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2007 Kia Amanti



  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    I don't know where you live but if you're anywhere near the Canadian border, just drive across, find a Kia dealer and ask about installing the HID Xenon lights that are standard on the Canadian models. They just plug right in but they won't be cheap. Why we get those but don't get a 6-CD changer even as an option is beyond me.

  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    A year ago in January I traded my 05 Amanti for an 07 and after I'd done it I enjoyed the more powerful engine, the better handling, and the new grille and taillights. I really missed the rain sensing wipers, 6-CD changer, heated rear seats, and the chrome eyes for a trunk net to fasten to, all items that had been removed from the car for the 2007 year in Canada. The Canadian market cars also don't offer the adjustable pedals and their prices are at least $5000 out of whack with the US prices. I wrote the company but received no reply. So I decided to quit Kia. If they can't make a car for me I won't buy a car from them. I traded my Amanti in on a Mercedes E class, took a hit on depreciation, but now have a car that is amazing in every way and one whose manufacturer didn't remove all sorts of little items from its standard features list. Too bad, Kia. But they sold only about 15 cars per month in Canada so they probably didn't care. Consumer Reports says that the reliability has dropped to below average so it's probably a good time to get out now before things start to go wrong. That's the end of the story of Kia and me.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    So - if I understand correctly, you purchased a car that didn't have all the features your previous car had. (I assume you knew this). And then to "get back" at Kia you took what had to be a "massive hit" on depreciation?

    I don't think it's really fair to compare a Mercedes to any Korean car. As a matter of fact, I will go as far to say that people generally are not going to "cross shop" a Kia to a Mercedes.

    Enjoy your car.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Amanti is Kia's flapship car. Can't compare it to Mecedes, although I believe their customer satisifaction is/or was way down there. This is my second one, going from '04 to '07. I hope the rumors are true that the '09 will be more sportier, then I might consider trading. I the meantime, I've only had one problem, the chrome coat on right front wheel was peeling off (probably some abrasive cleaner I used) and they gave me a new wheel, no questions asked. I'm still enjoying my ride!

  • oneijoneij Posts: 4
    Hello to anyone who reads this. I am a new fan of the Amanti. I am 66 yrs old and live near Albany NY. We have 2 dealers within 10 miles of my house. Only one of them has one Amanti on the lot. I drove it yesterday and really loved it. I have a 97 Lincoln town car with 69800 miles on it. Its a really nice car and I'm on the fence of whether to trade it in or not. I've driven the Avalon and the Ultima and also the Ezera. I think the Amanti wins hands down. They only want to give me $3500 for my car. The sticker on the new 08 Amanti $31,000. They are asking me to pay $27,891 and my car. The Amanti they have has all the extra's on it, including the black leather package with the aluminum trim on the inside and the polished,or chromed wheels. The exterior id a dark gray. Not exactly the color combination I want. When I saw the 2 tone models that someone has posted on this site I fell in love with this car. From what I can tell these models will not be available to anyone outside of Korea. Am I correct in this? I would love to see those 2 tone cars come to the northern hemisphere.
    I've been looking for a car for most of this year and haven't been as excited about anything out there till I saw the 2 tone models of the Amanti. If anyone can help with any kind of info I'd be very grateful. Thanks for reading this.
  • Yes, the two-tone look is not available in North America, regrettably. I suppose that a competent paint shop could customize an Amanti for you with the two-tone look.

    The price you were quoted by the dealer sounds high; if you use Edmund's "TMV Pricing Report" for the Albany area you get a TMV of $29,514 before a deduction of a cash-to-customer rebate of $1,000.00, for a final TMV of $28,514. Deduct your trade-in from that and the final bill is $25,041.

    I strongly urge you to use the tools that Edmunds provides to find a fair asking price for the new car, the fair value of your used car, and also get price quotes from other dealers. I used these tools when I purchased my 2007 Amanti, and paid $26,800 for my car, which did not have the premium black interior but did have all the other bells & whistles. That was the price before any trade-in. With quotes from dealer in a 60 mile radius from my home, I was able to find a car with the color I wanted at a competitive price.

