.. if you are not replacing the existing ( rather weak ) fog lamps, you are looking at new wiring and a switch. I find it easy to wire from scratch anyway, and Piaa kits are complete and simple to install. The type of light depends on how and what you want to light... Piaa supplies a nice surface mount switch, so no cutting is needed, I've got a manual, so I made a bracket and mounted it at the base between the console and the shift boot, otherwise, I found it tough to find a good location. Try my site.. I have some pics how I installed mine, might give you some basics to follow.

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