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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • janipoojanipoo Posts: 18
    Yeah, the Pathfinder is really cushy compared to the Xterra but when we were at the dealership buying the X two weeks ago my husband sat in the back seat of a 2001 Pathfinder and his head hit the top. He got into the front and his head didn't hit but there wasn't much room to spare. My husband isn't all that tall at 6 foot 1 inch. It sounds like alot of people on this board do alot of off roading and and I would hate to see someone having to go to the hospital because of a concussion or a broken neck because their head hit the roof going over a bump. Let alone you would pay more to do that.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    2000 we had the single X Canadian Edition.. a U.S. XE with give or take on a few items, 01 we had the XE & SE ( but still no options nor paks on either ) both years were 4x4 configurations only. I'm guessing 02 is still 4wd only, but wonder what comes with each trim... guess I have something to do during my next free lunch.
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    boy, you canuks don't get very many car deals do you? that sucks.

    well, my loaded xterra in '99 cost me about $24K- under msrp, in fact. at that price, there was nothing to beat it.

    today, a loaded xterra tops out near $27.5 for the same truck. which is par for the course on popular vehicles (lexus ls400 started as a $29K car- it now tops $55K)

    anyway, if i were buying today- an sr5 4runner would be really tempting since its price is now within $1K of the xterra. not trying to start anything here, it just all came up when i recently drove a 4runner around and inquired about price.

    the xterra isnt quite the deal it once was, i guess. now, this whole thing is moot if (like canuks) you cant get a 4runner under $35K- obviously, it doesnt have the style of the xterra either.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Canadian dealer logic, less choice, mass produce, less inventory. Went looking for a chevy pick-up for a friend.. different engines, finish levels, packages, trims.. I think you have over 100 combinations in trying to buy a truck.
    The X was simple, pick the color and tranny, sign, and the deal was done. I think it was 28.5$ for me... (less than 20$ U.S.) wondered why more of you didn't cross the border.
    If I had to pick now, I still think I'd head towards the X.. still the most suited to what I want.
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    yeah, you should see the options for the ford f-150! the list is like 2 pages long! its pretty crazy.

    yeah, that canadian connection for buying sounds interesting. i bet alot of people from border states get in on that.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Their option pick list has to be 2 pages long, what else are you going to read while you spend so much time at the dealer for repairs...kidding, I know you like em ;)
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    ha!:) thats why i bought the nissan!
  • After 2 Jeeps, and a SAAB- I bought my Xterra.

    I had thought in 1990 when I sold my Nissan Sentra with 120K on it that I'd never buy anything but Nissans- but I strayed.... I came back to Nissan with my Xterra- and this time- It is Nissans for life.

    If you ever want to appreciate dependability of Nissans, just buy a Jeep.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Does jeep come with 10 pages of option lists ? ( See post 1826 ) Actually, if I got back into the offroad scene, I'd still go with a jeep ( one of the older ones ), just with full intensions of breaking it down and making it into a real bogger.. no doors, glass carpet, maybe a waterproof sound system.
    Over the time with Nissan, I can't say I've faced any problems at all... except maybe when they forgot to tighten my wheel nuts.
  • Question: I am looking at the 2002 X and am not sure of the color to pick...I have owned red, maroon, white, green, silver, and tan colored vehicles...What color X is the most durable, and which colors won't show the swirl marks as bad as the red does....any comments....I know to each their own color;however, I would like to hear it from some of you X owners...I'm leaning towards the gold and the shock blue....I thought I liked the sedona;however, I think there is too much red mixed in the color...whatcha think?

    Give me a hollar...

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    After a little group run in the dusty dirt, silver was the most forgiving ( it still looked clean ) my black showed it all, but with a little work, it looks the best. Yellow came in second. Blue showed up almost as much as my black. Green somewhere in the middle. Does that help?
    A good wax job goes a long way no matter what colour you pick, the rest is inthe eye of the heholder.
  • "D",

    Thanks for the input! I agree with your comment,"A good wax job goes a long way no matter what colour you pick, the rest is in the eye of the heholder."

