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Chrysler 300 Seat Memory

My front seat does not go back when I pull key out, some times the stering wheel does not go up.
  The dealer put in a new memory seat chip, but I still have the same problem.Now they say the are working on a flash system. I have be waiting been 4 months.


  • hankchankc Posts: 12
    Has anyone had a problem activating this feature? I can't seem to get mine to work. I went for a 1000 mile checkup at my dealer today and they couldn't get it to work either. I have to drop the vehicle tomorrow AM so they can spend more time on it.

    Is anyone using this feature?
  • jcz1jcz1 Posts: 36
    Works most of the time for me, although I haven't "locked" the fob to a setting (as the manual puts it).

    What is working for me is the seat and wheel moving when removing the key, then moving back when the key goes back in. I have also set Memory Position 1 via the door, and have pressed 1 to recall the settings after the dealer changed seat position, etc.

    With only one driver, I have not tried to "lock" the fob to setting 1.
  • itshemiitshemi Posts: 32

    I've had this "loss Memory on seat" it seems that the seat has to be set forward more then the 2" stated in the manual to stay set. I'm playing with different setting to see what the tolerances are, keep you posted..

    See my car
  • caa 300ccaa 300c Posts: 1
    OK had the same problem, here is the fix. Hit the S-1-Lock in fast sequence, as in, 1 second, while key is in run position. Kind of like the older Walkman's station settings. No 10 seconds allowed, as stated in the Manual. Took me several tries to get it. Now on to the Garage Door Opener, have not been able to program that so far. Fantastic car, Traded my 2002 300M, this is much better in every respect.
  • I've had the same problem with my seat not going back and the steering wheel not going up. The dealer is still trying to figure out why but I've figured out a work around.

    Put the car in park and take the key out of the ignition. Adjust your seat, steering wheel, mirrors and radio stations to the desired position. Press the set button, press the 1 or 2 button and then press the door lock button on your key fob.

    If you do this, it should work correctly. I don't know why you have to use the key fob to get the memory to hold. I have the personal settings for the key fob set to OFF so the seat shouldn't move when I unlock the door. Don't know why but it seems to work this way. Haven't had any issues since I set it with the key fob.

    I'll let you know if the dealer comes up with a reason why it has to work this way. Don't hold your breath.
  • xctenxcten Posts: 7
    Thanks for your help, so far it has been working.

    I was trying to get the dealer to install a factory sirius radio for all the the time I spent there with the seat problem,no luck from them. br>

    Finally the service manager to talked with his district manager and they installed it at no charge. Try it and see if they will pop for something you want.
  • rjo300crjo300c Posts: 2
    Having a problem with my driver "easy exit" front seat.
    Lost it's memory !! Been back to dealer 4-5 times, cannot fix problem. Can anyone please help me ???
    Thanks, RJO
  • lavender1lavender1 Posts: 33
    This seems to be a problem with the 300's.We just had ours done yesterday for the 8th time!!! They have no answer for this yet.They just keep reflashing it.They hooked it up to STAR SCAN this time so maybe it will work.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Yours is a 2005 mine is A '06,I hear more problems with the '05 more than the '06s.The 300 and Charger are made together so what you have I have,only differance is the year.There are more Tech bullitens on '05 300s compared to the '06.Don't forget the first year car has more problems than the second and so on.Some time it takes a couple of years for something to show up and have a bulliten for all the cars.
  • Try this: Move your seat full forward, then full back. Then tilt your seat full forward then full back. After you have completed the above, re-set your adjustment memory to your desired settings and then try the easy exit feature again. Good luck!
  • phillyfanphillyfan Posts: 11
    thanks, it worked. the seat now moves like it did before. hope it sticks.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    "Try this: Move your seat full forward, then full back. Then tilt your seat full forward then full back. After you have completed the above, re-set your adjustment memory to your desired settings and then try the easy exit feature again. Good luck!"

    Thank you so much, I have been wondering what was going on, and now it is fixed! The seat moves back on exit. :shades:
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Who are you and how did you know this? The "reset" performed at the dealer lasted one engine start (and cost me all my radio presets). So far so good on day three with your fix. Thanks. Any other helpful hints? This did seem remarkably similar to the reset fix for loosing the express up/down window feature.....
  • Hi: I’m Gary from Broken Arrow Ok. I’ve had my Black ‘C’ for 1 ½ yrs and really love the car. It’s my first Chrysler product ever. No mods except for 15% tint. I’m sure glad my solution for fixing the ‘Easy Exit’ feature has helped you all. I took my car in for the same problem a year ago and when my dealer fixed it, I asked what they did and he told me. Seems as though the ‘system’ will sometimes loose it’s memory on the maximum travel stops, so it just stops working. Going through the steps that I have outlined restores the max travel limits and gives the ‘Green Light’ to function again. Like you’ve said, with all of the fancy electronic thingy’s now days, I think you should expect a few problems.

    I have the Navigation System with Sound Group II and I’ve learned to use both with very satisfactory results. If any of you need help on using either one, let me know. Perhaps I can help.
    Regards, Gary
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Howdy neighbor, I'm Vic from Tulsa. Happy to say aside from the occasional loss of the window express feature, the now cured easy exit seat, a one time loss of radio volume (sort of fixed itself), and finally a fix for a tempermental passenger window (new controller installed by Crown), my Sept05 Magnesium pearl "C" has been trouble free--remarkably so with all the gadgets. I've always preferred GM (previous 2 cars were Buicks) but this Chrysler is a winner for me. Take care and enjoy the ride.....
  • Small world! Glad to here all is going well with your 'C', same here.
    Cheers, Gary (GO TU!)
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Hi, I'm Ed from Charleston, SC. We (wife and I) have had our Satin Jade C for a year and 15000 miles (turned today on a 720 mile trip). So far, so good. Ours has no Navigation (haven't gotten lost yet ;) but has Sirius and Sound Group II, a moonroof, and safety package. We are enjoying it more and more. Big, comfortable and powerful. :shades:

    I will come here for more tips when any electronic things go haywire. The moving seat back on exit now works great thanks to Gary!
  • I was getting ready to make a fourth trip to the dealer and saw Gary's tip on setting the seat. I tried it and it works!! Hope it will stay that way. Now if the ESP BAS light would stop coming on in the morning it would be great. I have a second appointment to get that checked.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Re: ESP BAS light. Mine stared with a morning light, then would stay on for a day or so, then became permanent. The dealer should be able to fix it easily since it's computer activated and all you need to do is interrogate the module. My problem was, of all things, a steering angle sensor.
  • I had an appointment for today and took mine in. The dealer said the diagnostics didn't show anything. (naturally the light started staying off for a couple of days before the appointment) so they called Chrysler and were told to order a new module. While they were at it they ordered a new module for the seat. They said the moving the seat was a temporary fix. While they were at it they ordered a new fuel pump since it cranks longer than normal on a cold start. Glad I have 2,000 miles to go on the warrenty
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