    I still love my Amanti at over 11,000 miles, and continue get many admiring remarks from other folks. Many mistake it for a Lincoln or a Jaguar! It is an excellent long-distance drive car. Mileage is about 27 MPG on highway trips, 19.5 in mixed city driving. Interior room and comfort are top-notch. I'm sure you'll be very happy with one if you end up getting a good price.
  • oneijoneij Posts: 4
    Hello Mike, Thank you for answering my message. After I drove the Amanti I was more interested in it than when I walked into the show room. I hagled with them for quite a while and they never changed their asking price. Because the car was not the color I wanted I didn't push too much. I went on Edmunds and did a 100 mile radius search, and the only one that came up was the one that I drove.I live in Schenectady NY, about 16 miles from Albany. There is a dealer in Queensbury NY that I will call to see if and what they may have. It is really suprising to me that there are so few in my area. Thanks again for replying to my message. Have a great day. Bill B.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This car is not in high demand at all. As a mater of fact, this car depreciates big time once you drive it off the lot. That's not to say if this is the car you like, don't buy it. Go right ahead but you need to get the best price possible. Don't be afraid to walk away.....
  • Agreed. Amanti sales numbers are quite small. No wonder, since Kia has not advertised the car for a couple of years, at least. I don't really understand why they aren't trying a little harder to sell this car. It has received mostly very favorable reviews, and has rated very highly in recent safety testing. The depreciation is an ssue, but if you, like me, buy a car for long-term use, it is not so great a concern. I like getting a luxury sedan for much less than the competing brands and then enjoying the car for several years. My last car was a Hyundai XG-300, bought new in May 2001, and drove it for 106,000 miles until it was rear-ended last July. With the long warranty from Hyundai-Kia, owning the car for several years past the loan pay-off is quite reasonable.
  • oneijoneij Posts: 4
    I've had my Amanti for about 2 weeks now and Loving it. I finally got to a dealer who wanted to sell me a car. I'm still reading the owners manual and finding out things I didn't know about the car.Since my last car was 12 years old, they have changed the way they do things. Who ever thought the rearview exterior mirror's would slant down when you put the car in reverse. You can see the ground when backing up. The seats are really comfortable and the ride is excellent. There's nothing on this car that bothers me even a little bit. Its as peppy as anyone could want. So far I'm getting 18 MPG with all city driving. I'm really impressed with this car. Now I'm looking at the Opirus grille. Just wondering if its worth the $295 they want. Have a great day everyone.
  • Hello Mike,
    My name is Larry Robichaux,south Louisiana Cajun name ofcourse.Pronuced "Row B Show.So please bare with me I'm not too computer literate.
    I purchased a 2007 Amanti three weeks ago and was completely satisfied till I saw your re-badging to Opirus project.You made a great looking vehicle even better looking.To make a long story short.I expect to recieve a Opirus luxary grill,rear chrome garnish,and the GH380 lettering by the end of this week.I am not mechanically inclined but able to follow instructions.My question is was it very diffuclt to change and are specilal tools required?.Any advise you would care to share with me will be greatly appriciatd.Thank you in advance.

  • Dear Larry:

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Amanti. You will enjoy it even more once you transform it into an Opirus. People are always asking me "what kind of car is that?" and admiring it's good looks.

    I am assuming that you have looked at my project photos at: - us.JPG/page/photo.html#pic

    If not, please do refer to them when reading the advice below.

    You will need some kind of an off-set Philips head screwdriver for the front grill replacement, as the clearance in the area behind the grille is very tight. Getting good leverage is difficult. A ratcheting-type tool, with a Philips screwdriver head, would be ideal. Be careful about dropping tools or screws, it may be hard to find them again! The shrouds in the engine compartment are not that difficult to remove, as the black plastic screw rivets can be loosened and pulled out with a light touch. Obviously be careful not to damage or scratch the new grille whilst installing.

