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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • The problem has been that no dealer has an X with a manual trans. 4X4s have been few and far between as well, I wonder why???
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    actually the width # doesnt tell the whole story. measure the width of the roof above the rear doors and above the hatch. i guarantee the xterra is something like 3 inches narrower than a pathy.

    if they made an x the same dimensions as the pathfinder it wouldnt look as 'sporty'- a bit more heavier. BUT that isnt a bad thing- again, i know it was just a marketing decision. ever see a frontier crew cab w/ a snugtop cover? cut 4 inches off the rear and that should be the correct size of the xterra. wide, big cargo area... oh, well. the pseudo-discovery 2 look is cool too. proportionally, the x should be the same as the old, boxy pathy. same doors & windscreen. its just that b-pillar back, they tapered everything inward.

    btw, i really like the pathfinder now! somehow the xterra made the pathfinder cool again. i hope they restyle the pathy with the xterra hump- like a signature nissan styling element. i would buy it. cant wait for the full size,v-8 nissan pu!
  • if anyone has a Target anywhere near you, i really suggest you go and pick up the R/C X. It's cool as hell!! my fiancee bought it for me and it is an EXACT replica of the real thing. looks just like mine, but its in yellow w/ stupid racing stripes. it even has a pushbar!! sidesteps, roofrack, even windsheild wipers!! its $40.00 but its worth it!! especially when you have a little dog biting the rear tire. i guess i need LSD on the R/C?!??!?!?
  • Yay! Just got mine today! At this moment, there are three more at the Target in College Point, Queens, NY according to the friend who was kind enough to pick mine up.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm still trying to figure out how to paint mine, without it looking like a black blob. But,.. mine is ready for winter, over here we have Tempo's ( Temporary garage shelters for the driveway, so you don't have to shovel ) and so does my R/C. Now both my X's have garages.. now to find mini tools, and a mini bike rack for the roof.
    anyone have their R/C pull to the right on crowned carpeting ? at least it doesn't have a sunroof to snap crackle and pop.
  • You've probably all have covered this as I am too tired to read back through since the last time I was here, :( but I did get my official safety recall notice in the mail yesterday on the broken lock plate for the 2000 auto tranny.

    Xcanuk: put that Christmas toy back under the tree!
  • All, I purchased a 4wd SE xterra in October of 1999. At 3000 miles, I motor flushed the engine, and put Mobil 1 full synthetic oil back in the motor. As the engine began to break in, my gas mileage kept increasing. It was checked at 18.7 mpg about 6 weeks ago. I put a K&N air filter in my X about a month ago. I noticed a slight increase in horse power, however my gas mileage has almost dropped my 2 mpg. All the "EXPERTS" say my mileage should have stayed the same or even increased with the K&N filter. Have any of you had this problem? Thanks for your time!
  • I believe most people say it takes several tanks of gas before the computer fully adjusts to changes in the engine set-up (i.e. changing the air intake volume). Also, it has been quite cold here in PA. Weather will play a factor in gas mileage too!
  • I bought a Nissan Xterra 2000 4x4 standard for my wife this past June. On the second day of driving I noticed the X pulling to right. Stopped by dealer , they found leaking brake caliper, had to order parts and replace. In the 5 months of ownership and only 3,000 miles this vehicle wants to pull to right when driving and espcially (although intemittantly) when braking took X into dealer several time. The dealer has X for last month (gulp) to replace just about every brake component that Nissan wil authorize. Heck , their techs ahve put more miles on it than I have! It still pulls to right, we have to cock steering wheel to left to steer straight! Filed complaint with Nissan and started case number. Question fellow X'ers any one else having driving/braking problems? I seem to remember seeing a post or two some time back. I'm ready to pursue Colorado lemon law/legal action. Help! TIA!
  • I am thinking of buying an XTerra 2001. Is everybody satisfied with the safety and reliability of their X?
  • xeroxero Posts: 5
    Other than the person who posted above you...
    Yes. I have a 2001 and would only replace it with maybe a 2002! Hopefully Nissan will take care of what sounds like a rare example with bcollins3. If you read these posts for a week you will see we are more than happy, we are sick.
  • Don't remember hearing about any braking problems but a couple of people have complained about pulling to the right. Don't know if there was ever a definitive answer.
  • I'm convinced that the pulling to the right (or left) is due to poor tire construction. Mine used to pull one way or the other and I had the tires balanced and aligned probably 5 or 6 times with little help. However, after I ignored it and drove another 5000 miles (currently at almost 13000) and broke in the tires thoroughly, the pulling faded. There isn't any sign of uneven wear, suggesting a good alignment (which means that I didn't just drive in a mal-aligned state and wear the tires into alignment).

    Also, there is I believe one tire that goes out of balance when it heats up (warps out of shape). When I first start driving at 70 MPH when its cold, there is absolutely no vibration. But once it warms up, I feel a slight vibration appear. The vibration is either in the steering wheel or the floor of the truck depending on how I've rotated the tires.

    There is a small chance that it could be a rim and not a tire, but I'm hoping its just a tire.

    Oh well, guess I'll just tough it out until I need new tires and replace them with better ones...
  • BTW, I have a 2000 X meaning I have the BF Goodrich Long Trails.
  • I have a 2000 X as well. I would like to know what exactly the recall was and why? Thanks!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Q:How can you tell you have more power?
    A: Only by stomping on the gas.

    Q:Why did your milage drop?
    A:'Cuz you're stomping on the gas.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    uhh...yeah. Nice.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    mmmm.. things only turn blue when its cold here in canuck-land.

    Don't know about muddy snow, but I know you shouldn't eat yellow snow.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    ok.. if you got them in the back, what do you put on the front ??
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