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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • loux94loux94 Posts: 1
    Any suggestions for replacing the rear speakers at minimal cost? I don't know what type or brand to look for. I would like more treble and bass, but don't want to install a huge woofer. I prefer to put the new ones in the same cargo area speaker wells.

    I also must say that I've had my 2000 XE-3 Alpine green Xterra for a year and a half and love it--no problems and no regrets--only maintenance has been oil changes. I guess the only criticism is better rear sound.
  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    If you're having problems with rear sounds, see a proctologist, don't go blaming it on your X!
    ; D !

    Can anybody in the midwest recommend any offroad trails that I can get to from northern Illinois? I tried the XOC with no luck on suggestions. Want to test "ol blue out on some trails.

    Happy Memorial Day, everybody! (canadians, too)
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    We had our long week-end last week.. so we work Monday, keep the dirty side of the X down, but make sure to get the rest of it dirty as well.
    As far as speakers, try will give you a fit chart. People have been putting in Polk & Boston's. ( That sounds like an old rock group ) .. but if its good tunes you are after, work on the fronts first.. the rears are only fillers.
    Can't help with trails.. I know there are a few X's your way, but don't know where they go.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    It is of no use to put in new speakers if you have the weak 12 watt factory radio. As a very successful custom installer recommends, put in a new radio and see how the factory speakers sound. They may sound much better! The speakers are not bad, it is the radio that is the problem.

    Not knocking the Nissan radio as most manufactures use weak radios. They expect people who care to upgrade the systems. Cost savings at its finest.

    If you still do not like the sound, then replace the speakers after upgrading the radio. The wiring in the X is a total mess, so I suggest using a good professional and replace some of the wiring with a thicker guage. If the person is good, money should not be an issue.

    Again, at least we do not have the Escape. Take a minute to look at those posts.

    Hope this helps.....
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    The stock speakers are paper.. very low on the pole.. more people start with the speakers and let the stock radio drive them... speakers are what is going to cut out first before the radio.. and are the source of the distortion. I believe ( on the 01 models anyway, most head units are 100W ) But that's only my 2 cents.
  • nittanyxnittanyx Posts: 1
    Hey all, 1st message on the board. Thanks for all the info you post, I have been researching Xterras for the past few months and the posts were very informative. I am now the proud owner of a Cloud White, SE Xterra, 5 spd. This truck rocks! It is so nice and smooth ride. I think the power is fine. (I traded in a 92 Nissan SE King cab P'up, similar engine and trans, so I knew what I was getting).

    One question...has anyone had any issues with spilling windshield washer fluid on their grilles? When I bought mine, the grille had been stained around the refill port for the windshield washer fluid. The dealer replaced the grille and we looked in the owners manual and it says to use caution when refilling as full strength fluid will stain the plastic. Anyone heard of this, or had this problem? Other than that, this SUV is the best out there. I rode in my friends Cherokee and it was so small and the ride was terrible. She was jealous of my X!
    Anyway, thanks again for the info. Now I know what you guys have been bragging about!
  • silverxglidersilverxglider Posts: 125
    I've heard about this before. I think Nissan put a Technical Service Bulletin out about it for the dealers. I don't know what it says, or what is recommended though. I would check with the dealer. Maybe its something simple, like avoid a particular kind of fluid. I've not had a problem with mine. I just use whatever blue stuff is in the basement, or the yellow cold weather stuff in winter.

    Right now, the only "stains" on my X are water stains from the total washout Memorial Day weekend we are having in the northeast.

    Enjoy your new X! Another 5 speed owner. Welcome aboard!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Huh? Head units of 100 Watts? I do not think so, but this would be very cool if true. Maybe the guys who do the custom installs for the American Feds do not know what they are talking about, but they sure have a great repeat business! They gave me this advice.

    Anyway, just trying to save the other person money and trying to offer an alternative. Maybe this person should replace both the radio and the speakers?

    Only problem is the '01 SE radio controlls reside in the steering wheel. Trying to install a new radio to work with these controls is not an easy thing to do. This can get quite expensive unless you are well-adept and have the patience to do your own custom installs.
  • I would go with some upgraded speakers first. Just remember, you are in a truck on the road, so quality isn't a HUGE issue, but you can improve somewhat. You might be just as well off with some Walmart Jensens for that matter.