    So I am thinking that the Shock Blue is going to show the grime like the Green and Blue on your reply did...presuming that the Green is the Hunter Green and the Blue is the Dark Blue... Also I am thinking that the Gold is going to have the same results as the silver...

    Why do you think the black looks the best? I'm sure it is a deep shine when clean like the Dark Blue and Green. I am trying to look at all angles about this color thing...White is a nice color however, has its cons...Black, DKBlue and DKGRN shine the deepest when clean, but show swirl marks and dirt much faster...Red shows swirl marks real bad, has a nice shine, and is in the middle when it comes to the dirt...Shock Blue is much like the red;however, is more forgiving with the swirl marks...Gold and silver are forgiving with the dirt; however, the shine isn't very radient like the Dark colors...finally there's yellow...probably much like the shock blue and red; however how are the swirl marks?...bad?...

    There's my take on the colors...So I am leaning towards the Shock blue...and the Gold....

    I welcome comments and suggestions...Yes again, it is up to the owner/future owner what color to pick...I am just looking for other X owner opinions regarding what experiences they have had with the Nissan Xterra Colors...

    Give me a Hollar...


  • I just picked up my new 2002 SE/SC last Monday. I'd requested (in order) Red (Molten Lava), Dark Blue, Super Black, then Silver Ice.
    The dealer immediately located a Super Black that was loaded with almost every extra - sun roof, towing package, protection package, both sets of floor mats, cabin filter, etc. After trying to get me to pay the additional cost for these they finally gave up and offered the one they'd found for what I'd originally offered, and that was fine with me.
    As you've already heard, black is least forgiving with dirt, dust, etc. But I'd agree with xcanuk that the Super Black cleans up the nicest.
    I would have waited for one of the other colors if it I'd seen one that really grabbed me. The yellow's a little too much for me - at least for my full time vehicle. Ditto for the "Shock Blue" - I've only seen video on this but from what I've seen I'd need to spend some time with it in person before I'd order one.
    From my experience if your biggest concern is a color that hides the grime you can't do much better than Silver.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    (I mean X's) I've found 2 small tricks to owning black, ( not my first ) , final rinse with a flood of water, not a strong stream. Get a California blade, instead of a chamois for majority of drying, no water spot dry marks.
  • Does anybody know where the microfilter is located? how can I change one? how often can it be changed?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    its behind the glovebox, harder to install than change. I don't have it handy, but I also think its covered in the owners manual. Go over to , they usually have good intall diagrams for all parts.
  • I've had about every color of car/SUV and all I can say is the Gold Rush has looked the cleanest, the longest, and looked good dirty when it finally showed!

    Just my .02
  • I have ordered the '02 in Gold Rush and the dealer is still searching for that. They did locate my 'second' choice, which is Green, but I've already had a Green Pathfinder. I have a Silver '00 X (which I am trading in) and I loved it when I first bought it, but it seems to be the most popular color and everyone has it now! I hope the Gold Rush doesn't turn into that...I hardly EVER wash it and you can never tell it's dirty, the rain takes care of it mostly.
    I remember they made a "Trophy Bronse" color that was limited to 500 vehicles in '00...which would be nice, because hardly anyone would have the same color as you in that case!
  • Hi,Have any of you had problems with the cruise control? When I pass a car accelerating past the set speed, then allow the X to ease back to the set point, it goes below the setting and then jerks up to the original set point. It's a real jerking motion that I've never felt when using the cruise on other vehicles. I just took the X in to have it checked out at the dealership.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I have noticed something close to it, but not overly jerky. Were you using the steering wheel controls to accelerate & coast back down? I'll double check when I get on the highway, but I find when using the steering wheel controls solely, it seems to lurch more. When the cruise is on, I usually use the gas pedal to increase speed, coast, then reset the speed on the CC ( before it has a chance to set itself again )
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