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New ES 350 Owner Reports



  • when this happened, was your all-weather floor mat installed on top the regular carpet floor mat or just on the floor? We received a letter from Lexus a while ago saying the the floor hooks on the ES350 are not designed for hooking up both the carpet floor mat and winter floor mat. So I installed our all-weather floor mat directly on the floor. IF the accelerator can still get stuck for this case, I might go back the regular carpet floor mat (at least for the driver's seat).
  • What happened with me was before the letter from Lexus on winter mats came. It is not whether one mat is over the other. It is for securing the mat with the hooks. If mat is not secured (securing is not possible if one mat is placed over the othe), it moves up and under the pedal. In that case, either it will prevent pedal from moving down (no acceleration), or pedal may get stuck under it, accelerating the car uncontrollably.
  • dunde71dunde71 Posts: 33
    Once in a while I get "Call terminated by network" message on my navigation screen. I have a Samsung A920 phone which has bluetooth. It nicely pairs with my ES350. But at times the car speakerphone starts ringing and immediately disconnects with "Call terminated by network" message. Note that the samsung phone never rings nor there is a missed call, its just that the car speakers that ring and disconnects. Anybody with similar experience ???
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I always wonder what the transmission issues are with ES350. It is my second car and first luxury car that I have ever purchased. I had rattle issue which is fixed now. But, can anyone please enlighten me on the issues regarding transmission and what I should look for to check if my car has issues? Thanks in advance.
  • I just received a Samsung Hue (Alltell) and cannot get it to connect to my 2007 Lexus ES 350 Bluetooth. Anyone else having that problem??
  • beradberad Posts: 20
    There is a software update for the transmission of early 2007 production of the ES350. The Lexus dealer can check and do any necessary software updates at your next service.
  • dubldocdubldoc Posts: 15
    I now have 24K on my ES 350 and have only good things to say...solid gas milage, solid performance (especially after upsize/upgrade of tires). Havent replaced anything else other than oil and filters. No rattles or cosmetic/fit problems, no wear and tear issues. The Blue Tooth has worked fine other than the occaisional "Pardon?" when it might not recognize a word. While I keep seeing posts about tranny problems, no one I know has had this problem, other than an occaisional awkward shift. I do recommend the backup camera due to visibility concerns for people with limited eyesight or neck limitations. Best car I've owned.
  • lexgirllexgirl Posts: 1
    I googled "lexus es350 cd defects and got ths site. I too am experiencing problems. Last moth for the first time I was driving on a stretch of interstate and the cd player just quit! I could not get it to come on. Radio either. went thru all 6 cd's. nothing! I pulled over about 50 miles later and nothing. Turned it on the next morning and just like nothing ever happened. I has happed twic since then including today. all my cd are originals not burned or rewrited. Calling the dealer tomorrow as I am convinced there is a defect. It had only 16,000 at first occurrance so concerned.
  • ohhawkohhawk Posts: 14
    Have a 2007 ES350 that has been problem free except for trying to regulate temperature in the car. I live in a 4 season climate so the weather can change within a day at times. Seems like it takes forever to "dial in" to get a comfortable temperature in the car. I can have it set, go in a store, come out and the temp needs to be readjusted to a different setting. This happens very regularly. I'm always playing with the temp control to readjust.

    Any ideas?
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    I know what you mean. I live in Ohio and temperatures vary greatly, especially when you have sunny days and cold temperatures.

    I bought a 2008 Lexus ES350 three weeks ago. The inside seems to run warm, then be okay and then seems to blow cold air.

    I think the cold air is actually temperature transference through the windows because the van is running at too low a speed to make a difference.

    Here is what I do: Let the "Auto" setting warm the car up. Then when it gets comfortable and the fan goes to the lowest setting, I go in and manually set the van speed higher (about two positions on the Climate screen). This increased airflow seems to keep the temperature more constant.

    I can't complain too much since my Audi is fine when it is very warm or very cold outside, but if it is in the middle then I have to manually fiddle with that car too. My wife's Acura MDX (single zone temp control) seems to do the job much better.
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