    Washout? Not on Cape Cod!!! I need an SUV!!! We went off the beaten path a few miles in our 96 Jetta, and finally had to back up about a mile and then turn around once we hit some deep ruts. Any decent 4X4 should/could have made it through. It was more a clearance rather than traction issue. Probably could have made it with a 2wd truck with positrack as well.

    In any event, the Cape is beautiful, and the weather was great!!!
  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    That's what it says here on Edmunds for the X. 100 watts output, so upgrading the speakers would probably be better (and easier). Just got a squeak in my accelerator pedal this weekend... shouldn't have mentioned no squeaks...darn, where's that WD40? and I guess I'll need some zip ties pretty soon.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Is the Edmunds article incorrect? The dealer told me 25 Watts today for the SE 6-disc CD Changer??? I am confused!

    If it is truly 100 Watts, then just change the speakers and the system should ROCK!

    The dealer also told me the owner's manual is WRONG pertaining to switching from 4WD high to 4WD low. The manual indicates the truck should be in NEUTRAL when makling this switch.

    Problem: the tramsmission is still spinning even if the vehicle is not moving and the gears grind when making this switch.

    Solution: To counteract this, put the vehicle in park to switch from 4WD high to 4WD low and vice-versa. I called Nissan, spoke to one of the engineers and he told me the same thing. Nice thing about Nissan is you can get an actual engineer on the phone.

    Hope this helps some people who think there is a problem when, in fact, the owners manual is wrong.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I don't know where I got the 100W rating, but 99% sure it was in the brochure.. '00 had two systems, depending if it was an XE or SE, '01 all got the same power.. but I'd have to dig out the info.

    Again I'm on the other side from you msiseng, I would "NOT" put the tranny in "park" while switching from 4H to 4L... ever bind your tranny while parked on a slope ? You'd be doing the same while switching 4H to 4L. ( unless you are on level ground ) In neutral & in park, the tranny is disengaged, so I don't see the advantage. If you're right.. I'm really unlucky because I don't have "park".. I drive a stick.
    To avoid the grind, do it quick, and pressing down on the 4H-L shifter helps. The only time I had trouble getting into 4L was when I realized a cup I had in the cup holder was stopping me from having full travel of the stick ( manual's have 3 cupholders up front, the 3rd one at the base of the shifter )
  • acioneacione Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone,

    First of all I want to tell you that all of you do an awesome job in posting info to this board. I was in the market for a car, and was checking around and fell upon this board a couple weeks ago. I read as many posts as I could, and yesterday decided to buy the 01' Xterra SE. This is my first new car!! Yeah.. I think I got a decent deal.. I paid 23K for it. let me know!!

    Thanks to all of you for your help. I also wanted to let you know that the Stereo is a 100 Watts as per the 01' Xterra booklet.


    1. Is there a break in period for the engine? any suggestions on how to take care of this engine from day one.

    2. I know this is a SUV and not meant for speeding but what speeds can this baby handle. I took it to about 65 yesterday and it didnt feel smooth, I am hoping it is because it is brand new and needs to broken in..

    3. Also does anyone have any info on the extended warranties. I did not get the one at the dealer thinking I coulf get it cheaper outside.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to reading and contributing info here.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Break in is about 1000 miles, its outlined in the manual ( which you should read ) basically being gentle with it and keeping it below 60. Consider your first oil change shortly there after.
    The first thing to check it the tire pressure, dealers are known for over inflating them. suggested is 26lbs ? (manual ).. I keep mine in the 32lb range. That would explain the rough ride.. (plus its a truck, so the ride will be a little different ) I've had mine up to 130kph (80mph) on some dry straight roads.. which also explains the sucky gas mileage.. its an easy cruiser at 120 (70mph)
    Extended warranty,.. check out they used to have the best deal.. but haven't checked their rates lately.
    Enjoy it..
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Congrats on your purchase! I hope you end up loving your X! I'll take a shot at your questions.

