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New ES 350 Owner Reports



  • ok, i've been hearing about transmission problems with the 07 camry. I assume this problem would translate over to the ES, can anyone summarize it for me? I dont feel like reading 3000 messages of some topic, thankS!!
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Why don't you type "transmission" or "transmission problems" into the "search this discussion" feature to isolate all postings relating to a specific topic?? That way it's not necessary to read "3000 messages on some topic".
  • mdamesmdames Posts: 79
    Just purchased this beautiful car on Saturday, 11/11. The Royal Ruby is not very prevalent. I live in So. Cal. and have not seen one in this color ever. This is the nicest car I've ever owned. It is so quiet and smooth. I have experienced no transmission issues or wind noise, or any rattles at all. It has, so far, exceeded my expectations. I know I've only had it barely 3 days, but I can find nothing wrong with this car. I got the tan perforated leather, premium plus package with navigation, wood package, gold package, rear window shade, park assist, heated and cooled seats, etc... The MSRP was $41,522. I got the car for $38,000. The gold package was listed at $695.00. I got this option at no additional charge.
  • about 4 months old now. 5000 miles.

    the rear half of the ceiling makes rattling noises when driving even on smooth road.

    the engine sounds like an old mercedes diesel engine from the 80's!!! but not as loud though. Still, i can hear the diesel sound inside the car. This is supposed to be a quiet car!!! The only noise that should come into the car is the engine acceleration growl.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    So what are you going to do?
  • mdames,

    What is a gold package? I didn't find it in the listed packages. I liked the Red Ruby too, but my wife didn't like this color for me. I havn't seen this colour in DC area either.
  • i'm gonna send it to the dealer of course.

    but lexus shouldve tested and abused this car thoroughly before selling it on the market. They should use a shaking machine to shake the hell out of the car and see what rattles.
  • I have a 2007 ES350 that had tansmission problems when shifting between 3rd and 4th gears. Lexus has a technical service bulletin out that replaces the O ring in the tranny. It didn't fix mine and after the 3rd transmission they finally replaced the car. I believe that this is the first year that the 6 speed CVT transmission is being put in Toyotas cars. I know that the LS460 has an 8 speed in it. Hope this helps.
  • I wanted a bigger car than BMW 328i so I chose Lexus ES 350, and it didn't disappoint me. The one I got had almost all the options except the adaptive cruise control and ML audio/XM radio. The price I negotiated was $300 below invoice.

    ES 350 is a quiet car, but not as quiet as a submarine. The engine roars a little at each stop sign.

    Compared to a BMW 328i or an Acura TL, ES 350 lacks the responsiveness when you step on the accelerator. It has a half a second delay before the car dashes. Nevertheless, it is a pretty fast car and has no trouble merging into a busy freeway.

    Navigation system is very good especially in local driving/complex local driving situations. It tends to guide you through major highways unless you set it to local only. From SF to Las Vegas, the best way should be 80-580-5-58-NVI-15. However, none of the three routes that the Nav system guided me was trying to use this route. It kept trying to get me to I-99, which would get me into LA but in fact I could get on 58 at Bakersfield. After about half an hour drive on 58 East, the system gave up the effort to get me on I-99.

    From SF to Las Vegas, my ES 350 had two adults and two young children plus luggage and maintained an average mileage of 30.2 mpg on average speed of 80 mph, which is pretty amazing. (It exceeded the official mileage number.)

    Currently, the ES 350's mixed mileage is 24.3 mpg, with 99% of the time SF city (avenues) stop-and-go drives.

    The voice control system works well despite the fact that I have a heavy accent and have not recited all the voice commands. I simply say "I am hungry" to bring up the restaurant POIs and "next song" to listen to my CD's next track. "CD" to turn on audio system and "too hot" or "too cold" to turn on the air conditioning. However, when the car is noisy when children are laughing, the system has a hard time picking up my voice command.

    Blue tooth cell phone pairing is an excellent feature. I have a Nokia N80 cellphone, which is not one of those that got approved by Lexus to connect with ES 350. However, I had no problem pairing up my phone with the car. Whenever I enter the car, they pair up and I can make and receive phone calls without pulling out my cellphone from my pocket.

    Many people worry about leaving a keyfob in the car would allow a car theft to steal the car. In fact, I found that if you leave one of your keyfob somewhere inside the car, you won't be able to lock the car. A beep would also alarm you that there is a keyfob inside the car.

    This is a car that is fun to drive -- when you need power and handling, it has them all -- when you need comfort, it is there at all times.
  • I live in the east bay. Would you mind telling me where you got the $300 under invoice deal.

  • One other question - any problems with windnoise or the transmission that others have complained about?

    Thanks again
  • I've been looking at the ES 350 for a few months and getting serious about buying one. Now that you've had yours for awhile, would be very interested in feedback on how it handles on highway 1. We live in the Bay Area and make the tough drive up to Sea Ranch just about every month.

    The professional reviews of the ES 350 make it sound like it handles like a Lincoln Town Car on winding roads.

  • magnussen lexus of fremont: they had a three-day invoice price sale back in November. I don't think they have that event now but doesn't hurt to give it a try.
  • You wrote:"I've been looking at the ES 350 for a few months and getting serious about buying one. Now that you've had yours for awhile, would be very interested in feedback on how it handles on highway 1. We live in the Bay Area and make the tough drive up to Sea Ranch just about every month."

    If highway 1 is your weekly or monthly drive, then I would suggest that you buy BMW 328i since it handles winding roads so well that you forget that you are driving a car. However, ES350 is definitely NOT a Lincoln Town car. It handles winding roads competently and it is FUN to drive, especially when you drive down highway 1 from Daly City to Big Sur. The handling is precise and the feedback is excellent, especially when you engage in the Sports mode. It lacks the firmer road feel that BMWs share, and it is not a sports car, however, it handles far better than MB's C or E series.
  • You wrote: "One other question - any problems with windnoise or the transmission that others have complained about? "

    I have yet noticed any unusual windnoise. The only time that I noticed windnoise was the day we drove back from Las Vegas. The windnoise was so loud that voice command could not be executed. I thought that I finally got the windnoise that others had complained about. However, when we got out the car at one of the rest area, we found that it was so windy that we couldn't even stand still! I was so glad that my car was able to hit 85 mph so easily when the wind was blowing against us so badly.

    In terms of transmission, I've tried both the automatic and the sports manual and found no problem so far. The dealer explained to me that the ES350s produced in May did have serious transmission problems but it was quickly noticed by Lexus and had been corrected since.
  • Thanks for your prompt responses and Happy New Year
  • mdamesmdames Posts: 79
    I had all the Lexus badging on the front and rear of the vehicle gold plated. It looks outstanding against the Ruby color. All dealerships have vendors who perform this for them. My dealer through this in at no charge to get my business. It really adds a touch of class to the car!
  • Anyone know if ES350 has diecast model?
  • I noticed an odd problem coming from my ma's es350. the rear right area of the car rattles when there is music with bass playing. I find this really odd since we dont have the upgraded speaker system and there really isnt much bass coming from the speakers... at all. The car cant really output much base with the given sound system. In comparison, i have 2 500Watt subs in my car that creates plenty of rattle. What im trying to say is that the rattle coming from the ES is dumbfounded, its like it shouldnt be there in the first place.

    it seems either some speaker paneling is loose or the speaker could be partially blown.
  • Why don't you take it back to the dealer and have it checked?
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