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2007 Kia Amanti

magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
edited March 15 in Kia
I just spent the better part of the past half hour enjoying viewing the pictures of what will be the new 2007 Amanti in North America. The site is Korean so you'll want to decline the installation of the Korean type set and just click on the characters to the left of the main image. Take them in turn and you'll get pictures of the exterior, interior, mechanical features, and so on. I swear that this is going to be my next car, provided they've got a colour I can live with. They've kept all the room, height, and ease of entry of my current Amanti while making it look a lot sleeker. I really like the grille and taillight changes. Of course, it's called the Opirus in other markets but will likely retain its Amanti name here. Just go to the following and wait for the various flash video files to download. I'll be really interested in hearing your reactions to this new car.



  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    I noticed the DVD player. Also it looks like you can control the radio from the rear with out the remote (I like the remote though). It is located at the back set when the person pulls down the rear armrest. I like the camera located in the front. It seems to have power sun visors like the Lexus they always show on television. Hmmmmm...I wonder if it has those rain sensing wipers Lexus always shows? I would not be surprised. That new radio by JBL is off the hook! :D
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hi jtz, The trouble is that this car is in the executive class in Korea and is often driven by a chauffeur, so the back seat has all sorts of features that don't make it to North America. For example, in the current Amanti we don't get the reclining back seats, the sun screens on the side windows, the power sunscreen on the rear window, the adjustable shock absorbers, the headlight washers, the rear bumper parking sensor, rear seat radio controls, and so on. My 2005 has the rain sensing wipers and I have to say, living in a place where it rains all the time, they're great. I never even think about adjusting the wipers any longer. It just happens all by itself. Mine also has the heated front and rear seats, Xenon headlights, and wood grain steering wheel (all standard on the Canadian model) but no power sunshade and also without the Homelink that's on the US models. My guess is that the executives for the North American arms of Kia will select what they think will be competitive, without outdoing the competition by too much. After all, price is going to still have to sell this car until the public catches on to what a great car it is in its own right. I wonder whether we'll see the larger 3.8 engine or will get the smaller 3.3? If the new Magentis is anything to go by, it's quite possible that Kia won't have the same power or V6 engine as the Hyundai Azera. But even if it only gets the 3.3 it will still gain about 35 hp over the current model and it will weigh a lot less over the front wheels. And it should also get better gas mileage around town. I noticed the tires were going to 17" size with a 55 aspect ratio so I wonder if the suspension's going to be tightened up. I'd hate to see them lose the comfy ride but wouldn't mind a little less bounce in the front suspension.

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I have already told my salesman to let me know when they get them in. Knowing Kia, they probably won't show up here until Jan. 07. :cry:
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hi Billh6, I'm sure you're right about the intro time. I don't think Amanti is a priority for Kia, unfortunately, so they don't seem to time their introductions very strategically. I did a little more exploring on the Kia website and found a bunch more pictures that I'd missed before. That new Amanti is going to be a great car. Let's hope my 05 holds enough value to be worth something in trade in a year's time.

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    MagMax, could you give me the links to the other pictures? I've been searching daily and I can't find any. I wrote to Kia earlier today asking if Amanti will look like the '07 Opirus and when can I expect it at my dealer, as I'll be ready to trade, but I've not received an answer yet. Mine is a 2004, garage kept with only 9,577 miles on it. Just got it waxed Saturday. People think it's brand new, but of course it's not. Bill H.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hi Bill, Sorry, I guess I made it sound as if I'd found some new pictures elsewhere. What I meant was that I dug around some more on the Opirus website and found pictures, especially in the interior and features section, that I'd missed before. I haven't written to headquarters yet but will do so because I want them to think long and hard before deciding to leave off particular features for the North American market. I bought my Amanti in December 04 as the first 05 model they'd received. So far I've got 19,000 km on the clock so maybe in another 6-8 months I'll have enough mileage to make it worth trading. But even if I decide to keep the current Amanti for another couple of years, I'll probably still be very happy with it if it continues to be as reliable as it has so far.