    1. Nothing official that I know of, except that I remember reading somewhere to avoid revving to/over 4000 rpm (at least with an automatic) for the first 1000 miles or so.
    2. When I first got mine, I thought it seemed rough over 65-70 mph as well. I think after you get used to driving and controlling it, that uneasiness goes away. I can handle 75-85 on flat roads with sparse traffic with no trouble. I've heard of others going faster.
    3. I don't have one myself, but I think you might find a good deal from and/or I know at least one of those sites has been mentioned before for warranty deals.

    Have fun X-ing!

  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    congrats! got my X in February and I'm still Xcited about it. I was pretty careful with the break-in process and didn't push the speed, but one other thing that the owner's manual mentions is to make sure to vary your speed during break-in. For me, with lots of everyday urban driving that was no problem but I made sure not to engage the cruise control for that first 10K. After that, you're cool. Hope you love it as much as I do, and remember to wave to your other Xpals.
  • edmundedmund Posts: 2
    100 watts refers to the stereo's PEAK power which which is only attainable at a small musical burst. The figure 100 comes from the sum of 4 channels (25 peak watts X 4 channels). Still, 25 watts per channel is a PEAK figure. It is often very misleading. The normal output or RMS power is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 watts per channel. If you were to upgrade the speakers you would notice a tremendous improvement in the sound.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    On my previous post of switching between 4H & 4L, I read a few posts where other X'ers do put it in park for an easy switch.. maybe I jumped the gun, sorry msiseng. I personally wouldn't do it, but some do. With manual tranny, I did find pushing down on the lever does help though.
  • radiogirlradiogirl Posts: 16
    Today I got an offer for an XE auto 4wd 3-pack for $23,400 plus taxes & tags (about 3.2% taxes, tags about $40.00). I went to the buying service's dealer and they gave me the same vehicle with floor mats, microfilter, body moldings, splashguards and that application package (inspection, stuff you don't need)for $24,186. Well, after taxes, the difference is as much as $800 for only $100-odd worth of options! The buying service dealer was very nice when I said I wanted to sleep on it and said that if I had any questions, to call him, since he didn't want to lose a deal over a few hundred dollars. I don't think he realized that while his price is cheaper than stated retail, he's way off the mark w/this other offer. He's closer to home than the other one, tho' the other offers service loaner vehicles, oil changes, etc., for two years. Problem is, I have a mechanic whom I love and would rather pay for peace of mind than have to actually leave my car, get a loaner, etc., for car work. Sometimes the free stuff isn't worth the hassle so I'll pay $19.99 for the oil change.

    Now, both dealers are telling me that w/the end of the month, they're inclined to move things, but I'm wondering if I should maybe wait another month or two. I think the cheapest offer isn't bad, I'm just trying to pony up extra downpayment money to ease the payment pain, but probably won't have it by tomorrow. Does anyone know if the 5.9% financing is set to end after this month, as the dealer suggested? Do you think if I called Nissan North American headquarters they'd give me the real deal? I may sound like a sap about this, but in educating myself I'm also realzing why it's been 12 years since I bought my last car! Thanks to anybody offering advice!
  • X'ers,
    I see that there are many 'frequent names' in this community and I for one am thankful that you all answer everyone's questions with honesty and swiftness. I am a Marine in Brazil working at the American Embassy and I have not been to the states since 99. Excluding this past December (2 weeks at home in Dallas). I am going to be working in NY just outside the NYC region and was wanting your expertise on some things. I am talking with a dealer in Dallas now (because I can get a better price vice buying in NY) and will be purchasing one in September.
    1. Would you all think it is wise to buy a 4x2 knowing you will be spending the winter in NY?
    2. I do not want to be hasseled with the dealer because he thinks I am young (24) so all y'alls information would help.
    3. I have read many notes in this community regarding the XE vs SE, but what about 4x2 vs 4x4? Would I really be 'falling off' the road in the winter if I do not have a 4x4?
    From y'alls past notes I already know that the sound will not be of the highest quality, so maybe later on I will upgrade. Also in regards to getting a 'best buy'...How do you all approach a dealer if you are going to have let's say a $15,000 down payment. What can you expect and what would you expect?
    Thanks for all the information and I am looking forward to future scrutinization as well. A generation 'X' kinda guy, Semper Fidelis.
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