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Buying a used Altima



  • tapsortapsor Posts: 4
    Yes, probably. I prefer automatics and would have payed up to 7000 for it. But I`m not into manuals so I dont think it`s worth 7000.
  • johntenjohnten Posts: 13
    Does anyone know why a 2010 Nissan Altima with less than 20 thousand miles wouldn't be certified? I saw one oneline on a Nissan dealer's site with a great price. They even posted the Carfax and it didn't show anything bad.
  • It's still under factory warranty. Maybe they don't think buyers would pay the extra $$ for CPO.

    CPO-ing a vehicle results in it costing extra. If that's something you're really interested in, you could call the dealership - perhaps they'd be willing to CPO it, but be aware that this will result in a higher purchase price.

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  • tapsortapsor Posts: 4
    So I took a 2006 Nissan Altima to Nissan dealership for a pre-sale inspection on monday. The diagnostic came out clean and nothing to worry about... at all . So I go to the other dealership who is selling the car and buy the car cash for $8400 and 97000 miles. I had noticed a rattling noise and shaking on the front right of the car when test driving it , but the dealer told me it just needed to be balanced. So I buy the car yesterday and take it to firestone for balancing. They tell me that struts and all tires are bad and need to be replaced. I go back to the nissan dealership who inspected the car on monday to complain because they had found nothing wrong at all. So they redid another inspection this morning. Diagnostic : broken engine mount, cracked engine belt, loose struts, 2 tires need to be replaced ... $1500 for all repairs!!!!!!!!! Now I am stuck with the car and dont want to put an extra 1500. Can I return it ? It`s only been 31hrs that I got the car.
    Also the contract doesn`t specify that the car was bought "as is " nor does it specify warranty (neither of the boxes were checked). Do I have a chance to get my money back or get them to fix everything ?
  • Well I am NOT an attorney but here's how I see it.

    Since you relied on a 3rd party to inspect the car, this probably relieves the selling dealer of misrepresentation.....SO, what I would do is take the inspecting dealer to Small Claims Court but only AFTER you've repaired the car.

    I suppose you could go back to the original sellling dealer and jump up and down and threaten them if they don't take the car back, but if they stonewall you, I'm not sure there's much you can do.

    Not sure Small Claims would award you everything you ask for--for instance, it seems unusual that you wouldn't notice 4 bad tires.
  • tapsortapsor Posts: 4
    Well, came to find out , the dealer who I bought the car from had not even done a state safety inspection on this car. I called the State Police with the inspection sticker number that was on the car and when they checked , they found out that it was another dealership that had done the state inspection and not the dealer who sold me the car. So when I went back to the dealer this morning, he admitted that he had "done a mistake " and missed to inspect the car. Yeah right ! They offered to inspect it and take care of any repair. I said no and that I just wanted my money back. They didnt argue coz they knew they were wrong and the trooper officer was just waiting on my green light to get them. So they refunded me the money and I left. I feel better now but scared to look for the next car. This was a BAD BAD EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yep, bad experience but you should make an offering at your choice of house of worship---you were very lucky on this one, hard as it might be for you to see that right now. Good for you!

    you might want to browse our Altima topics before making your next choice.
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