  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    Well I noticed in the pictures that it has side mirror turn signals, optical key option,the auto button on the seat suggests 2 different chips in the keys and car will auto set the seat pedals and steering wheel to the key in the car.
    See a dual exhaust system.
    more color options on the leather interior.
    3 engines a 3.8, 3.3 and what looks like a 2.7 diesel
    in the grill right below the oprius badge are 2 cameras that look to the sides to see around corners, really nice when you want to turn and that big truck pulls up beside you blocking the view.
    See navigation system that everyone said that they wanted.
    Don't really care for what they did with the tail lights, looks too much like a chrysler.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    It's almost a month since this Korean brochure was posted and I'm finally seeing it. I don't come here too often since I've sold my '04 Amanti and purchased an '06 Avalon. I still miss my Amanti very much. The ride of the Amanti is nicer and much quieter in general although the Avalon handles better. Avalon's power is greater too with better gas mileage. But all in all, the Amanti is still a very nice car that has many virtues.
    When I see these photos, I feel I would buy another one, BUT it would have to have many of the features shown. In my opinion, if Kia wants to compete successfully in the U.S., it should offer Navigation, Bluetooth, HID, etc. and most of the bells and whistles that are available in Korea.
    For some reason, no Korean car offers these pretty common features.
    Yes, they have focused on safety and that is terrific. But a lot of consumers like these other goodies, too. If another auto offers these, I believe that will influence the final purchase. It affected mine!
    I really like the new Amanti a lot and look forward to seeing lots of them on the road -maybe with me behind the wheel of one of them!
  • scarpiascarpia Posts: 4
    Is This True!?!?! I'm sorry I just joined this forum today and I saw these pictures. Is it foreseeable that the 2007 Amanti could have the options in the photographs like a navigation system, adjustable pedals, power window shades, a dvd system and reclining backseats? Last week our family test drove an Amanti and absolutely loved it but I was wishing for the navigation system and dvd player. We probably won't be in the car market for another 1 to 2 years but by then we should be able to pick up a slightly used 2007 Amanti at a (hopefully) great price. If these pictured options are available, I'll stop looking at any other cars.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Posts: 122
    I found a pic of the restyled Amanti on a Korean website:

    Most of you know it's called Opirus over there. It's a nice freshening of the original vehicle. Hopefully things like tilt & telescope steering wheel, rain sensing wipers, heated and cooled seats, rear sunshade, 4 way adjustable lumbar support and maybe even power adjustable pedals will make it over the pond.

    Check it out!
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Do we not have the rain sensor wipes and the 4 adjustable lumbar now? Yes, it is truly a beautiful vehicle. I have already informed my original salesman to call me as soon as they arrive, but he knows I'm a hard sell, so I will probably have to wait until the end of '07 to purchase one. :shades:
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Posts: 122
    The goodies I mentioned were not even available on the 04-06 Amanti. They will make a great addition to the car if they make the trip from Korea. You may currently have intermittent wipers and 2 way lumbar adjust and possibly heated seats depending on the particular option package.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    If you have a look at the following link -- -- and click on the News, the leading story is about the new Amanti announced for 2007. I'll quote from the story: "The new Amanti features a lower hood, wider grille, revised headlamps and new vertical taillamps, with 17-inch wheels. New interior features include heated and cooled front seats, power-adjustable pedals, four way lumbar support for the driver's seat and a clearer trip computer display. An all-aluminum 3.8-litre V6 replaces the previous 3.5-litre V6, giving the car a 0-100km/h rating of 7.5 seconds, an improvement from the previous 9.2 seconds, and a top speed of 230km/h. The five-speed automatic transmission is carried over. The Opirus will reach European dealers in January 2007. The model was introduced in 2002 and has sold more than 144,400 units, most of them in North America."

    There are also two pretty good pictures as part of the story. They show that the grille on the Korean website apparently won't come to North America. Instead there will be a wider version of the current honeycomb grille. I doubt that the side sun curtains, reclining rear seats, and several other options available in the home market will make it over here but at least it's coming with a new engine and improved handling. The press release states that, "The new model is longer, sleeker, and lighter, has an enhanced interior with new high-tech features, and uses a larger, more powerful V6-engine. the company says it has made significant improvements to the ride, handling and safety."

    I can't wait to drive it and place my order.

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    MagMax, I went to the site you indicate and clicked on the News but never found the Amanti. I guess I misunderstood you. Bill
  • only article about a 2007 Kia was about the 2007 Magentis/Optima
  • srubiosrubio Posts: 6
    The 2007 Amanti's have the navagation DVD in them in Korea right now as for it having it in the states that is still up in the air since they would have to get one in it that would support US GPS.
  • mike777mike777 Posts: 2
    There were 2005 OPIRUS/AmantiIn in S. Korea with 3.8 & 2.7l with minor modifications (New tail lamps (more clear), rear w. mirrors, VDS)

    Look at:
  • I read in one of the larger car mags (MT, I think) that the 2007 Amanti will have a larger V6 with 264 HP. I assume they may be referring to the same 3.6 (or is it 3.8) from the Azera.

    I'm not sure I trust the information, though, the same article had some misinformation. For instance, they listed the Suzuki Aerio as a 2007, but it is being replaced by the SX4. (Maybe I have my information wrong!)

    A bigger engine in the Amanti would be a welcome upgrade! Hope it happens soon.

  • Why is it that I have to use Google to find this information on Edmunds? Maybe I need some formal training.

    Anyway, here is some information from the Paris Auto Show:

    Interesting that some very significant changes--more HP, lower weight, updated suspension--are receiving little notice. Maybe that's a good thing to keep the Opirus/Amanti a "sleeper" luxury vehicle.

  • Does anyone out there have any clue as to whether Kia will implement a foldable rear seat on the "improved" U.S. version of the 2007 Amanti? :confuse:

    This machine would be perfect if I could expand trunk cargo capacity occasionally.

    Looking forward to any 4-1-1. . .

    Many thanx-

    Peace! :D
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