    I had the rear deck garnish put on by my Kia dealer, but I had removed the trunk lid inner liner to scope out the job, and I think it would have been relatively easy to do the work. I don't think you would need any special tools for undoing the rivets that hold on the garnish.

    The lettering is pretty easy to work with. First, I removed the existing "Amanti" nomenclature by pulling off the chromed plastic letters using a combination of dental floss and WD-40 spray. They are attached by 3M automotive adhesive, and the WD-40 will loosen it up just fine, and then use a rag and more WD-40 to remove the residue. I then wiped down the area I wanted to put the "GH380" lettering with a mild cleaning solution, dried it well, and then used painter's bue tape to mark off a level line for placement. I looked online for photos of the Korean market Opirus from the back to see where they position the lettering, which is about two inches above the "crease" in the trunk-lid that runs from the corner of tail-light to the other tail-light corner. See the photo in my Gallery on CarSpace for an example. Carefully place the letters (they are nestled in a foam template) after removing the film backing from the adhesive. Press them on with gentle force so that they make good contact; then remove the foam template and the tape.

    The Korean market “KIA” steering wheel badge from Korean Auto Imports (they have them in black or blue) sticks onto your existing round KIA badge, but I found that the “divot” in the airbag cover is a little too deep for the 3M auto adhesive tape on the acl of the badge to make good contact. Luckily, I had a roll of the same tape, and just cut out and extra piece to stick on top of the tape that came with the badge, and that was just enough to make good contact, and the badge is on nice and secure.

    The center wheel caps with the Opirus “O” design look very nice, much nicer than the plain silver “KIA” caps. They can also be ordered from Korean Auto Imports. The wheel center caps are replaced by taking the wheel off of the car and popping out the installed cap and pushing in the replacement from the “back” of the wheel. I had my dealer do this.

    The rear window badges are installed by first removing the existing flat-black painted trim pieces. You remove them by taking out one screw holding in the plastic trip piece that goes around the tope and sides of the rear door in the inside of the car, and then by carefully pulling it away from the rubber door seal so that you can get to the back of the metal blank behind the trip piece. Three screws hold it in. Remove the trip piece and replace with the glossy black trim piece with the Opirus red carbon-fiber-look badge. Put every thing back and stand back to admire. My wife did not like the look; she felt it was too much “bling”, so I put back the plain flat-black trim pieces. If you are interested in the Opirus trim pieces for your project, email me at patrickhenry”at sign”

    With the successful re-badging of your Amanti in the beautiful and exotic Opirus, you will be the envy of your neighbors! Good luck, and "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
  • Sir,
    I should be receiving the Opirus luxary grill,the rear garnish,and the GH380 lettering from KAI soon. I hagalled with some guy named James for about three or four days and offered a a final price of $350.00 for the three items.It was accepted. Somehow I feel he would have accepted a bit less. Hope this reaches you in time and saves you a few dollars.I have a silver Amanti bought a few weeks ago and absolutely love that car.Saw Mikes' re-badging job and just had to have it.I'm 59 but still very agile and will attempt to do the job myself.{I was lucky just to get my wife to allow me to re-badge}HA! So far no complaints about this car .
  • Thanks Mike for your quick reply and helpful advise. This old Cajun is a bit aprehensive about tackling this project but the old Marine in me says go for it. I'll keep you posted and let you and all others interested in re-badging if I succeed or had to surrender to a pro to do the work. Once again to all... made an offer to Korean AutoImports of $350.00 for the Grill,rear garnish,and GH 380 lettering which was accepted. Mabe could have gotten for less? I asked for a price for the center wheel caps and got a price of $59.95. Their site shows $79.00 or$ 99.00 so don't be afraid to haggle.Now I'm going for a ride down the Bayou.Talk to ya'll later.Thanks again Mike.
  • oneijoneij Posts: 4
    Hello again Mike. Its been some time since I've been on this forum. I've had my Amanti for a month or so and still like the car more and more. A friend of mine and I were looking at cars. It ended up that he bought an Azera and I got the Amanti. He had his dealer go into the car computer and set up his car so the doors would automatically unlock when you put the car in park. When you put the car into the drive position the doors automatically lock. I figured that if the Azera had this feature than the Amanti should or might have this feature also. When I asked the Kia dealer about it he said he didn't think that the Kia's did that. I even went to another dealer and they too knew nothing about it. I am wondering if you or anyone who might read this has any info on the cars computer and what it can and can't do. Ssince both cars are from the same company I would guess that a lot of things are the same in each car. Thank's for any info you may be able to offer. oneij
  • Hello everyone reading this,
    Pertaining to the re-badging my Amanti to Opirus. received the rear garnish ,the center wheel caps and the GH380 lettering via priority mail today Friday 6/13/08.I am awaiting the Opirus luxary grill to arrive next week. To make a long story short unless you have the professional tools and automobile body work knowledge be prepared to have the rear garnish replacement done by a dealer or a business that deals in body work. It is not a matter of simply removing six screaws and inserting the new chrome garnish and replacing the six screws. The license plate lights have to be removed,not exceptionally difficult. But the truck lock has to be removed and that's the hard part. If you have a flexible phillips head screwdriver removing the screws is not too difficult. But once their's done you're left with egg on your face as to what to do next. Seems there are two small brackets screwed into the the lock and the outside wall with no access to remove them to finalize removing of the garnish. After much time trying to conceive of any possible resolution to this problem I had had enough and just replaced everything to the way it was.I e-mailed Korean AutoImports to ask for tec.assistance will keep ypou posted if they can help or not.Mike or anyone else can offer advice or assistance it would be greatly appriciated as Iam sure it is going to cost alot to have a pro do the job.Thanks to all.The old Cajun Marine.
  • I don't have a clue about the computer being reprogrammed to lock and unlock automatically, it would be great if you could do it on an Amanti/Opirus.
  • Larry:

    I remember thinking that the trunk lock would probably be too tricky for me to work on, and decided to have the Kia dealer replace the trim piece and the wheel center caps. They did a nice job and did not charge all that much. I recommend that you talk with your dealer and see what they would charge to do it. The final effect is quite worth the extra expense - the Opirus logo looks a lot better than the big KIA oval!

    Did you have better luck with the grille?
  • Hello again Mike,

    Thanks again for your response. I am still awaiting the grill to arrive. Should be this coming week. KAI is awaiting a new shipment. Sure hope the grill is easier than the rear garnish. I can tell it is going to look great as yours does on your Amanti. Man My wife and I love this car with each passing day. Here in south Louisiana the terrain is flat so we are experiencing excellent gas millage. We live in the country so traffic is not an issue to diminish fuel consumption. One of our three daughters lives about 45 miles away and we're getting 29.7 avg. per trip,providing the the instrumentation is correct. Another daughter lives about an hour north of Atlanta,little over 600 miles from here. Let you and all interested what kind of interstate millage next trip we take there. Once again folks to save you some frustration,unless your very familiar with wiring and bodywork on auto and you have the required tools,don't attempt to change the rear garnish yourself. The center wheel caps were pretty easy. I used an old butter knife. I used my bench grinder to file down about a 1/2 area as flat as I could until it slid between the center cap and the rim. After that it was just a matter of popping them out. I was scared to use too much force at first. Once you expermint after the fist the rest are real easy and the new ones just pop right in . The GH 380 lettering as Mike said if you go to the OPIRUS web site you can see the lettering runs fairly even to the crease at the bottom of the trunk{right Side}, Mikes web site has all his pictures of the re-badging project and his OPIRUS looks fantastic. Thanks again Mike. Talk to y'all later.

  • Hello Mike and all Amanti owners considering re-badging. Just to let you know one of our local body shops charged one hour of labor to install the rear Opirus garnish. This came to $45.00 plus tax for a total of $48.60. Well worth it. KAI told me yesterday I should be receiving the grill Monday or Tuesday of next week. Mike I am going to remove the engine cover then decide whether I'll attempt to do it myself. Will let all know how it goes. Thanks to all.

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